In Paris celebrated the 105th anniversary of Nikolai Abramchik

On the 11th morning in the old cemetery Pere Lyashez in Paris, where he buried eminent figures of the French Republic, brought together members of the Belarusian-European association (BEP). As reported by the PSU in its own statement, at the tomb of friends "Belarusian State Memory" told about the life and work of Nicholas Abramchik and laid flowers, and the priest Belarusian Greek Catholic Church of Antwerp and the Belgian. Yang Moyseychik served requiem for all the dead fighters for freedom in Belarus. In a speech after the service member BNR Dmitry Pimenov said that the recovery of the memory

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Malmygi: Let fear the one who was a thief

Village Malmygi impossible to find on the map. She went missing exactly 30 May years ago Vileika beneath the waves of the sea. But in spite of all, the village Malmygi continues to live in the memory of former villagers and their kids. Once a year at the memorial stone, which established themselves former malmyzhtsy, people gather from Vileika and Orsha, Minsk and Grodno, even come from Estonia and Latvia.I was lucky enough to join this community at the festival to the cashier. Procession of several machines Vileika moved toward the sea. After a few km walk along the forest

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V.Kipel: Joe Biden knows the Belarusian issue

We talk to him for a few hours before the polls closed in the United States.SV: "What segodnyaschy presidential campaign differed from earlier?"Seething "Today’s U.S. elections marked a big activity. By this led campaign. She held for a long time and very active. In particular, the Democrats. There were two people — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Clinton was very popular and did not seem long. So the struggle between the Democratic candidates already interested voters. Well, the mood of novelty. Democrats led goes dark — this is the first time in America. On the Republican side for the first

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Russian loan conditions are not named Belarus

Dared crediting mechanism economies 2-countries — before of the Belarusian, which lags behind the rise in prices of strategic raw materials.For disk imaging press service of the Council of Ministers of Belarus, first meeting with Russian officer Sergei Sidorsky said Belarus send humanitarian aid to victims of the war in South Ossetia. In addition, in the Belarusian health resorts throughout August and September are ready to take on the rehabilitation of 2-3 thousand Ossetian children. Vladimir Putin stressed that the moral and even more so real help will be very btw. Then hand deserted to economic issues, which open a

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Let the Belarusian Foreign Ministry put in place after Surikov

Start the program from the phone call unchanging listeners "Liberty" Ilya Kopyla:"The Kremlin leadership indignant that Ukraine sold Georgia gun. Dugin Russian political analyst said on television that the Russian armed forces should strike in Ukraine and Russia to join the eastern Russian regions. Our homeland arming itself to the teeth, Iran, Libya, Venezuela. Curious leaves, RF can be sold to others, to the same dictatorial, regime instrument and other countries can not? Kopil Ilya. "Listener responds to a question analyst Jacob Roman:"The theme of implementation tools, so to speak, very intimate. And when they say that those countries get

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Published a book of poetry by the Belarusian-Lithuanian

In Vilna publishing "Homo liber" came ontology Belarusian poetry translated into Lithuanian. Edition of the Lithuanian Writers Alliance initiated with monetary support from the Ministry of foreign affairs of this country."The light in the windows" — so called ontology Belarusian poetry published in Lithuania. Her poems have made April 20 poets middle and young generations, from Raisa Borovikova and ending Sergei Prilutsky.In the introduction to the publication of Lithuanian literature Gendryk Pyatkevich so proves the principle of choosing the creators: "It is unrealistic to show all and all, but would like, that the Lithuanian reader saw neardynarnasts width and vision

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Belarus Belarusian introduce Map

As reported BelaPAN, Alex Runner of the Ministry Interior said that the card will be issued to those persons that have "Historical past" associated with Belarus is also actively cooperate with the government.Has prepared a draft law on compatriots abroad. But the body which will issue "Belarusian Maps" is not defined yet.Begun by the introduction of "Belarusian maps" can assist in the solution of demographic problems in the country.In Last year Poland has introduced so referred "Pole’s Card" to relatives living on territory of the former Russian Union.

Salting RF accuses Belarusian management

At a press conference in the Russian embassy, which was absolutely devoted to the events in South Ossetia, Alexander Surikov told about the history of the conflict, from the 20-ies of the last century and criticized the position of the Belarusian authorities:"We are very clear that the municipal authorities, Belarus store is" timidly taciturn silence "very modest … However, a minor bureaucrat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus has expressed concern about the events in South Ossetia, but the second degree. A manager BTRC current Internet newspaper "ernichat" about the Russian side, that they say, can not do

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Foreign Minister Kozyrev should be free to return home

Underage Belarus Tanya Kozyro, which remained in the United States may, without the help of others to make a decision about his own impending fate only at the age of 18, and so now she must return to Belarus. Such information is oriented to the U.S. side as the notes of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry."The Belarusian side comes from the fact that the girl should be free to return to the republic, said in an interview with the agency Interfax-West deputy head of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus disk imaging Maria Vanshyna. In the case of a firm intention to

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In Bobruisk christened street naming Dunin-Marcinkiewicz

Dunin-Marcinkiewicz Street — only in Bobruisk, dubbed the naming of the Belarusian cultural figure from the time of receipt of Belarus independence. In This year Belarusian community celebrated the bicentennial anniversary of Belarusian playwright. Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz was born February 4, 1808 in Bobruisk District Ponyushkovichi the manor. Dunin-Marcinkiewicz called in Bobruisk Cathedral.Street naming betrothed Dunin-Marcinkiewicz — central location on the fortress. Says the chairman of the Bobruisk branch of the Society whiteRussian language Victor Malinowski:"It’s still better than the street name somewhere on the outskirts of Bobruisk, in some remote district. All-somehow, the street adjacent to the church, or rather

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