In Minsk presented movie about Belarusian Jews

The movie gives short information about Jews who have lived on the ground in Belarus. Community members noted that this first attempt to make a movie about the Jews themselves, not catastrophe of the Holocaust.At the presentation in the auditorium of the Jewish Home attended the moviemakers. They explained to the audience that the duration of the film is very small, and therefore could not tell much about it.Reads the script writer Anton Astapovich:"I was born the idea to remove a movie about ethnic minorities. In 2006 showed up at the OSCE grant. OSCE identified, but because we secrete through

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In the art of socialist realism remained Belarus

"Unfortunately, our era very very echoes previous years. And descendants will be hard to find that of the monuments was delivered now, and that in the 70s or 80s. We do not have any step forward that would have proved to be as much the face of our time. " According to Levin, regular repetition of old concepts — a monument to the border guards in Grodno. "Belarusian school lies in the tradition of social realism, and this tradition is currently preserved. We have yet to develop its own new style of Belarus. Yet we are not moving. We stand

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So democratizing the economy as the previous elections

Consulate of the International monetary fund is in talks with the management of Belarus on a loan of 2 billion dollars. Along the way, Alexander Lukashenko says the liberalization of the Belarusian economy. Expressions listeners: Man: "Management and control of Belarus as democratizing the economy as democratized the elections."Man: "Alexander G. mountains promised and later in the benefits of old selected. Benefits selects and buys instead of their missiles. "Man: "We have not yet secured, but will soon be a paradise: Grows on us happiness Nikolai Lukashenko. "In the upcoming calls listener asks:Nicholas Narovlia: "Could you give a hint where

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Film about Kurapaty won the Grand Prix of the Catholic festival

Documentary film Belarusian filmmaker Misha Zhdanov "In all the Days" won the Grand Prix IV international Catholic festival of Christian films and TV programs "Magnificat-2008", which took place June 17-21 in Gluboksky district, Vitebsk region.As said BelaPAN chairman of the festival, filmmaker Yuri Gorulev, the film develops M.Zhdanovskaga topic started as a director in the 1990s band "The Road to Kurapaty" (script writer — A.Lukashuk operator — S.Pyatrovski).Documentary film "In all the Days", made in the studio "BelarusFilm" dedicated to the painter-iconographer Anatoly Kuznetsov, who for many years wrote the icon on the rocks in the national nekropali Kurapaty on

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End quote: 14.06.2008 — 20.06.2008

"Unfortunately, some people did not realize that the party work — this is not a game, that game — not firm yet, but an organization that implements certain political goals together … I had to make the difficult but necessary decision completely … Such a decision was imminent long. Mihalevitch city refused to make the decisions already taken Sojma party … He ran to publish offensive aimed at the individual expressions in the address other control BPF. "Lavon Barshcheuski chairman BPF — expelled from the Party Mikhalevich."I joined the party in 1993. Party was and is my homeland. And I

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Does Dad come to Belarus to release political prisoners?

The question is, on what criteria will accept an invitation to Benedict XVI: if he would come to Belarus, while in the country are political prisoners and human rights are violated?According to the head of the Catholic Church in Belarus, Metropolitan Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, the preparation of the concordat need two to three years. To arrange a visit of the pope as leader of the Polish state implies movement in Belarus Tadeusz Gawin, — about a year. Emperor Gavin looked for the majority of visits zabugornyh predecessor of today’s Pope John Paul II — he was always met with the flock

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Poland has lowered the price of visas for Belarusians

The decision on the brand new slide, pays attention to the real situation of Belarusians and reduction in the first half 2008 the number of visas issued by Polish consular services to areas of Belarus, BelaPAN reports referring to the Polish Foreign Ministry.The Foreign Ministry said that the brand new, reduced rate of consular fee will allow Poland to increment the number of guests from Belarus with a view to future Christmas and New Year, which is a good prerequisite for a trip to a neighboring country "for tourism purposes, as for meetings with relatives."Belarus Foreign Ministry welcomes Poland’s decision

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Stefan Eriksson: Bulls in Swedish

I wish to say at once that I read little pieces Bykov. I heard about the writer, he wrote in the main product of the war, wrote truthfully. I’m more acquainted with him when he was in Sweden — there was a time when he was required because of their own civilian position to leave their homeland.In Sweden, he participated in our book fair in Gothenburg, I read an interview — very exciting. He then very worried about the situation at home, and used a word — I then heard it first time — "lingvitsyd" Kill the language. Its very

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In Kurapaty 20 years ago the first march and rally

The impetus for this was the publication in the newspaper "Literature and Art" article Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva "Kurapaty. Road of perdition".Applicants march and rally were activists of the then informal youth organization "Cleanup" Sergei Vitushko and Viktor Ivashkevich. It was not the first action talakovtsav but march and rally in Kurapaty the first time came about five thousand people, says Viktor Ivashkevich:

"Information about the content of the theme — it was extensively vserasprostranena society itself. This article" Kurapaty. Road of perdition "suddenly got a sharp result. Indeed, virtually after a number of days, I went to the library

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20 years ago the first procession to Kurapaty

Rally and march were organized by activists of the youth, as it was known, informal organization "Cleanup". Mentions her favorite Sergey Vitushko:"I submit applications and Viktor Ivashkevich, but the rally was banned. We were called to the republican prosecutor’s office and warned that we break the law. I ran into a memory phrase, that if you have power, then we will protect both you and your laws. The police were at the rally, but there was no repression, and we paid 50 rubles fine. rally was scheduled at the tram ring greenish Luga, and there were people walking in the

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