Election campaign starts with pressure on the opposition

Businessman Nicholas Chernous — The list of contenders for the deputy’s mandate from the United Democratic Forces. It put forward a public association "For Free Development of Enterprise." Calculates run Baranovichi West surrounded by number 5. Activist claims that such intentions began persecuting power — now Charnavus deprive previously selected our plot for construction of a cafe: "I have three years various papers collected, funds paid. Design and estimate work makes" Belzhilproekt "that the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services. Prevents But authorities that Chernous decided to participate in the elections."According to Nikolai Charnavus decision Baranavichy power to take away

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Belarusian knights Grunwald this year will not be

By him, there is also prepyadstviya "related to the entrance of Poland to the Schengen area."According to Mr. Szymanski, in next year "Belarusian banners probably perceive the role of staging the battle. " Instsenirovkak Battle of Grunwald will be held July 12 at the historic site — where it was accomplished in 1410.

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Bundestag: Calm and stability without freedom — this cemetery

After the meeting Anatoly Lebedko said "Freedom":"For us it is fundamentally was done emphasis on neprymalnastsi several positions from the international society: the commercialization strategy of Europe on the Belarusian regime and non-sharing formula 3-5 seats in the House of Representatives for SLM at legitimizing the regime. It is completely impossible for us. And I think we have gained their own goals, because the head of the delegation of sovereign Gaiba end of the conversation said, we can not blind situation where 3-5 seats submenu free and fair elections. Very fundamentally and that Gaiba MP said: "Peace and stability without

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Jonathan Moore: We do not litsezreem progress

Interim U.S. Attorney in Belarus Jonathan Moore answered questions Liberty and visitors of our website.Answering a question Radio Liberty, or he says in recent weeks some configuration in relation to the official Minsk Belarus-US relations, Jonathan Moore said:"Since I had just returned from the U.S., I do not I can tell, I saw some in the approach configuration Belarusian authorities. For our part, we continue to work on the release of political prisoners Kozulin, Kim and Parsyukevich call mode to do better situation human rights. Legislation in the field of mass media — is really a step backwards. The U.S.

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Not prazdnichek and demonstrate the power and majesty of the authorities

"Independence day July 3 — is artificially made prazdnichek and Belarusians him forget how power changes in the country. As already have forgotten day of the October Revolution.

Can we imagine a column of tanks on the streets of London, Prague, Berlin?

As for forms of celebration, it (and of course it all) is a copy prazdnichkom Russian-Soviet empire. Yes, and in fact it prazdnichek the same because it is not prazdnichek and demonstrate the power and majesty of the authorities. And coupled with the fact Unity Belarusian people around this power. On the latter clearly shows singing the

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No questions traps in testing was not

Pochetaemye listeners! Recall: Freedom in Minsk phone 266-39-52 open 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 375293912224. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio Liberty.Now some calls dedicated centralized testing."I believe that the tests are not sophisticated of the reason that they say, as if they were difficult for students, and, apparently, since we do not have enough working people. Only in the construction of Minsk lacks about 4 thousand workers. Maybe that the reason? ""Only just listened to information on

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Partisans took the cow left with nothing

Already nearly half the 10-ka years day July 3 in Belarus is considered basic municipal prazdnichkom and noted on the official level, every year more pompous and extensively — military parades, fireworks, multi-day festivals and concerts. To state the date of independence is very conditional relation, because she was taken out of Russian history. Noteworthy that in the Russian Belarus 3 July was working funny day and celebrated rather timidly. Current conversation will start with one of the letters in this topic. We wrote last Russian officer Nicholas Kanahovich of Pruzany:"As someone with your plain can not accept flegmantichno lie.

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Lenin Library building — a landmark for Belarus

Belarusian society Protection of Monuments of History and Culture received a copy of the protocol orders of the president, April 10 data 2008 during a visit to the building on Kirov Street, 43 in Minsk.Check under the number 18 dated June 3, 2008 and addressed to the Council of Ministers and the Office of Presidential Affairs. Namely, these structures need to predict the draft State vkladyvatelnoy programs from the 2009-2010 construction of a new building to accommodate the municipal institutions in place of an old State Library building on the street Red Army, 9. Administrative Department of the President, together

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Belarusian Midsummer abroad

Family Peter and Lena Valentine Yakimovitch reddish and, as usual, and this year were the main organizers of the South American Kupalu that there always is carried out exactly in the smallest June night — regardless of the weather. So this year, for example, promised storm, but prazdnichek carry unrealistic — and expected to rain a day or later."The weather was beautiful, had a lot of people — says Lena. — This year was absolutely perfect Midsummer, we do not prevent. Well, we’ve never had a disgusting Kupalu, but this year in particular is excellent — and the mood is

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What tests were questions traps?

Borisovchanka Julia dreams entered the law faculty of the Municipal Institute. Julia handed tests in arithmetic, and Russian language course "Man. Society. Government." I asked Julia what she has comments to the tests:"I saw that some of the test questions on arithmetic and the course" CHGD "were not provided for school applets. She sought training with tutors and additional literature. Also needed a lot of attention. As for test in Russian, he also has not been easy, but any unusual or unsolvable problems I have not seen. General admission tests more complex than repetytsyynyya. " I recall at the end

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