Belarusian talents in Muscovy

Ruler of Muscovy Fyodor Ivanovich, son of Ivan the Terrible, visited lyudvisarski-order shop where cast cannon. Looked at the product, grimaced and asked loudly:— Who can cast a cannon to the kernel was at least from my last royal head, but better — even more?Ruler was really brainy, but the brain, as the voice did not match the size of his head. All silenced — there ruler ruler. — Well? -It again all looked stern gaze. — I can cast, Your Majesty! — Suddenly, boldly said Anton Litvin Chohan, who has made clear as to Muscovy and that armory. And

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Lew Sapieha anniversary celebrated in regions of Belarus

As said chairman public associations "Society Belarusian language Skarina name "Oleg Cowards, all regional executive committees, not counting the Mogilev, sent applets activities initiated TBM.Oleg Trusov quotes a letter from Deputy Chairman Brest Regional Executive Committee Leonid Tsuprik: "In This year will be a memorable character in honor of Lew Sapieha in the former village Ruzhany where XYI century was the residence of Chancellor majestically Duchy of Lithuania. In the museum-estate "PRUZHANY palatsak" opens focused on certain subjects exposure. Recital on the anniversary theme will be held at the Municipal Institute of Brest. " At the initiative of the TBM,

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How many millionaires in Belarus?

Press-service of "Priorbank" comment the statements of the bank is not authorized, but information available 2-held bank customers confirmed.Magazine "Forbes" often publishes lists of the richest people in the world. In this ranking many Russians have Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Georgians. That’s just not the 1st Byelorussian! With the average wage in Belarus $ 300 per month is difficult to imagine how such rich here. Because statement Kastsyuchenki banker became a sensation. However, in any other bank’s own wealthy clients so to speak, do not pass. Call the Press Secretary "Belarusbank" Sergei Vereshchak. Reporter: "Without naming names, in the midst of yet"

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Authorized to export meat to Russia got three Belarusian factories

As the representative of Russian Committee, the conditions of production on a 3-Belarusian enterprises meet Russian veterinary requirements. In addition, found that these companies operate in the Belarusian raw meat is not imported from Poland.Our motherland forbade the import of meat from Poland 2005. From this April Our homeland will import meat and meat products from Belarus only companies certified Russian professionals.As said Representative "Rosselkhoznadzor" from June 1, such a procedure is scheduled to poultry for companies, for dairies.SM. ALSO: • The results of European expertise Polish meat Our homeland does not recognize• Our homeland announce meatpacking plants, in which

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Wreath memory Alexey Anishchik

Alexei Anishchik born July 19, 1912 in the village of Mondino that Novogrudok. He studied at the famous Novogrudskaya school, then graduated in Polish institutions. Recalls compatriot Alexei Anishchik writer Olga Ipatova"We assist, when I worked in the newspaper" Culture "to make it best for my eyes, book "Belarusian Novogrudskaya gymnasium." There he gathered just indescribable amount fatakartak, certificates and opened Belarus this page of our Belarusian life that knows about martyrdom, about sacrifice, about what our Belarusian intelligentsia and in times of war, and to her, and that she was brought up with the students.Itself for itself Alexei Anishchik

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Our homeland announce meatpacking plants, in which will not take products

According to state disk imaging services "Rosselkhoznadzor" total illicit supply of meat on territory of Russia in 2006 amounted to 200 thousand tons.With all this "contraband" meat imports from Belarus exceeded 40 thousand tons. How to find Russian experts at virtually all production was of Polish origin, and 18 months from Poland meat imports to Russia banned.One of the managers "Rosselkhoznadzor" Alexei Alexeenko said check Belarusian companies partially completed. But the list of "rejected" the sovereign Belarus companies Alexeenko not say willed:"Rejected? Maybe it’s not quite the right word. If some companies manufacture products that do not correspond to the

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Miroslaw Dembinski: young Belarusians prevail at some point!

SV: Pochetaemy sovereign director, I congratulate you with 2 merits, acquired at the Prague festival. Thanks to you also intrigued neuvvyazkami Belarusian language. How did you become interested in the Belarusian theme?Dembinski: At first, I made a film about the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Whereupon I thought that the same can be even more fascinating and complex, because each subsequent movie would be very fun? And so it looked, Belarus is even more fascinating topic — the fact that there is even more complicated and confusing in comparison with Ukraine. That’s two years I have reversed zaangazhavavsya in Belarusian affairs,

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Prague will host an exhibition devoted to the Belarusian elections last year

Atmosphere of last year’s presidential campaign and the mass protests adherents changes will give the exhibition pictures journalists of the weekly "Nasha Niva"Julia and Andrew Darashkevich Liankevich also Czech photographer Jakub Dospivy — an employee of the Czech News Agency (CTK). Each photograph in the exhibition will be accompanied by personal notes one participant protests October Square — Belarusian journalist and Dar» Kastsenki, creator posted on the Web "March diaries." The exhibition was organized in Prague Karalinume students Charles Institute with the assistance of the Rector Vaclav Gumpla Institute and former President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel."We wish again

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Politics threatens Luzhkov Belarusian businessmen

At the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov the end of 2007 from the Russian capital will be removed all consumer markets. Signed an order to close most of the markets where the majority of Belarusian merchandised "pumps" — Cherkizovskiy. Will be liquidated and Tsarician radio market, where in Belarus move computers, televisions, stereos, etc. "Already, in many places in Russia hanging signs: do not work with Belarus"One of the favorites of the entrepreneurial movement in Belarus Anatoly Shumchanka acknowledges some discomfort in "pumps" that merchandised Cherkizovsky market, certainly arise. But he is convinced that without work will be left Moscow

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In Germany, presented a film about death camp in Ozarichi

Presentation of the film was accomplished yesterday in the German city Vyurzelen, near Aachen, and was timed to coincide with the 63rd anniversary of the liberation of the town from the Nazis. Moviemakers mentioned that at about the same time, in March 1944, the command of the Wehrmacht conducted in the region in the Gomel region Ozarichi operation for the creation of a living curtain coming from Russian troops.German journalists write that working together — the movie — will be opening for the Germans, and Belarusians. Doctor of History and one of the managers of the joint project, the teacher

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