In total medals Belarus eclipsed Sydney 2000

Like the other day, merit Belarusians produced rowers: 500m canoeists Roman Petrushenka and Vadim Makhnev showed a third time. In the individual all-around rhythmic gymnastics in Inna Zhukova captured second place. So makarom, Belarusian athletes eclipsed the most successful outcome Belarus 2000 Olympics in Sydney.Currently in Belarus 18 medals collection of different values. Top record in the Olympic gold — to This time could not get more than 3 higher merit. Beijing Olympics gold medals produced four.Inna Zhukova on success and if the fans expected, it had read about their own hopes rather cautiously. After the first few Inna was

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Or study in Belarus do PSAs?

Hall auditorium was filled completely. Entry was free, thanks in including, the main sponsor of the festival — the company "to". It is, by the way, last year sold about 2 million flickers. Of course, such implementation provided the highest and advertising — is not commercial, and social. The one in the series of events of the campaign of the Ministry of Interior "Minus 100".Participates in the festival 51 social video. 12 of them — Belarusian. Favorite cinema audiences will determine within a month. Rollers selectively Picture Show will be shown before and after submission to collect through questionnaires.Hardly

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Kitchen as part of the national idea

He 42 years old, after school and army lives and works at home. Member of the BPF. Currently deputatstvo fighting for the House of Representatives with the governor of Vitebsk Vladimir Andreychenko.Yaroslav told that already currently in the midst of the team’s mottos competitor hears the main stability — cup and Škvarka Belarusians have! In turn, the emperor Bernikovich says: This idea is not entirely a cult — it prymityvizue Belarusians civilization as 20 people-first century.That’s why next week the public editor ordered reporters the freedom to cook certain subjects aimed at transmitting on "Kitchen as part of the national

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Do I need to shake the palm tree?

I would venture to look full complete dunce in matters of the highest international politics, but I can not get rid of the issue of child — and what it still is, "the recognition of Parliament"? If my memory serves me, say, membership in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE was restored in 2003 and addition time not interrupted. Is not this a confession? Maybe, I mean friendship Belarusian Parliament in the Council of Europe? But the Council of Europe does not accept the Parliament of Belarus and the Belarusian government, is another question entirely.Besides,

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Merkel came to CEC

Merkel’s visit: the ultimate test — electionNow Assistant Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs David Merkel, who is on a working visit in Minsk, met with representatives of the democratic opposition. After that he went to the Central Election Commission and the presidential administration. The visit was in response to the release of political prisoners in Belarus. U.S. behold the prospect of the best relations with Belarus State Department official dealer said reporters he did not know Lukashenko met with Merkel, but noted that the Belarusian control this year has already made a few positive signals in

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A.Levkovich: We’ll be together with Kozulin

Speaking on August 20 at a press conference in the midst of the rest of Alexander Kozulin said: "Acts Lyaukovich — treacherous. But I’m not upset, because not once experienced this. Perceive my dismissal Party chairman as a symbol of the fate that I say goodbye to the past. I lost all the problems that were there. I’m nobody, and, frankly, it is very nice, because I feel that for me all the way open. " That’s what it said at the request of Liberty acting chairman BSDP (Gromada) Anatoly Lewkowicz:"The words of" betrayal. "I think we have a talk

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The German Foreign Ministry welcomes the release of political prisoners

According to the Minister Steinmeier, "Germany and all EU countries achieved this long.""I hope that the Belarusian Management also takes care that the appointment on September 28 parliamentary elections passed properly, freely and responds to democratic standards. As a positive sign can be called that OSCE observers in These days are were able to start their own work in Belarus. Providing a positive move choice Belarusian management would make the basis for a new direction of EU policy against Belarus "- Said the foreign minister of Germany.

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Libra Belarusian NPP leaning toward Rosatom?

Altogether, according to regulatory documents, two nuclear power unit is planned to employ more than 2-thousand professionals.To enter only the first block of the nuclear power plant need to dial 1200 people. Such professionals in Belarus is not, because, as told at a press conference, Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Misha Myasnikovich, the new academic year at the Belarusian State Technical Institute weave two students will begin training in the field of nuclear energy:"Boris Khrustalyov, Rector of National Technical University, said that One of the most big competitions was two specialties that they opened in This

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P. Sevyarynets: a real improvement does not have to read

Outlook Belarusian politician and former political prisoner Pavel Sevyarinets:"First, thank god you guys on the loose! They — the real heroes, well done, survived. In political terms, the release of Kim and Parsyukevich — a response to the Belarusian regime Lukashenko talks with Medvedev. Of course, that have agreed to supply gas. Mode at the moment need the West. Because the game lasts. About the real improvement of the situation does not have to read. But the exchange, as statedsmiling, talking. "

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V.Devyatovsky Oksana Menkova own demoralized opponents

At the same time in their own best attempt she sent hammer with a new Olympic record — 76.34 meters.Now in the consolation tournament for the third place bronze extracted merit in free anti Gaydarov Murad, who plays for Belarus.The main hope of another Olympic a day or were associated with the final stage in the hammer throw in the midst of the ladies. Belarus in the discipline represented by two athletes — Oksana Menkovai Daria Apiary. Until the end of the Olympic Menkova been a favorite of the world rankings, with the best result of the season. Apiary —

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