Tatiana Protko: activities around the BHC — pressure on Moscow

The official statement of the Ministry of Justice clarifies the latest initiative by the fact that "the Belarusian Helsinki Committee makes all likely to address the current legal conflict. "But give some details, deputy head of the Office of Public Organizations of the Ministry Lena Kirichenko refused:"I can not comment on something for you to this issue. In general, we have it all happens with the permission of management. Should be instructed the minister: if he gives permission to comment on, we will comment. "I recall that the Belarusian Helsinki Committee blame evasion 75 thousand dollars of taxes from funds

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Alexei Marochkin

Alexei Marochkin born March 10, 1940 in the village of clericalism Cherikov district, Mogilev region. Graduated from Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute (1962), the Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute (1972). Taught in the Belarusian Academy of Arts. One of the founders of the artistic association "The Chase". He was a member of the Organizing Committee Belarusian Popular Front "Revival", formed October 19, 1988 Not so long ago accomplished presentation of the 1st of the last works by the artist — paintings "Area".

In an interview with Alexei Freedom Marochkin said: — On today’s show "Chase" I gave a "cool" product — "For

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United States lifted sanctions against 2-companies

Decision of the Ministry for the period up to March 2, 2009 allowed transactions between South American citizens and designated Belarusian enterprises. "The U.S. is ready to answer certain actions, mainly in the economic sphere, the positive actions of the Belarusian authorities to end this week," — said today in an interview with the agency "Interfax-West" Chargé d’Affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore. "Concrete steps must be mades naypazney to the end of the week. Specifically, the lifting of sanctions is dependent on a huge number of reasons. But certain steps to make U.S. law allows, "- said Dzh.Mur.Moore noted that

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Head of the Belarusian border guards relieved of his duties

April 10 Alexander Lukashenko his decree freed Alexander Pavlovsky as chairman of the Municipal Committee of Border Troops.Official sources report that Lieutenant General Pavlovsky will be dismissed from military service.Circumstances of the resignation of Alexander Pavlovsky a post which he held for over 10 years, do not report.Belarusian journalist Vyacheslav Boutkevitch, which is practiced on the dilemmas of Belarus abroad, says only one version of the resignation:"I have only one version for now — he recently turned 50 5 years, and it could just send me an honorable retirement. And that in Brest and Grodno underwent trials of border guards

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Broil own ranks thrashes stronger than hate gun

Mike F., Minsk: "I thought, as presently suffocating in clicks and angry Russian Duma, as somewhere in Ukraine, Yushchenko does some iniquity with the dissolution of Parliament. And they are all very legitimately do when he as a candidate presidential entered thousandth dose of poison. "Zinoviev: "After the arrest stupid Klimova, the Political Council of the opposition should take the order behavior at the probable arrest someone."Anatoly Saharusha Berezovsky district: "What I believe. I believe in myself. I believe in my family, wife Alla, daughters Elena and Katherine. I believe in Rygorku own grandson. I believe that tomorrow will be

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Ambassadors represent Lukashenko and people — Diaspora

Chairman of the BNR, Ivonka Survila Opening the meeting, said: "The current Belarusian ambassadors represent. Lukashenko

"Search target Belarusians to study in the U.S. for future work in Belarus — one of the main directions of research Belarusian deyatelnostiTsentra "- Said in his own speech, the executive director of the Center, made at the South-West Institute in Kansas, the last South American salting in Belarus in 1992-1994-m respectively.

During the meeting there was a conference on the theme of "Year of the Belarusian statehood." Chairman of the World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland" Lena Makovskaya

Chairman of

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Quote a day or April 6

"The investigator was in a hurry to transfer material to a tribunal. And because I had a day or three and then view videos. We filed the petition, so we moved the period of review, but it is the investigator replied that the case then I will meet in remand. The investigator explained to the fact that he has a lot of other more fundamental things. But I more than sure that this is an order from above — that possible faster condemn us. "Youth activist Haretski reasons why the investigator rejected the lawyers who asked for more time

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In what direction is the religious policy in Belarus?

Valery Karbalevich: "After the collapse of the communist system in Belarus, as in other post-communist countries, began a religious renaissance. Open new churches, religious communities are formed. People go there and during birth, and during the marriage, and family during the funeral. According to opinion polls, about half of the population consider themselves believers. Also goes to church schools, hospitals, the army, in places of detention. And even the head of the country during Christmas and Easter visits Orthodox Cathedral with solemn congratulations. So increased the role of religion in public life Belarusians? Has the religion, church real factor in

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Stefan Eriksson: Belarus — European country

Karatkevich: "Tell me, Stephen, when you first learned about Belarus?"Eriksson: "Surely, it came in 1972, when the Olympic Games in Munich came from Minsk Olga Korbut. Then I first vyznat of Belarus."Karatkevich "What contributed to the fact that you became more interested in Belarus?"Erickson: "It happened in my life that I became involved in Eastern Europe. I spent a lot of time in the former Russian Union, including in Belarus."Karatkevich: "What are the difficulties first appeared in front of you when you’re embarking on diplomatic mission in Belarus?"Eriksson: "There were some differences, so speak out. But I would not exaggerate

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Chernobyl Way plan of the area to the State Library Kolasa

Organizers of the "Chernobyl Way" has already sent to the Minsk City Executive befitting request. They need to resolve to hold a march from Yakub Kolas to the State Library. Such a route is selected for the first time, as during in recent years authorities gave permission to march in the direction of the park exclusively Friendship of Peoples, on the area of Bangalore. Sovereign Nikitchenko explains so desire to go to the State Library: "There’s more people. Well, the general format is somehow need to change. " While the response from the city authorities on this application no. Nikitchenko

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