In Warsaw memorialize grandfather Paul Sevyarinets

Visiting the cemetery where Belarusians actually started from the morning — was necessary visit the graves in different parts of the Polish capital. Belarusians, and it was mostly young people — students and graduates — commemorated Minsk Belarusian Uniate priest and activist Vaclav Anoshko buried at Warsaw, then General Stanislaw Bulak-Balakhovich and success, the former manager of the Yankees GMS Navagrudak Zhamoytina.Member states share Anastasia Ilina.Ilina: "This is our history. First Global War, Second, later immigration. So it turned out that many Belarusians buried in Warsaw, Poland and elsewhere. "In This year young Belarusians living in Warsaw, also made a

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Rigoni implies rapporteur to visit Belarus

As reported by the website "Belarusian Partisan" Rigoni said: "We can not be limited to, statements, need a breakthrough, but Belarusian authorities must make the conditions so that was likely progress in the relations Belaursi and united Europe. " Belarus — the only country in the continent, which does not come in RaduEvropy. Not so long ago graduated from Montenegro formal procedures and became the 47th member of this organization.See also: Either Europe will develop a consolidated position in the against Belarus?

Either Europe will develop a consolidated position on Belarus?

MEPs believe that the best signal to start a dialogue with Belarus would become certain actions by the Belarusian authorities. Rene van der Linden referred more European society first step — the release of political prisoners. He said that such a step would be a good signal of readiness for cooperation.Alexander Milinkevich said that at the meeting mentioned not only perfectly recognizable European parliamentarians prisoners — Alexander Kozulin and Andrei Klimov:Milinkevich, "says a lot about the Young. At all meetings, including and at this meeting. All they say that, that the head Council of Europe appeal to the Belarusian authorities

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Myron flag hung on the anniversary of the Battle of Orsha

Vitebsk oppositionist Boris Khamaida, citing reliable sources, said Radio Liberty contents of the note attached to the flag. It reads: "Congratulations to all the days of the Belarusian Military Glory. Recent Georgia indicate, the Belarusians need SUR "seriously prepare, if necessary, repeat the feat of our Protz near Orsha. Long live Belarus! lives forever! Myron."According Khamajda, flag waving over the city about 40 minutes: it was removed soon police and emergency workers. Meanwhile, Boris Khamaida and his friend Alexander Solovyan watched the flag removed, they were approached police and asked to produce documents. Watchmen order stated that amount to report

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Presentation Square in Vilnius

Presentation of the book "Area" was go to every Belarusian town. It has the right to In fact, to go in every European capital, also in America, because of size and wrote very many everywhere. Why second after Minsk presentation takes place in Vilnius? Remember how the name of this size — the title of "Area Kalinowski" appeared already on the second day. April 16 — Solidarity day, which is celebrated in Belarus and in the morning we book editor Sergey Dubovcy with artist Gennady Matsuura, one of the heroes of the book writer Vladimir Orlov were on Castle Hill,

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In Strasbourg, again consider the Belarusian issue

At the meeting also invited the opposition Belarusian politicians Anatoly Lebedko, Anatoly Lewkowicz, Alexander Milinkevich, Valery Ukhnalev and Stanislav Shushkevich. Subcommittee meeting will begin at 19 pm Minsk time. Now day Belarusian politicians meet with European parliamentarians representing all factions now available PACE also diplomats. By As the last, Alexander Milinkevich noon hold talks with Andrea Rigoni. By this occasion Sovereign Milinkevich said Freedom: "The Emperor Rigoni — new people in Belarusian affairs. Those who have already met with him, were great memories. But, I think it is not yet very badknows about Situation in Belarus I hope that he

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Will the fruits of another opposition trip abroad?

This meeting is already far not the first discussion in Belarusian affairs. They were previously, and apparently will continuesmiling continue. Some analysts believe that the fruits of similar trips very small. With this idea disagrees Managing the Political Council of the united democratic forces Alyaksandr Milinkevich, who Mon located in Strasbourg:"I understand that for some it looks like a political tourism — it’s nice to go to a civilized country. But it is totally necessary. After all if us will be resolved Belarusian issues outside of us will develop strategies for cooperation with Belarus, then we will be marginal, though

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Monopoly on the firearm in Belarus — in the hands of the country

In June, Maine, was killed 20-year-old student of the Belarusian State Technical Institute. In August, the Delaware took an armed attack on 19-year-old Belarusian student wounded boy survived. And in September in Chicago killed 21-year-old student from Belarus. In all cases navmysniki were armed with pistols. Belarusian Foreign Ministry do not yet have disk imaging as to whether the Belarusian students in Virzhynskim Polytechnic Institute. Belarus first 1990 legal firearm have been allowed representatives of law enforcement agencies, senior government bureaucrats and deputies of the Supreme Soviet. But in 2003, Alexander Lukashenko announced the "disarmament" subordinates. It was of combat

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Foreign Ministry: U.S. going in the right direction

Ministry of money the U.S. has allowed South American companies to enter into business deals with companies "Lyakafarba" and "Polotsk-Fiberglass" to 2 March 2009. "The decision of the U.S. side is a movement in the right direction," — said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Popov. "Belarus has always stressed that the sanctions completely unacceptable in civilized international relations. This step is also in charge of the U.S. government and American business interests of society."According favorite Free Trade Union "Polotsk-Fiberglass" Victor Stukova, the company expected the lifting of sanctions after the release of political prisoners:"Well, that

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A.Belosnezhny: I believe that thanks to Belarus will be accompanied by heart

Karatkevich Ales, the reason for our conversation — so romantic your suggestions to Belarus has experienced a day D. — day … ThanksPure white: This idea came to me here and there a year earlier, after I met with the ideas and wrote a line that roamed the Web and not so long ago, "Nasha Niva" had found in his own editorial mail, published on the website. In time the same "Nasha Niva" announced a couple of times "Those Days without the other’s word" — so very generous share. Belarusian-patriots in this day were called read only in Belarusian. Apparently,

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