Our homeland of Belarus will face our neighbors

In Sochi the meeting of the presidents of Belarus and Russia Alexander Lukashenko and Dmitry Medvedev. It was in the main merger defense systems, also on the cost of gas for Belarus for the next year. Comments listeners: Prince Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "I am strongly opposed to create together with the Russian air defense troops and place them on the ground in Belarus. Our homeland from our area will threaten our decent, friendly neighbors who have us personally, our country is not threatened. Our homeland and pro-Kremlin authorities in Belarus make us their hostages. "Sovereign Borisov: "Better to let it

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In the U.S. last passions around Thani Kozyro

Then a representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Paul Szydlowski, who specially arrived in Petaluma for a meeting with Tanya and her South American Kozyro lawyer insists on the immediate return of the girls home, lawyer testifies Keroski legitimacy finding underage Belarusians in the United States.In the last days of a controversy over Thani Kozyro intensively joined representatives of the U.S. and Chernobyl programs.As stated in an interview with California edition "Santa Rosa Press Democrat" Belarusian diplomat Paul Szydlowski, he flew to Petaluma in order to resolve the situation peacefully method, taking into account the very interests of the girls.

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A. Grigorov: The mood in the team Zadran

With support from the stands distraught Chinese athletes have left no chance against Belarus perakidavshy her 15 points. However, according to experts at the Belarusian and so jumped higher than his head, hitting eight of strongest Olympic teams.Top medalevyya hope now been linked to the end of the competition trampoline, which came Nikolai Kazak. But no luck — Kazak landed on the last eighth, leaving the former Statistics Belarusian Awards: one gold, three silver and seven bronze medals.And in the morning expecting miracles from basketball. Recently the current game, coach Anatoly Belarusians Buyalskyy stated that satisfied the lot, which brought

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MPs want to become 365 people

This was stated by the CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik. From political parties nominated 59 people. The largest number of applicants in the pro-government candidates from the Communist Party of Belarus — 14 people. United civilians party nominated 12 friends, the opposition Party of Communists of Belarus — 7, the Liberal Democratic Party Sergei Haidukevich — 7 -6 BPF Party, Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) -5, the Republican Party of Labor and Justice -4, Belarusian Social Democratic whopper -2. From the Conservative Christian Party BPF and GOP candidates nominated by one person. 41 bidder was previously or is currently the House

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In the House of Writers Janka I.Solomevich, Boris, Joseph Yanushkevich

Creators and worksBoris: "Swedes wish to give Belarusian literature in Swedish"In the Swedish publishing house "Ramus" published a book of prose of Boris Petrovich. This is the first in the history of the Swedish translation specifically with Belarus. The creator was invited to Stockholm for the presentation books, meeting with readers took place in other towns in Sweden. Upon returning home, Boris shared his impressions with Misha Skoblo. Michas Scoble: "Boris, as you perceived in Sweden, how did the presentation of your book?"

BorisBoris: "Unforgettable memories. Honestly, I went there with a certain wariness and excitement. Were doubts: what enthusiasm

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Those and Kozulin

On these issues in the program "Prague accent" argue the chief editor of the magazine "Arche" Valery Bulgakov, political scientist Yuri Chausov and publicist Alexander Fyaduta.We offer you the full text transmission.Drakakhrust"This Saturday at one point was released last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. Specifically this for a long time obstinately sought Belarusian democratic society and Western diplomacy, particularly so in a sense, become a prerequisite for the introduction of U.S. sanctions against the Belarusian concern" Belneftekhim " .Many experts says that for Lukashenko Kozulin in the bullpen — a matter of principle. And now — the release, while without any

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First gold in Beijing Belarus gained weight lifter

One of the Young members of the Belarusian team, 20-year-old weightlifter from Andrei Borisov Aryamnov not only captured the gold medal, and set three world records. But gold is not the main hope against Belarus Natalia velyagonshchytsa Tsilinskaya overboard Olympics: a 2-quarterfinal heats mistress world lost Chinese rival. Not confirmed his own class and Olympic discus thrower Zvereva, who finished only second.Weightlifter Andrei Aryamnov in the weight category up to 105 kg first captured gold for Belarus at the Olympics in Beijing. Betting Aryamnova made quite accurate, because the experience of playing such rank Active Athlete is not enough. But,

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Belarusians in Washington welcomed the release Kozulin

Belarusians welcomed the release of Alexander Kozulin and achieved complete liberation of all political prisoners. In Saturday’s action on August 16 assumed the role of activists of the Belarusian-American Association, the Association of Belarusian youth of America and the organizers — the fund» We remember» and» public initiatives gaze ‘. One of the participants held a placard with the inscription in English "to zoom in padtyrmku democracy in Belarus».During the action near the building of the Embassy of Belarus in the United States constantly sygnalili cars, well lured the attention of passersby and visitors to the embassy. As usual, none

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A disadvantage grows and grows

Meanwhile, as experts, in terms of foreign trade This year very favorable for Belarusian economy. Prices for many Belarusian products first, potash fertilizers in the world market have increased significantly. So why the lack of increased trade? Answering "Freedom", the control of the analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk notes:"The structure of our economy so that we should buy more and more energoelementov and metals. And they are also very Expensive. We, unfortunately, are very dependent on imports. And because you need to cross to create such products, which do not require expensive materials and external devices. And therefore, if there

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Belarusians — the middle of the favorites for the Olympic bronze

Optimism sports officials now may prove to be very exaggerated. The other day out in the Beijing head of the Belarusian delegation, Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov expressed worldview: the training of Belarusian athletes gives reason to wait or not the best result in the history of performances at the Olympics as an independent team. It was assumed that the Belarusians will gain medals no less than during the most prolific Sydney Olympics — in other words, 17 or more awards. But in fact the Beijing trip may be most moderate. Now asset Belarusians 10 medals, and among them

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