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Soligorsk students can not agitate for the Belarusian language

Activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Ivan Shyla revealed that since the beginning of the week the Young have already collected more than 350 signatures. People willingly sign up to appeal to the local administration. Shiloh: "Over the past 5 years in Saligorsk dramatically worsened the situation, as for Belarusian-language titles shops and companies. Posters about cinema as only in the Russian language. There is a certain percentage of Belarusian titles, but, unfortunately, they are written with blunders. We decided it was time to hold a series of activities aimed at popularizing be whiteRussian language . " Ivan Shyla

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Belarusians abroad on criteria homecoming

Municipal government developed the program from the former to encourage the people of Belarus to repatriation. First deputy manager of the Department of Citizenship and movement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexei Runner said programm need to involve experts in Belarus, and that returnees have social and economic benefits. During discussions with the Belarusians abroad more than once I have heard from them that they miss Belarus. They they say about the modern global world and that immigrants do not consider themselves, but also … In short, to live in Belarus want to many of them, though not all

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Belarusians abroad on criteria homecoming

I questioned Belarusians who live and work abroad in various European countries, as they relate to the ideas of repatriation, to return home with the support of special government programs from — until the details of the programs from the official Belarus does not report.Joseph P. from Germany said that for him this information — news, nothing about it, he did not hear anything, but that he, as the manager of the local branch World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland" has contacts with many Belarusians and zabugornom convinced that among them there are those who want to return home. P.: "Yes!

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Yuri Garbinsky Handbook Belarusian press in the West — a monument of emigration

Michas Scoble: "Jura, in 2003 saw the release of" Belarusian belarusavedny and press in the West: separate editions, "and in 2004 -" Belarusian press in the West: periodicals. "What is the difference naming publications from that which you have brought to Minsk? "Yuri Garbinsky "These bibliographies just and collected under one cover. In a brand new edition corrected incorrectness which had place. In addition, added a lot of new material. Filled numerous gaps within the past 3 years, disk imaging sent from Germany, from France, from Italy. So makarom "Belarusian press in the West" expanded to 500 positions — and

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Vladimir Putin: We have to continue to build the country’s Union (audio)

Listen:Putin: "We are very pleased and welcome those configurations that Belarusian management made in streamlining the tariff on crude oil. This is a real step forward for the creation of the customs union. We expect that the output of the single currency is not yet lost. I am confident that our Belarusian partners able to analyze reality, unable to grasp the reliability Russian economy and Russian currency. Maybe that leave the single currency not on Russian and Belarusian or not, as we initially planned, as we had planned, first to enter the Russian ruble. This all can be. "

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R.Pofalla: Belarus should release political prisoners and allow freedom of speech

German politician stressed that the EU asks in primarily, the release of all political prisoners in the country, freedom of speech and equal access to the media for all representatives political parties. With all this, he stressed that the European Union and Germany are interested in democratic reforms in Belarus.Yesterday sovereign Pofalla met in Berlin with a favorite» combined Democratic Forces Alyaksandr Milinkevich. For disk imaging Belarusian politician, they discussed the problem Belarusian opposition, elections in Belarus, the Belarusian-Russian oil and gas crisis, prospects for cooperation between Germany and Belarus.

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Ruprecht Polenz: Germany and the European Union should reconsider the visa prices for Belarusians

Polents "As for German enthusiasm for the democratic development of Belarus, it is very high. 10 months Milinkevich reversed for the first time spoke to members of the international committee of the Bundestag. At the moment, we invited him again, outlined a number of upcoming Fri cooperation and support Belarusian opposition. Fri midst of these, for example, the reduction of visa prices Belarusian humans. If we wish, that Belarusians get some democratic experience outside, we should be aware that such highest visa fees for most of the population is not possible. "By Ruprecht Polenz, during a meeting with members of

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Accomplished online conference with Stanislav goose

Stanislav Gander was born in 1949 in Ukraine. Graduated from the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute municipal engineer engineering. One of the creators of the idea of the Baltic-Black Sea oil reservoir (BCHNK), which was in 1993 voiced Belarusian Popular Front, but the government rejected V.Kebicha. Please 1990s S.Gusak went into the opposition shadow cabinet BPF Sun XII convocation, was a confidant of Poznyak on presidential elections 1994. From 1995 to 1999. — Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front. Is a member of the Diet BPF.In an interview with "Freedom" Stanislav Husak said: "Belarus could have multiple sources of fuel supplies.

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Very not bad question raised in the air — about intelligence

Maria Ivanovna Bartos: "Good morning, Radio Freedom, We need a government, which would was fair. People were so cheerful after a speech televised candidate Milinkevich and Kozulin. We respect Vyachorka, Lebedko and many others. These people for the people, for the improvement of welfare. We are a piece of Mr. Alyaksandr Kozulin, his heart, his thoughts. Why is it that we are so grateful to him, we respect him. If it is bad, we heart begins to beat. It’s true. If the authority takes such measures to Milinkevich us too bad. Bullpen, unfair penalties, unfair court decisions do not give

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Names of Liberty: Janka Lucina (6.7.1851-16.7.1897)

That may force Belarusiansfeel offspring of this particular land, the heir of its history, language, responsible for its future? Each had its own way to Belarus and belarushchyny. If we talk about my co-writers, then 1st it all started with my grandmother’s demands for the boy almost incomprehensible urban language. The other — of donated him vasmiklyasniku, the novel by Vladimir Karatkevich "Spikes under thy sickle," which my friend for a long time did not open, so anecdotal read books about mechanics. One girl began writing great poetry through tears litsezrev as in 1995 from Government House filmed chase.About 100

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