A.Lukashanets: tormoznutosti spelling inconsistency

"The adoption of this law will allow one to suspend the spelling inconsistency that emerged in the last decade in the Belarusian-language editions, including and in the academic literature that is completely unacceptable for vysakarazvitay literary written language that is the language of the country’s municipalities. Unity spell increases the prestige language and simplifies its implementation in all areas of communication of modern society. " Over the almost 50 years that have passed since the publication of the Rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation in 1959, in the language system, there were certain configurations in primarily in the vocabulary of

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6 promises Kazimir Farino

Sovereign Farino noted that since the 1960s, the scientific team running academician Podluzhny developed new draft rules. Work was long years. This project does not open a discussion once and thrashed. In fact, he went to the rule base of Belarusian spelling and punctuation, currently enshrined in law:"In 1-x, available in the latest edition of the Rules shall not affect the configuration of the foundations of the current set of rules and are not its reform. Ensure continuity and stability of rules written whiteRussian language. In-2, fixed and confirmed the basic principles of Belarusian spelling and punctuation. Configuration do not

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Telepolis: Summer promotion sales in the last dictatorship in Europe

"In recent months, the management of Belarus took a specific course on economic changes … Belarus, but — the only post-Soviet country dominated municipal form of economic and accessories where as oligarchs in Russia, made thanks to the "feral" privatization, simply does not exist. Shred personal sector in the gross national product of the EastEuropean countries is about 25%, and the property of the richest Belarusians measured in millions, not in billion dollars . "According to the German edition, "Belarusian authorities convinced that the privatization process will take place uniformly ordered, and it will help prevent wildly unpredictable and privatization.

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Power is trying to squeeze out unacceptable projects

Editor in chief of the magazine "Arche" Valery Bulgakov states that officially registered publications will not be special choice if there is a question of the existence of the magazine in general:"I, on the one side, agree that the task of unification is. On the other hand, of course, we must recognize that reform is being implemented by the state in a characteristic manner oppressive to her. I agree with the thesis that the great abundance by spelling systems that are de facto service Belarusian language on the ground today Republic of Belarus, lead users astray whiteRussian language, also people

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Amnesty International interceded for Zeltser

They were detained in Minsk airport March 12 and accused of using fake documents, drug smuggling and commercial espionage. The Tribunal began on July 30.The human rights organization "Amnesty International" is now calling to send letters to the administration of Alexander Lukashenko, the prosecutor general and the KGB, and the Minister of Internal Affairs, that Emanuel Zeltser had medical help and often given the opportunity to meet with South American consul.Recall: Emanuel Zeltser and his secretary Vladlena Funk arrested on March 12, when they arrived from London. They are being held in the KGB detention center. In late March, Emanuel

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V.Silitsky United States are investing in the future of Belarus

"But America has taken a certain niche in the Belarusian issue. And we litsezreem it in support of the Belarusian civilian society, Belarusian government initiatives, many survive by specifically American support. Practically U.S. make a huge investment in the future of Belarus, which we now still do not fully appreciate. It would be very good, if this course, this policy lasted against Belarusian society. With him Americans do more to partisanship than those same Europeans. " Sovereign Silitski explains that he meant under "bolshennymi investments":"We are talking about specific educational initiatives and cultural projects, and contacts with Belarusian society through

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Overseas artist to start from scratch

Artist Olga Demkina left France eleven years ago — in 1997. Thought to travel and return, but fate had another. Married a Frenchman, astonished his artistic home gabelenav weaving and art lovers — its gorgeous improvisations. She went orders from book publishers, article about it appeared in Western art encyclopedias. Arriving home, the artist happily agreed to an interview.Michas Scoble"Olga, I’m not asking about your life that, about the language problem; told how you are comfortable in French society, particularly as an artist?"Olga Demkina"If a bird flies to a warmer, more light socket, it must adapt. Should get used to

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Lithuanian Druskininkai, Druskininkai Belarus

One can only imagine for yourself how many people the word "Druskininkai" pleasantly ekae heart, and awaken a memoir — of summer, sun, water … in short, high-quality rest on mineral waters and curative pine air. Healing in Druskininkai in his time traveling around the Union, who did not get the permit, he rented housing in the personal sector, and superintending the procedure in a sanatorium. They came with their entire families with children, relatives, friends … Short, spa life raged until went abroad and come here and constantly uncomfortable and expensive.Druskininkai lull ensued, but it is true in the

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Lebedko spy cases during elections nonrandom

In 2001, the Belarusian secret services accused of spying German citizen and citizen Christopher Lec Italy Angelo Antonio Peel.U.S. citizen Emanuel Zeltser on trial behind closed doors, as judged Christopher Lec Peel and Angelo Antonio.In April 2001, the Belarusian secret services arrested a businessman, an Italian citizen Antonio Angelo Peel. He was accused that he procured information Tipo military nature. In a criminal case against the Italian took 26-year-old citizen of Belarus Ira jamb. Her as sovereign Peel, accused of espionage, but also treason.The trial was held behind closed doors. Under court order, Angelo Antonio Peel drew Ira shoals in

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Seltzer will trade in games with the West

"It is sad that the judge advocate. There such method salami, implementation of several charges to strengthen later at least some one of them to throw in a sentence of at least one of the charges. This salami is obvious indication that the investigation lured by the ears these charges. "According to Rinkevich, Chief enthusiasm Belarusian side is in charge of commercial espionage. "Economic toward more entertaining for those special services that stand behind the arbitrators and the prosecution … of course, that in the wake of the diplomatic conflict between the U.S. and Belarus lawyer Zeltser proved itself as

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