The second time the world began for me in the center of Cardiology

The first question to Vladimir Orlov, of course, on how she or he feels."Radius of the wheels, which I do around the bed becomes larger. I am grateful for this heart surgeon Oleg Svirsky. I can already raise not only the newspapers, which was brought to me, and this is "Nasha Niva", "Narodnaya Volya", "New Age" and "Our Word", and I can pick up and the latest issue of the magazine "ARCHE", in which 100 tyscha pages. "Correspondent "Feels that there is another place, or is there are signs that specifically Belarusian clinic here?"

I can already raise not only

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First day of December on the Beijing Olympics

In the opening match of the group stage Belarusian predictably succumbed world champion team Australia. Ahead of Belarusians still four games of the group stage — with teams of Latvia, Russia, South Korea and Brazil.Directly behind the basketball players on the road maratonskay command shashovay velyagonki 245 km out and Belarusian cyclists from which a huge half of the distance expected sensation — Alexander Kuchinsky paired with a significant margin Ukrainian marched at the head of the main group, but were "Eaten" shortly before the finish.First day of Olympic competition with the role of Belarusian athletes was largely devoted to

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I believe that the dismissal of Kozulin — it is immoral

Up sovereign of Orsha, where this year will be "Dozhinki":Prince"If the army abandoned the field, means the real battle is for the collection. Cast army and" Dozhinki 2008. "We here in the village school staff wrote a collective letter that calculate monthly means for Saturday. People are outraged. More .. I wish to say that in Orsha constituency is sovereign Adashkevich whom remembered in our G. appeal to the people. Want to find out who else is on the Orsha electoral environment, as the elections are somehow very relaxed. Thank you. "Orsha and Orsha district — two election neighborhood: I-26

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Ukrainians and Russians often pretend Belarusians abroad

As they say experts at yavna tendency to "vymyvanne" young elite who do not want to live in the criteria of the Belarusian dictatorship. Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich states that special statistical Belarusians who remain abroad, does not exist. But the trends are hunted down trivial:"I have shared this emigration into two groups — political and economic. Naturally, that is the smallest political nature, since it is not so many people we are engaged in social and political activities relative to the entire population. But there are times when people really fall under a certain political persecution under the

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For the case study joined Arnold Schwarzenegger

She does not know when the band will arrive in Belarus. According to her, it will depend on whether the flight tickets. At this point, the kids are in American homes, where they were healthy.At the moment "lasts close interaction and American Belarusian parties to address the issue of the repatriation of a minor citizen of Belarus ", — told BelaPAN MFA. representative of the agency added that to solve the problem of California joined the governor’s office, which liaises with the authorities of the town of Petaluma (California, near San Francisco), where Belarus is the girl.

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Minsk protect against breach of contract

According to Ambassador Surikov, question gas prices has to get in a day or agenda scheduled for August 14 meeting of the heads of government of Belarus and Russia. On the days of the first Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said that in connection with the change of events must either break the old contract to supply Russian gas, or supplement it. This contract defines the price formula for Russian gas until 2011. Now salting Alexander Surikov gave an answer to such statements:"Apparently, when the Ministry of Economy of Belarus considers the likely cost, and you can imagine

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Escape from the Fatherland

According to the Department of Humanitarian Affairs Office of the President of Belarus, a woman who remained in the U.S., born in 1991, lived in Borisov in custody with a family with a grandmother."This is the first case in recent years when the United States returned to Belarus is not a child who is sent for recovery," — told Interfax in the department.Acting U.S. Ambassador to Belarus Jonathan Moore on this occasion, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus. "The Belarusian authorities, naturally, want to soon return of all participants applets — the sovereign said Moore. — The program

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Vyachka Stankevich

Vyachka Stankevich — the son of a linguist, historian, teacher, politician and public figure Ian Stankevich. Born in 1932 in Vilnius. Left of Belarus together with parents during II World War I. Since 1949 — in the United States. Received a master’s degree in "elektramehanika." Worked as an engineer in corporations "ITT" and "Western Union. " Since 1988 — to Radio Liberty. By 1998 was Director of the Belarusian Radio Service. Published quarterly "Belarusian Review"Constant creator of newspaper" Belarus ". Member of the Presidium of the Council of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. With 2007 — Chairman of the Management

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Olympic Games have begun!

Women’s football teams of Argentina and Canada, Brazil and Germany were the first to fight for Olympic gold. Although the official opening of the Olympic Games will be held on August 8, they practically started. Belarus in the women’s football tournament is not represented. There’s only 16 teams playing. A general in the Olympics are going to involve more than 200 countries. Olympians Belarus wish to join the 20 naisilneyshy. To achieve this, it is necessary to exceed the performance characteristics at the previous Olympics in Athens. There Belarusian Olympians captured 15 medals. Now China flew Belarusian head of the

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Would freedom spelling — to seek political change

You can mark something positive and rational in those innovations which introduces brand new edition of the official spelling? Do strive to unify different spelling of Belarusian language? Will be used in public Traditional Belarusian language (which is commonly referred to as "tarashkevitsa") in 2010?Tsigankov: "Can we talk about ordering Belarusian spelling version of the law approved by MPs and signed by the head of the country? Can anything positive note of those innovations that introduces a brand new edition of the official spelling? Was it necessary for the act?"The law puts a split in the range of Belarusian


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