Completed the June reading of works of Vasil Bykov

We started reading voice Basil Vladimervicha sister Valentina and now completing his performance Ales Pashkevich, chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers, editor of the collected works chatyrnatstsatsitomnaga Bykov. Bykovskaya texts in the air of "Liberty" read BNR Council Chair Ivonka Survila, the national poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin, founder of the Belarusian Naronaga Zenon Pozniak front, first managing a restored country Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich, salting Israel Zeev Ben Arie and salting Sweden Stefan Eriksson, poets Valzhina Mort and Andrew Khadanovich Gennady Buraukin and Sergey Zakonnikau prose writers Boris and Algirdas Baharevich, painter Alexei Marochkin, director of public museum Bykov

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The main failure of the Democrats — the inability to find a mutual understanding

He is a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, doctor. Immediately his Ph.D. in art history. During his active social life a couple of times was behind bars, almost a month held a lifelong hunger strike.What excites Yuri Khadika at the moment?"The inability to locate and retrieve understanding. This applies to the whole of society, including the Democrats. From individual parties and structures to the UDF as a whole. We stabbed in itself, we argue byaspynna …Because the search for a compromise, in my opinion, are of mandatory condition for moving forward. Human uninhibited personal initiative should be combined with

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Leonid Zaika: Belarusian people naturally lose

Rates bucks in exchange in the center of Minsk is very different from the official one. Now the rate of the State Bank in 2120 rubles worth a buck. But in exchange of the dollar price has reached 2170 rubles. Not all exchangers were bucks for implementation.Purchase, for example, five thousand dollars can be exclusively in one of the 10 heat exchangers. In most cases, offered 500 bucks or less. Here’s what one of the pronounced Fri exchange:Correspondent"You can buy bucks?"Cashier"No".Correspondent"There is no perfect?"Cashier"No, no."Correspondent"But why?"Cashier"I do not know. Took everything. People took the customers. "Correspondent"What, this problem with bucks?"Cashier"Yes.

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ROL: wobbly bridges

"How to get across the bridge was also associated with the risk of their lives. Failing putrid decking, railing broke. B.Tanera Cech, who accompanied the embassy M.Chartaryskaga such adventures and realized in nache Baguslavavym Field (now Zhodino). At Bass River Bridge so began to swing crews under that brand would collapse, if not fighters backed his logs. Somewhere in Orsha embassy again braked by the river, which was only a small bridge and angry if it vzehav ladovny caravan, once the bridge began to break down with a bang immensely frightened stallions rushed into the water and almost led to

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Liberty Bell — the winner of national dictation

Give space to summarize national dictation, disagreed no state institution. Denied even the State Library. Because the ceremony was conducted at the Lithuanian Embassy, thanks hospitality ambassador Edminas Bagdonas. Sovereign Bagdonas saw that in Lithuania and in over 300 years, there were difficulties with the Lithuanian language:

Edminas Bagdonas"But we were even in the head would not come, that I, Lithuanian, with his own mother, not with your friends read in their own language. Thank you very much, and in such weather we each other can promise that fellow Belarusians us diplomats will be read only on whiteRussian language

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Z.Savka: MPs belong to the language as a racist to the dark lady

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed the 2nd reading of the law "On the Rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation." According to the law, since September 2010, using the written Belarusian language will need to adhere to the approved rules.If bukovkoy from writing the fate of the entrant — is a very high priceBushlyakov: At your request the song sounded Carlos Santana’s "Black Magic Woman". Why such a choice?Scoop: Who is really pretty "dark day." And the time to recall the dark a charming lady. Apparently, our MPs are so related to our lovely Belarusian language as racist to

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Herkel vorachivaetsya in Belarusian affairs

Now it will be the right hand of the deputy chairman of the subcommittee of Finland Scenic Hurskainen. Co-Chair of the United Democratic Forces Belarus Anatoly Lebedko Present at the election of the emperor Herkel comments on this decision:"In subcommittee already many parliamentarians — from England, Russia, the Baltic countries … And enthusiasm for Belarus in the light grows parliamentary elections. Therefore useful deputy. " Herkel was previously chairman of the subcommittee. Specifically its active work in this position and was the occasion for a new election. Sub-Committee on Belarus created at the Political Committee, which is headed by a

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BAJ encourages silent hour

"We want to invite all those who care about the problem of access to info and its dissemination, June 25 located on its own internet resources dark banners — as a sign buried in the roundness of the hall of freedom of speech. Also do not update their websites, do not blog entries in Over 1 hour — from 12.00 to 13.00 on June 25, "- said in a BAJ appeal.June 24 House of Representatives State took the 2nd reading "On media information "," in which, incidentally, made sample restrict freedom of speech in the Belarusian Internet space. ""So makarom

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Language remained two years

The law will take effect on September 1, 2010."All organizations — municipal and personal, nationals and stateless persons, foreign citizens residing on the territory of Belarus, written using the Belarusian language must be controlled by these rules, "- said the Chairman of the Commission on Education, Culture, Science and Scientific and Technological Progress Vladimir Zdanowicz, introducing the bill.Vladimir Zdanowicz convinced that the new rules were "a Belarusian, more patriotic, more peaceful, in contrast to earlier — militarized and politicized."Chairman of the Commission said that revised many rules. For example, with great little letters are written the names of all the

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In Belarusian trolleybuses advertise garden

For those who want to give their own kids in this group on the ads listed phones and kindergarten education department. The group is formed of kids from 3 to 5 years.Developed ad ancestors who lead from the third day of December in their own kids in Mogilev Belarusian-only group. According to one of them, Dmitry Solovyov until 40 ads on the Rights of the social advertising are located exclusively in the trolley. He says that finds the ability to place ads on buses and minibuses.The Department of Education said that the Belarusian-closing group are not collected. Employees of the

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