What’s the score Russian loan?

The need for credit and a half billion dollars Belarusian side explained the increase in the price of Russian gas and oil and forcing municipal subsidies to support oil refineries.But the process of obtaining credit tightened. At the moment, there is information that the Belarusian side give credit — but only under the pledge of shares of "Beltransgaz".Ministry spokesman money Belarus Misha Valkovsky referred rumors Russian media messages:"There are no no sensation. Conditions for a loan — a very great need to negotiate. Unless the parties agree upon, that will then be published conditions. And while negotiations go on their

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Russian loan — in exchange for shares of Beltransgaz

Based on the market price of the enterprise, will be pledged to the 30% of "Beltransgaz". So makarom Our homeland finds method to accelerate the creation of a joint venture of "Gazprom" with "Beltransgaz", which will allow Russian monopoly to gain control of the gas pipelines in Belarus adnachvae edition.On Friday, the press service of "Gazprom" agenda circulated a day or more than one meeting of the Board of Directors on April 25, monopoly, which is planned to see the question "On Participation in" Beltransgaz ". The decision to develop a joint venture on the basis of "Beltransgaz" stipulating the

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In the House of Writers Anatoly Sidorevich, Zhibul Victor, Victor Slinko

LITPRATSESVictor Zhibul "have to act before the reader on clandestine meetings"Anthology of young Belarusian poetry came in Wroclaw. That consisted of works by 10 young poets arranged parallel in Belarusian and Polish. And the title of the book gave Victor Zhibulya poem "The Navel of the sky", which for the first time on our radio sounded in 2001 in the program "Verse freedom" and later entered the same name in two books published in the original and in translation into British English. Now Victor Zhibul — guest of "House of Writers." With him goes Valentine Aksak.Valentine Aksak "Let quote:" I

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Belarusian diplomat Zapata deprived T. Kozyro ability to learn

The diplomat accused the South American family Debra and Manuel Zapata, which decided to stay in the 16-year-old Belarusian citizen Kozyro Tanya, that they deprived girlfriend ability to obtain secondary education at home. Kravchenko added that it is "bad service" for Tanya. Itself Tanya Kozyro argues that no matter where she lives, she wants to continue their education after high school and go to college. "I want to be engaged in singing or working with children" — shares his plans woman. Petaluma until she takes private lessons British language. According to South American laws, but a woman with a tourist

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In New York, presented the book Poznyak

For the past several years after service at the Cathedral of St.. Cyril of Turov Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, which comes more youth with the latest emigration, in the public room, the event — a meeting with guests from Belarus, exhibitions, friendly conversations. So it was on Sunday. Initially parahviyane participated in worship, which served as. Peter and Fr. Vyacheslav, and later descended into the public hall. Gathered about hundreds of people.Director of the New York of the Belarusian Institute of Science and Art (BINII) other Vytautas seethed in his speech focused on philosophical qualities of creativity Zeno. Middle of

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Michelle Wilson: I’m very surprised and grateful

Here’s a comment that Mrs. Wilson gave our service:"I’m surprised and I can not find words to express my gratitude to both the South American and Belarusian government for the fact that they found a common language to lift sanctions against 2-Belarusian companies, one of which is our supplier, JSC "Polotsk-Fiberglass." I hope to continue an open dialogue between Belarus and the U.S. to promote free trade between our countries. This is really a great day. "Recall that on August 5 Ministry of money the U.S. has allowed South American companies to enter into business deals with companies "Lyakafarba" and

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In Minsk, the Belarusian Cooperative presents Polish book project

20 stories 10 contemporary Polish writers translated eleven Belarusian translators. How recognizable: Lavon Barshcheuski Serge Minskevich Nikolai Romanovsky and young. For example — Marika Martysevich:Martysevich "I think, that the book "20 Polish stories"very principled for the young Belarusian intellectuals, who wishes comprehend the deep and fascinating phenomenon of Polish prose. After a concise narrative format always prezentabelny. And one can see the story of the most diverse tendencies of prose. "Moder parties were Adam Pomorski — translator and vice-president of the Polish PEN Club and the poet and translator Andrew Khadanovich, who spoke as the originator of the Polish anthology

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Guest Radio Liberty liquidator of the Chernobyl tragedy Alexander Volchanin

Now our guest will be Dr. night air ambulance, the liquidator of the Chernobyl tragedy Alexander Volchanin. In "Night of research papers" we talk about the theft of non-ferrous metals. You will hear reports from the Polish and evening Belarusian literature, also Fife Festival in Minsk.Alexander Tomatoes in transfer "Zwukopis" complete story of the folk group "Guda», and «Night Primer" feature poems Volzhiny Mort.After 23rd hours — answers Chairman of Brest regional organization BPF Yuri Gubarevich questions from the audience in "Eskpertyze Freedom" last Minister of Labour, sociologist Alexander Pines and Chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions

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J. Romanchuk or investment, or control

"It is the administrative magic, impossible. Indeed unrealistic to change the import of 27 billion dollars, as we depend on energoelementov, dependent on machines and other. Discussions about this evidence of misunderstanding basic economics. As for promises to keep under control the privatization and corporatization limit — it indicates, that Lukashenko unwilling to in the first wave of privatization was foreign capital. It will be under the Belarusian nomenklatura privatization under those people, have accumulated resources. Who is going to take and at what price, will not solve the market, and Administration of the President. So makarom, we litsezreem Union

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Lithuanian MPs interested in Belarus

Managing groups, composed of 24 deputies, in an interview with Vaclav Stankevich Freedom allocated: "Our group is interested not relations with the Belarusian parliament, not with Belarusian opposition, and Belarus as a state. " Guest parliamentarians now been salting Belarus to Lithuania Vladimir Drazin. Responding to a question about the status of Lithuanian legislators Belarus relations with the European institutions, the diplomat said that there is in the power of awareness of the need to improve these relations. But salting allocated unrealistic do as rapidly as the EU and wish to do so Council of Europe.

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