Whether engaged in commercial activities of the church?

Belarus Orthodox Church has its advantages, including — economicIn 2004, the government of Belarus has signed an agreement with the Belarusian Orthodox Church. According to this document regulates the relations of the church and the country’s political, economic and social spheres. During 2004-2006, similar agreements with the management of the Orthodox Exarchate signed by the heads of several ministries (including power), regional and district administrations. Cooperation agreement with the government of Belarus has only Orthodox church.Under the agreement, the government recognizes the material and moral damages inflicted by the church in the years of the municipality of atheism in the

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Audio on March 6th

• Digest of Belarusian news a day or. • Guest "Radio Liberty" — managing creativity "Belarusian Gulf Stream", member of BPF Franak Vyachorka• Survey in Minsk: "What your beloved zabugorny movie and why?"• "Zwukopis" Alexander Pamidorau. The "wall". 2nd part:• Western media about US-Russian relations. • Research — the commercial activity of the churches in Belarus.• Reporting on business orders benedyktantsav in Poland.• Survey — or you walked to confession? Want to?• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Julia takes Sharov• Now — end of the literary contest to 100 anniversary "Nasha Niva"• «Night rap." Nyaklyayeu.

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Likely if the Belarusian trail of destruction in Kommersant journalist?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus refused to comment on the Belarusian trail in supplying Russian weapons to the Middle East. Press officer of the Security Council Vladimir Nesterovich said subsequent:"As Minister of Defence nedavneshney trip Republic of Belarus Leonid Maltsev in Iran, it was covered in the media. What impactcould say has been said. It was also stated that these contacts occur within the UN Security Council resolution, no violations there can not be. As for the events of the death of journalist incomprehensible "Kommersant", instituted criminal case, believe it is necessary to wait for the results. "

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Observers in Belarus regarding the death of journalist Kommersant: Belarusian trail unlikely

"Belarus has not once stated that the illegal trade instrument is not engaged," — said Vladimir Nesterovich Freedom."Faster is death — a consequence of corrupt municipal officials of, specialized trade weapon" — commented version of the death of Ivan Safronov Belarusian military commentator Alexander Alesina whereby Belarus is currently no ability to cover the supply of illegal guns other states the Middle East.Continuing the theme listen to our TV and read on the website of "Freedom."

Nasha Niva and CD-mag — laureate of Bucerius

The founder of the project — the German fund newspaper "Die Zeit" or, as it is called, the fund name Bucerius. Gerd Bucerius — recognizable German journalist, lawyer and publisher, a huge part of own life intended to support free media unfree European statesah. From 1999 Bucerius Prize is awarded every year the best Eastern European journalists and publications. As told "Freedom" at the headquarters of the fund in Hamburg This year for the prize claim 48 candidates. 6 favorites steel. "These are two of the Belarusian media project — the newspaper" Nasha Niva "And" CD-mag "- such youth multimedia

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Large-scale privatization in Belarus: a bluff or reality?

Valery Karbalevich: "Document of the Ministry of Economy on the privatization of large companies looks like a sensation or even a revolution in the economic policy of the Belarusian authorities. Indeed, until now the policy has been almost reversed.Lukashenko claimed more than once: Why privatize municipal enterprises, if they work well? In contrast, in the past wasprogramm and started the nationalization of several companies by voluntary forced sale of shares of joint stock companies to the state in exchange for loans.And the next moment. In all post-socialist countries, the privatization began with small, medium enterprises, trade and personal services, and

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Lukashenka again promises funds from Emirates

Press service of Belarus stressed that Emirates’ is a promising platform for the re-export of Belarusian products to the Gulf countries "and that" this government has vkladyvatelnye significant resources that can be brought into the Belarusian economy. " But the same statement sounded and seven years ago, during the preceding Lukashenko’s visit to Abu Dhabi.The trade turnover between Belarus and the UAE Last year was 26 millions of dollars. And in 2002 the figure was 35 million.In general, the list of trade partners of Belarus rich Emirates are already at the end of the third 10-ka. For comparison — the

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Second site for Belarusian NPP

Study started second site under construction in Belarus nuclear power plant. This was stated by the head of the State Academy Misha Myasnikovich. Investigation of the first landing — Krasnopole Chavusavskaga district, Mogilev region has been going for several months. Now begin studies Kukshinovskoy site in Shklovsky district of Mogilev region.Date of commissioning of the first unit of the Belarusian nuclear power plant — in 2015, but it can be pryspeshany 2013. Price Unit 1 power tyscha megavat — three thousand billion — seven billion thousands of dollars.

More materials are popular week on our website

According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:"It is time for the political decline ct» career Alexander Lukashenko"Round table with the delegation Belarusian opposition Washington (updated)Basil died SholodonovAt the border 12 hours was arrested bus because of a film on the SquareAccomplished online conference with Alexander VoitovichA.Milinkevich: "You need to go when we have an agreed position"Vyachorka refutes the statements of the Ambassador of Belarus in the United States M.HvastovaLithuania looks for an "exit strategy" for Belarusian favorite"For Freedom" + "For Belarus!"?Who created stickers to "days of the Belarusian unity"?

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In Belarusian — every fifth student

Views on the state of Ales Lozko Belarusian-long learning is alarming. 15 years ago, in the 1993-94 academic year, 76% of first-graders went to the Belarusian-language schools and classes. At the moment, this figure plunged below 18%: "In Minsk number of Belarusian schools like and grows, we know such institutions as the fourth, fourteenth, ninth school. In This year absolutely will be translated into Belarusian language learning 23rd gymnasium (12 class will not be, she there was Russian). In this year announced that the 2nd high school will be transferred to the Belarusian-school, there is a 60 th high school.

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