Night Siege — May 9

On forums portal discussions are statements Alexander Lukashenko the inadmissibility of the revision history. As an example, the head of Belarus led Estonia, where Russian authorities moved the monument to the fighter and intentions of the Polish authorities to remove all monuments of Russian period. Comments: "Gipertrafavanaya attention to the theme of war is not a sign of the health of society. Neuzh is not counting wins, nothing to be proud?";"Ugly speculate on Veterans";"Organizations anonymous veterans can always ask thrown away names of streets in honor of eminent figures of Belarusian history."Explorer Web site blogs "Gaze" Ales Chajchyts writes

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Young Belarusians visited the European Parliament

Belarusians followed the work of Parliament, met with MPs, including and Mrs. Kudricka. "Mrs. Dr. Barbara Kudrycka concerned with EU-Belarus relations — told our radio One of the participants of the meeting Anastasia Ilina. — We had read about the rest in the midst of the current occurs for Belarusians after, as Poland joins the Schengen agreement. "

Estonian office in Minsk does not work

Now several 10-s Youth Union members and veterans organizations again picketed the general representation of Estonia. They are protesting against the transfer of Russian soldier monument in Tallinn.By Eric Siigur, picketing lasted and weekends.On Saturday, protesters behaved tough and tried to open the gate representation. At the scene was not the police. On the same day the emperor Siigur gave verbal protest to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus over, that the Belarusian does not retain guaranteed security.While the response from Belarusian side not.Commenting on the actions around the representation Eric Siigur said:"The Estonian side advocates for freedom of beliefs, even

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Kidnapped in Nigeria Belarusian sensed danger

Oleg Givoin brother missing in the town of Port Harcourt Irina Ekpo-Mind, told sister lives in Nigeria since the beginning of 1980, when I got married to a Nigerian student. Their four kids, one of the daughters, as once his father, trained in the Belarusian Institute of municipal honey.

Oleg Givoin "bottlenecking first await those with white skin. And it does not matter who that person is and what the rank is."

Last time called brother Ira May 4, the other day disappearance, and in the end came to Minsk last year father’s funeral. Brother complained: despite the exciting work,

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Yuri Turonok Alliance Belarusian youth I studied for four years

Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Yuri, how long did it take you to research topics of the Belarusian Union of Youth?"Yuri Turonok: "History of the Union of Belarusian youth I studied for four years. In his book I have tried to show on the basis of the new document creation function SBM role in this process of the Belarusian National Socialist Fabian Akinchits and Henrik Baranovych also Gauleiter Wilhelm Kube Belarus, which led to another, as opposed to the goals of the Berlin authorities, the activity of the GMS. " Scoble: "On the pages of your own book you talk about

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In Brussels, presented the German film about Belarus

Pioneer made the show "Office for Democratic Belarus".As stated by the audience after the show film director Sebastian Heinzel, he "had no purpose to remove political film." From cinematic language he wished to "convey a personal recollection of meetings with young Belarusians".According to the director, at the moment he took off in a completely different picture, as soon He further vyznat about this "beautiful country." He also added that if in its place was a Belorussian, the film also came to completely different.Heroes film — a political refugee, a member of the youth movement, dancer, journalist, a bricklayer who was

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Russian diplomat in Nigeria: Nobody has yet put forward requirements for stolen Belarusian citizen.

Hostage captured in the town of Port Harcourt. For disk imaging to Reuters, it is one of the companies manage, safeguarding the oil extraction. Republic of Belarus Nigeria does not have the diplomatic consulate. On the telephone from Nigeria — Viktor Goncharov, Embassy Russian Federation in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.(Goncharov 🙂 At the moment, we clarify the situation. This citizen of Belarus, its name is Ira, surname Ekpo-Conditional. (Reporter 🙂 How old is she? (Goncharov 🙂 About 40 fifth (Reporter 🙂 And if anything is clear in its capture of incident and where it is currently? (Goncharov 🙂 You

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End quote: 28.04.2007 — 04.04.2007

"Today’s youth, in general, as it does not matter what other young people, she goes for the first two ideas: the idea of individual freedom, the ability to realize themselves in this life, and the idea of the independence of their own country, the idea of serving the motherland and its revival. These ideas can not be divorced from each other. They are young people in the democratic movement and brought to the area on the street. "Alexei Yanukevich, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front — in "Night of freedom." "Strategy in the form as it is — it

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Another tragedy occurred on the pipeline in the area Beshankovitskim

A similar tragedy occurred in the same area Beshankovitskim March 23, when a 18-hour near the village Bytsava also a breakthrough pipeline "Unecha-Ventspils", resulting in spilled 100 tons of diesel fuel. Part of the oil got into the river authority, administering justice, and through it — the Western Dvina (Daugava), which led to contamination of aquatic arteries not only on the territory of Belarus, and on the border areas of Latvia.Latvia means to obtain compensation for the damage from Belarus environmental harm, but the size of compensation are not yet defined. By agentsyi BelTA Russian company "West Transnefteprodukt" already compensated

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FM invited to Brussels

During the summit, the emperor Martynov plans to meet with EU Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, manage foreign policy Javier Solana and the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner.According to Russian news agency RIA "Announcements", negotiations are a first step towards the removal of EU sanctions imposed on Belarusian authorities to 4 year reversed. The EU imposed visa restrictions against Belarusian bureaucrat including 41 Alexander Lukashenko for violation Human Rights and election fraud 2006. Brussels steps towards Minsk started after release all Belarusian political prisoners.

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