Siege of February 7

On various websites Belarusian network discussions are Milinkevich letter to Alexander Lukashenko, where politician urges to overcome the split in the Belarusian society and invites dialogue led country. Reviews from the Web site blogs "Live journal": "Milinkevich read, that Lukashenko politicians and he killed a whereupon will negotiate with him and shake the handle in collaboration? "" So to win the enemy, or merging with it in ecstasy? "" Milinkevich look quite desperate, bad luck, "" achieve concessions from Lukashenko — it would be victory. " "I’m going to rally on March 25 2007 in Minsk, but when another 10

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K.St ‘Ewart: From the Government of Belarus, we are waiting for certain steps (photo)

Salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Stewart spoke about the claims of Alexander Lukashenko news agency Reuters — about the desire to restore the business with the West. What steps the U.S. government expects from Belarus in this direction?Stewart: "We expect some positive steps in terms of political and economic reforms. We have already mentioned what steps it can be. One of them could be a free people that at the moment is in custody on the grounds that we believe are political. Also, this is the cessation of persecution-independent non-governmental organizations and funds mass disk imaging. In economic terms, it

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Belarusian business newspaper — 15 years

"It was a year of revival of the Belarusian statehood, the country started to change, the opportunity to take the initiative," — so says Peter Martsau 1992, the last municipal employee news agency BelTA. Fifteen years ago, together with Alexander Volvachevu sovereign Martsau founded the newspaper "Exchange and banks. Belarusian Business Newspaper. "Over time kutsee "BDG" became one of the most influential media-independent Belarus: newspaper circulation in 1997 reached the peak — 22 thousand copies. Theme rooms were the hottest — political battles, corruption in government, trade instrument. Clearly, authorities did not like it. Thousands of dollars of fines paid

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Does Iranian oil comes to Belarus?

One of the main topics of talks between Belarus and Iran would be a possibility to buy Iranian oil Belarus. Salting Fekry argues that hand behold the possibility of cooperation, because Iran is looking at this dilemma through the prism of "very good relations with Belarus":Fekry: "We have offered the Belarusian oil field in Iran. Understood that Belarusian side would be without the help of others to carry out exploration and production of oil. At the moment we are waiting for a business plan from Belarus. Your country has had three choices of oil field — she braked on Zhufery.

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Vyachorka: In a crisis, Lukashenko will not change behavior

Vecherko: "In this case, Lukashenko confused pronouns. He says" we "and the need to read directly -" I ". Fact, Belarusians and the Europeans have. And the conditions that determined at the moment the European Commission — twelve criterion democratization — this is an environment in which should live and Belarusian people.Freely choose their own power and replace the one that is not satisfied. Have the freedom to information. Have an open country. Have the freedom of economic initiative.If Lukashenko these conditions (and they are characterized by internal and Belarusian our civilization) is unacceptable, then he was wrong state. Accounts

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Alexander Milinkevich addressed an open letter to Alexander Lukashenko

According to Milinkevich, "a good opportunity for steps towards each other would be a celebration of a day or proclamation Belarusian People Republic. Date March 25, 1918 as a schematic for Belarusian independence as July 3, 1944. Belarusian public has already spoken for a joint celebration of a day or, and I believe that such a celebration may be starting point for the beginning of the demonstration of unity of Belarusians ".In a letter to the head of Belarus Alexander Milinkevich writes: "In our power to find a joint solution to overcome the confrontation in society for the sake of

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Siege of February 6

On forums portal discussions are about the promotion "Belarus — Europe", scheduled for February 14. This will be the 10th political action which is held in Minsk on the day of lovers. Comments: "Riot police to arrange their contests — for the best shot baton on most frisky detention for the longest period of detention "," Holiday completely political. Why do they make their action specifically a day of lovers? I do not understand, "" Young directs the attention of Europe. Says — we are not against you, we love you too. "On a page of the Internet community

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A. Fyaduta in Gazecie Wyborczej: Dialogue does not mean that you must forgive the guilt

"Do not Believe Lukashenko"According to Alexander Feduta, West only real partner for discussions on Situation in Belarus Our homeland has, which, as some put their trust in Europe, at the moment, after the oil and gas conflict, complete support of the Belarusian regime and Lukashenko will listen to "the voice of reason" and fulfill the requirements of the West."Do not Believe Lukashenko" — calls sovereign Fyaduta and notes that the hope for such configurations are very small, because until This time Belarusian president has ever done, even those "commitments to democratization of the country, who took over." "In practice it

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Belarus rarely amuses the audience for new weapons and military equipment, because each occurrence of a new standard is befitting response. Middle of May and the month of agency reporters «BelaPAN» managed to make some pics of the new armored car, built on one of the Belarusian companies. Unmarked car symbols and state number plates move on one of the highways in the car, accompanied with spetssignalami. This little «sequence» walking down the highway with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in the direction of Minsk. Reporter «BelaPAN» managed to make a few shots of the new successful armored

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In the House of Writers Ryhor Baradulin Paul Kostyukevich Anna Kislitsyna

Creators and worksRyhor Baradulin: "Through the Bible and poetry come back to civilization itself for itself"Minsk is a Roman Catholic parish of St. Simeon and St. Lena made another gift to fans of Belarusian poetry — translation issued analogy Gregory Baradulin traditional oriental poetry. In the book "exclamations poetry of the East" includes works by 70 Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese poets. Cheerful news outlet books poet caught in the clinic, but he razlyubeznaya agreed to answer questions Misha Scoble.Michas Scoble: "Gregory, how do you feel?"Ryhor Baradulin: "Exit book — it’s like prazdnichek as an elixir. Overall, I kept all

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