Last Hours of Freedom — after 22 minutes. Guest — Parfenovich

In "Night of research papers" we talk about the important inventions of the world population in including about scientific developments and discoveries made by Belarusians, and in our survey inhabitants Polotsk utter that most excellent invented the world’s population?The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of the Mogilev group "Bugs".After the 23rd hour — an overview of your emails in the program "Mailbox 111 "in the program" Belarusians abroad "for assistance from the diaspora in Belarus after the Chernobyl disaster, in our" expertise "- on the results of vernal opposition street protests also record sound with the online conference

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That Lukashenka in Baku?

During the current negotiations Lukashenko said Belarus and Azerbaijan have launched many projects that "some detractors evaluated as PR." "We are not going against any friends. We’re ready to join our projects and other" — allocated Belarusian favorite.In turn, Ilham Aliyev said that Azerbaijan and Belarus economy and their "complement each other. This sura» serious base for development cooperation. "Now Lukashenko laid a wreath at the tomb of Heydar Aliyev — the father of the current president of Azerbaijan. One of the goals of the visit of the Belarusian delegation in Azerbaijan — the signing of a friendship and cooperation,

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Vecherko: Parfenovich and Sinitsyna Initiative — an attempt to change the state of

"In the future-independent democratic Belarus these things specifically and will be considered — as an attack on the independence of liquidation our country. Those may say, policies that are derived from Lukashenka’s environment and who act with such initiatives, quite marginalizuyutstsa.Since they are in the direction opposite to the state and state of consciousness Belarusian people. With Every funny day the number of those who agree with the liquidation would be Belarus, rapidly decreases. And now the independence of Belarus is the value of public consensus.It had, reluctantly heart, even to recognize the current regime. And that’s why Lukashenko began

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Man with stone Vidzy

In Vidzy yes, in general, on the Braslav Uncle Mieczyslaw everyone knows. His works are almost in the eyes. On the way to Braslaw of Vidzy — stone bear. Braslava from Minsk — weighing nine tons of hero-horse. In the center Vidzy — beautiful girl. And libraries — symbolic stone-head hats. Librarian and local historian Tatiana Plyashyvava recalls:"About 10 years reversing a story. We were given land with beets, and we treated them hoes. Watching, Beyner takes plow., He looked like Ilya Muromets. From it then just draw a picture. Time passed, knocked down — one lives …" Me greybeard

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Ales Krawcewicz Encyclopedia majestically Duchy of Lithuania came in spite of the official historical flow

Listen:Michas Scoble: "Alexander, if I’m not mistaken, you — the only Belarusian special political history majestically Duchy of Lithuania, the creator of the book" Creating majestically Principality ", which went through several editions. I was surprised to find that you do not have the middle of the creators of the encyclopedia. Why did it happen? "Ales Krawcewicz: "Well, ON professionals we have enough, I’m far not the only one. Initial story ON — very close to my heart theme. Publishers And I" BelEn "was invited to write about something else. Getting ON Editorial ordered articles Vyacheslav Nasevich. With its concept

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A.Hodonovich: Pressure does not feel me, and on the cultural situation

Hodanovich Andrew — poet, translator and literary critic. Born February 13, 1973 in Minsk. Finished filfak BSU graduate studies at the Department of foreign literature. Teaches foreign (in including French) literature at the Faculty of Philology at BSU. Also teaches at the Lyceum named Kolasa and Belarusian Collegium. Translates from British, French, Polish and Ukrainian languages. Books created "Old Poems," "Letters from under a blanket", "Compatriots, or Belarusian Limerick», «From Belarus with Love», «Hundred li100v on», Last book "Berlibry" was published in 2008 Publishing "Logvinov." Andrew Hodanovich poems translated into 10 half-ka languages.Blog Andrew Hodanovich here.

Hockey on many white-red-white flags

Belarusian TV is broadcast live on the first play of Belarusians — the Czechs and the Yankees. Both times, the Ice Palace soared many white-red-white flags.Media expert Leonid Mindlin clarify that employees of BT does not depend that the audience will see. Reflection of events in the championship (so called "Painting") on television — the total for all states, where these staring competitions."There is a TV, which acquired the rights to broadcast the championship. In this case, it is a Russian company. It gives television" image. "And it’s her staff — directors, cameramen, engineers — provide a picture of the

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To pay for school kids, villagers obliged to work hard

A topic that interests many of our listeners — the accessibility of higher education in Belarus.April 18 in the survey sounded mail letter from Nicholas Zayko from Minsk. The listener is concerned that the Ministry of Education announced its intention to reduce this year’s budget has seven seats in the higher educational institutions.In other words, the already heavy competition on the free space to grow, and Nikolai Zayko whose offspring in This year finishes school, alarmed at the prospect to pay for tuition. Household budget such load is likely not survive. The situation is similar in other Belarusian tyschah families.Responded

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End quote: 21.04.2007-27.04.2007

"Who’s the smartest country? Well how could she answer to such a question? But they insist that said that he is the smartest. And she did not say."Viktor Sadovsky, spouse Catherine Sadouskaya enslaved defenders — about issues that prison educators asked his wife."If it’s for the benefit of nature, the way spetsefichesky develops spiritual world."Young Minsker — in answer to the question of "Freedom" on the attitude to Saturday. "We are very concerned about the anti-American propaganda that is here on the municipal channels. We believe it is baseless and vile. This outrageous disinformation …. We will look at this

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On what criteria will be opened in Minsk office of the European Commission?

Now Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov explained to why the decision to open consulates euro took exactly at the moment (the European Union two years turned to reverse the Belarusian authorities with a request to open an office in Minsk)"We believe that this is due to the fact that is the normal workflow in the promotion of dialogue between Belarus and the EU. And the Belarusian side for today Consulate Commission considers as an effective channel for building a pragmatic and constructive cooperation with the European Union in areas where the parties have completely trivial mutual enthusiasm. "In the midst

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