Basowiszcza 19th time

"Basowiszcza ‘is the most famous and biggest festival of Belarusian rock music, which every year attracts town in the middle of July thousands of fans from Poland and Belarus and neighboring countries.On stage "Basowiszcza" performed many times these "diehards" Belarusian rock as "Mroya," "Ulysses," "Crumb", "N.R.M" and "Neuro Dubel". Many little-known group from Belarus and from Bialystok produced in the City more widely known.Seleta "Basowiszcza" open known Belarusian rock lovers "Krum" and "IQ48". Later will be a competitive part of the festival, which will perform in eight groups from Belarus and one of the City. And after the contest will

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Who wins tribunal between Gazprom and Belarus?

Tsigankov: "July 16 was accomplished working meeting of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of" Gazprom "Alexander Ananenkov and CEO of" Beltransgaz "Vladimir Mayorov. After her Ananenkov said about the ability to draw Belarus to justice for late payment for Russian gas supplied. Why Belarusian side behaves as" cheeky " refusing to pay even this does not quite an expensive price. Belarusians What has reason for behaving as if there is some in this economic or political justification? " "Another Gas War begins in July"

Manyanok: "This is further evidence that these agreements, signed in late 2006, is not very

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My advice to Obama

November 4 U.S. presidential elections took place krainy.Senatar Democrat Barack Obama elected the 44th president of the United States of America. Obama won 338 votes in the electoral college, representing all U.S. states.A.Belyatsky: stronger certain actionsL.Ermoshina: does not exist for the Yankees colors Buraukin: try to understand the aspirations of BelarusiansYa.Maksimyuk: My advice — do nothingZdanowicz recommends U.S. president to visit BelarusAndrei Tur advises the U.S. to abandon the sanctionsYu.Drakohrust: my advice — do not really listen to advice Gaiduchevici: Obama wish of successYa.Basin: "We need active cooperation with the U.S." V.Silitsky United States are investing in the future of

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In Alushta dead 26-year-old Belarusian

The crash occurred in the Black Sea at a distance of 500 meters from the shore. Aqua bike Yamaha, which was moving at high speed Belarusian collided with the yacht "Angelica." Finally came instant death. Local police to initiate an investigation.

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V. Silitski: Mackay — it LATYPOV with Belarusian roots

 "But it is very Various embodiments. Take Mackey — people obviously mental, Latypova level, but with the difference that he kshtaltavavsya in Belarus, Belarusian roots. "According Silitski, Vladimir Makey at the moment, "thrown" into public policy — previously it was shady bureaucrats now may be hallmark of the country, it will be entrusted with the mission think tank and facilitator. And Mackay able to influence decision-making. According Silitski specifically after authorities released memo Mackey of Alexander Kozulin bullpen for the funeral of his wife.Purpose same man from the KGB border troops confirms the thesis of staff shortage and negative trends,

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Pressure on the opposition — it everyday in the country Lukashenko

"In the last dictatorship in Europe, young Belarusians to go to college, work, start in adulthood. Zapalohvayutstsa And incidentally, excluded from school, losing their jobs, thrown in jail …Pressure on the opposition — it everyday in the country, which manage municipal Alexander Lukashenko. Besides, who says a word against him, closing his mouth. Lukashenko — the last Teran Europe. The problem is that a significant part of Belarusians yet, Trust him. With addition time, he in power, people have moderate prosperity. For the last 14 years Lukashenko takes the presidency. Many people think that it was he — the guarantor

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Grandparents unite Belarusians

First mass action to "Dzyady" accomplished 20 years ago, November 30, 1988, and was forcibly dispersed. Today’s "Dzyady" begins with this same place, with the Eastern cemetery, and that 20 years ago, on 30 October 1988. Lena Leonovich: "I pinned its hopes that come everyone excited and then it’s called here. Contrary to the authorities, who prepared some" crackdown. "At the moment, no one forbids together and I am sorry that in 20 years there has gathered more than people" .Arina Vecherko: "You know, I have a very light feel. Indeed itself prazdnichek" Dzyady ", it is very bright for

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I’m afraid that the elections will not be free

By Wiersma, Socialist Group refers to the management of the EU and its member states "to put pressure on the Lukashenko regime in order to ensure democratic elections." It is reported by the Internet site of the parliamentary group. A group of professionals in the European Parliament is the second in number and influence on the formation of public opinion in the countries of the continent. She — the organizer of the current debate on the election Situation in Belarus, conditions for holding elections and the prospects of the Belarusian Left parties. From Belarusian side it perceive the role Followers

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Dr. Geremek — a man of honor and principles

According to the chairman of the Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko, Geremek was a sincere friend of Belarus and fought for the democratization of its political system. Practically he was a member probelorusskih lobby in the European structures. "This is one of the main tasks — have an effective lobby probelorusskoe in international organizations, in Europe. Sovereign Geremek was indeed one of the those people, that really worked for Belarus. Very sorry! Not enough people who would know so well yesterday and Belarus Belarus present, as he had, and recipes on the Belarusian issue. Why is he so well aware

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Grandparents abroad

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Now Belarusians USA hold a memorial service near the UN building in New York. Funeral meeting in memory of the victims of the Stalinist regime in Belarus Belarusian youth movement holds America. Association of Belarusian youth of America organized ceremonies and visiting the cemetery on Saturday, November 1.

Belarusian community London Now noted Dzyady morning service in the church of the saints. Peter and Paul and the cemetery of St. dirge. Pancras priests have served on. A.Nadson and Stasevych. After  Association of Belarusians in England organized a meeting with Vladimir Orlov, member of the first

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