A.Gros: The long isolation of Belarus did not bear fruit

According to Gross, "claimed the political commission of the Council of Europe and the Parliamentary Assembly of the configurations in the policy dialogue with Minsk. This, but not by a desire to be friends with Lukashenko."With the mandate of PACE Swiss politician Andreas Gross hosted political dialogue and promoting democratic values in Eastern Europe, the former Yugoslavia and the former USSR. Special rapporteur on Chechnya, Andreas Gross, who has a reputation for journalistic circles, criticism of, a couple of times visited Belarus in including as watching the last presidential election.Gross: "It is not so long ago, 10 years from addition

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Last Hours of Freedom — 22 minutes. Guest ether — Valentin Akudovich

Participates philosopher Valentin Akudovich. How to assess political intelligentsia Belarusian domestic action as prospects foreign policy. And Valentine’s day Valentine Akudovich comment on the survey — on what people are willing to act for the sake of loveIn "Night of research" — the death penalty in Belarus — to Last year to death were sentenced to 9 people.Reports from the nightclub where noted day of loversSiege Belarusian web, in "record" Alexander Pamidorau group of "IQ48", in "Night Primer" prose Yuri Borisevich After 23 minutes — an overview letters to freedom, "Belarusian Diaspora" with the problem of brain drain of Belarus,

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Belarusians gathered at the monument of Adam Mickiewicz in Warsaw

In picket assumed the role of and 72-year-old Adolf Drop -‘s oldest Belarusian — opposition party shares in Warsaw.Droplet: While I live — I will protest! To release political prisoners, freedom of the press and gave permitted, especially in the provinces, the party of the work, so that they could freely denichts not adapt to the authorities. ""Week of Solidarity" in Warsaw will end on February 16.

What kind of stability can be read when the economy will collapse?

A topic that is not dominated by one week in our mail — the consequences of the Belarusian-Russian energy conflict. Students talk about the causes of the January events, express their attitude to him, trying to see into the future.Our friend Ilya davneshny Kopil from Minsk new letter on "Freedom" begins with a story about heard and seen about the Belarusian-Russian conflict and the Belarusian economy in municipal channels. He writes:"You hear about the rise of our economy, stability and special, is the surest way of development — Belarusian path with which should take an example not only to CIS

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Audio on February 13

• Digest of Belarusian news a day or• Guest "Radio Liberty" — Alexander Milinkevich• Survey in Minsk — "Do you want to integrate with Russia?"• Historian Igor Lyalkov about Francis Ursula Radziwill• Alexander Tomatoes. "Zwukopis." IQ48 2nd part:• research: how many earn in the power structures of Belarus?• "For the amount that you would be willing to work in OMONe?• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski• How to attract a man or a lady? Research scientists• «Night rap." Yuras Borisevich. "Written for the Web"

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Semyon Weinstock: Government decisions on the construction of the pipeline as it has no

As reported by the Interfax news agency, the new pipeline capacity could reach 50 million tons per year, and later be increased to 75 million.Interfax also quoted reaction Belarusian side. The Director General of "Gomeltransneft" Alexei Kastsyuchenki, increasing capacity of the Baltic Pipeline System unprofitable for Russia. He singled out, that the Belarusian The route is more motivated, profitable and environmentally harmless.

Why Poland so far has no ambassador in Belarus?

Mariusz Machkevich — last salting Poland in Belarus, and now a senior adviser on international issues of prime minister, claims that Poland will send its own ambassador in Minsk only after, see how peaceful actions of the Belarusian authorities to: Machkevich: "We believe that the appropriate step of the Belarusian side. And if we observe a step in a good direction, it will begin to prepare the ambassador. And it would be an indication that both sides have great intentions to cooperate. But while we do not litsezreem — is pressure on Alliance of Poles poured heresy Poland. anything decent

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Wreath Memory: Tamara Gruznova

Apartment Tamara and Valery Gruznova was Belarusian club Silverfish Minsk dwellers for many years, which led Lenin district Tamara Rada TBM. Word of farewell chairman of the Society Belarusian language behalf Skarina Oleg Trusova:Pant: "Tamara Gruznova — people who all his life put on some work for the revival of the Belarusian culture our country. She worked intensively and white in the CompanyRussian language, and the Belarusian Popular Front. It the man, which is constantly doing everyday, grayish, very suitable job — collecting signatures, stood in picket lines, engaged subscription, collecting donations. Very Fine ran the Lenin district organization TBM

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Government again consults with ILO

The decision to initiate an investigation against Belarus adopted Governing Boardth ILO in 2003 in response to complaints from the Belarusian-independent unions. A special commission has analyzed compliance Belarusian government ILO Convention "On Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise the company" and "On the right of the company to trade unions and to bargain collectively."The situation with the observance of trade union rights in Belarus viewed June 9 2006 in Geneva at a meeting of the Committee of norms and standards of the ILO in the framework of the 95th the International Labour Conference. It was

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Lukashenko complains Russian oppression

Belarusian manager also described as "silly" the project of building a gas pipeline from Russia to Europe bypassing Belarus under the Baltic Sea."Echo of Moscow" and the words quoted Lukashenko that only 30 percent of the inhabitants of Belarus supported the idea of unification with Russia. The reason why the views Lukashenko, Russian authorities in politics, "which threw Belarus loop on the neck.""What kind of alliance can be read as if the factory, farm, private trader in Russia have privileged conditions, receiving gas three times cheaper than business entities in Belarus — Lukashenko said. — Who needs such an alliance,

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