Geremek represented probelorusskoe lobby in Europe

Anatoly Lebedko recalled that specifically Geremek opened in the late 1990s, the goal of the OSCE Minsk. In the 2000s, according to the views of Anatoly Lebedko, a prominent Polish politician was a member probelorusskih lobby in the European structures. "This is one of the main tasks — have an effective lobby probelorusskoe in international organizations, in Europe. Sovereign Geremek was indeed one of the those people, that really worked for Belarus. Very sorry! Not enough people who would know so well yesterday and Belarus Belarus present, as he had, and recipes on the Belarusian issue. Why is he so

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Victor Dubitskiy

In Mostovskoy district he taught in several schools, but most of all in Luni, where he lived with his family. Colleagues remember him intrigued by the unusual foliage. Says his friend, the last teacher Vladimir Britko: "As a teacher, had as its subject perfectly, kids knew botany, were attracted to him. He knew how to intrigue.’s Hard now to think about it. Raschudesny He raised garden, gave people a lot of seedlings. Promised me a beautiful vase, flowers such nobody else not grow, only him. reads to me — come, take and grow. But somehow I was not at this

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Belarusian flags on 5th Avenue

The committee went Week   Cuban representatives, Belarusian, Estonian, Bulgarian, Chinese 

and other communities. Celebrations began in the Cathedral of Sts. Patrick where he wasflags and covered participants, including — and white-red-white. Words of encouragement gave New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

 In This year in a march in New York participated  

representatives of the Belarusian youth organizations in America, who have expressed solidarity with those who struggle for freedom in their homeland.

 Under police guard the marchers walked along 5th Avenue from the Cathedral  

St. Patrick’s Central Park, where a rally was held.

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Readers themselves illustrate a book

As said translator and publisher Vitaly Voronov, who continues to work after the publication of the first book of the Belarusian blame-the-Pooh (AA Milne. Pooh. Poznan. Publisher "Snow white crow." 2007), at the moment of readers is expected to actively role in shaping the modern Belarusian books with adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

In the first book of the blame-the-Pooh in Belarusian children placed a photo of an interpreter with his children bear a village, on the bench. In a subsequent edition have the ability to seem bears and other Belarusian readers with no age restrictions.Publisher "whitewashed

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Under the hum from the Eastern cemetery to Kurapaty Forest

About five hundred people gathered today at the Eastern Cemetery. Among them were the chairman of BPF, Lavon Barshcheuski his deputies, Vintsuk Vyachorka, Viktor Ivashkevich, Alexei Yanukevich Chairman of the Joint civilian party, Anatoly Lebedko favorite "Young Front". Zmitser Dashkevich Participants of the rally laid flowers on the graves, Vladimir Korotkevich, Pimen Panchenko, Misha Tkachev, Vasil Bykov, Anatoly Bogatyrev, Gennady Karpenko Igor HermyanchukBelarusian and other recognizable figures. Laying flowers at the tomb of Vasil Bykov Barshcheuski Lavon said:"Before the death of Vladimir Korotkevich Vasil Bykov not very keen on public display any of their properties, which he really had.

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In Novgorod Russian drug dealer arrested by Belarusian

It is reported that the detainee with 2006 illegally lived on the ground Novgorodchiny. Previously, he spent eleven years in the Belarusian regime colony serious murder. Once free, he retrained for other kind of criminal activity. Belarusian customers were people with whom he had previously been in the field imprisonment.In Novgorod investigators, they managed to block one of the channels of access to drugs.

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Gaddafi says Lukashenko as do be an outcast

Political scientist, Chairman of the Belarusian Schumann Society Igor Lyalkov calls the visit "a live and very useful for Lukashenko, which is very necessary experience Gaddafi. " Political analyst specifies what kind of experience it is:"How to become a state of the outcast, which supports the usual business with the West and Europe. Gaddafi have succeeded. And therefore, I think, the first topic that interests Belarusian management, the mechanisms of how to convince the Western world that the last terrorist can be just like a worthy partner for the West. I think, in this context, this visit to this time

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Engineer, military, smith

Miroslav Lazo now 35 years old. In 1995 he graduated from the Radio Engineering Institute, majoring in robotics. Miroslav youth fascinated with military history. In particular, he is interested era of the Napoleonic wars, also attributes the French and Russian armies. In "Snow white legion" been distributing leaflets. Participated in street protests of the opposition.Sergei Chislova ’41. He graduated from the Minsk physico-mathematical school number 50. Later he entered the Graduate Engineer Air Missile School and graduated. After the collapse Russian Union applied for retirement. He worked initially in Minsk personal companies, and later, because of the inability to deal

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Pure white legion does not exist, but are interested in the investigation

"Snow-white legion" appeared on the basis of "Dark skeleton" — regional teams safety and security, the youth wing of the Belarusian Association of the military. Since the mid-1990s "legionnaires" whose number was estimated at approximately a couple of hundred, were engaged in physical training camps, sporting events staged , exhibited patrols in time mass opposition rallies. really "lit up" activists "of the White Legion", is, at one point — in October 1999, when demonstrators sought from the authorities investigate the events of disappearance Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky. procession ended with a fierce battle commandos. Whereupon, as stated last control

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The elections in Belarus will follow the OSCE and the CIS

Foreign Ministry sent an official invitation and also in the CIS Executive Committee. Belarusian authorities not to build against the elections and parliamentary deputies from the same structures of the OSCE and the CIS, where Belarus is currently consulate. Here, for example, MEPs or the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will not receive an invitation, as Belarus does not go into these international organizations. Belarusian authorities to comment on the steps I asked Mireille Musso — French ambassador, whose country currently chairs the EU. Specifically, French diplomats have maintained contacts with the Belarusian authorities on behalf of the

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