S.Kalinkina Ministry disk imaging acquires more power than the Tribunal

Hanna Sous: "Today, the House of Representatives passed the first reading of the" Law on the media disk imaging. " It argued the need gaps in the regulation of the activities of foreign media and Internet resources in Belarus. Once the bill comes into its own law, all existing media in Belarus during the 1st year will be required to re-register of mandatory municipal. Svetlana, I know that you are now prepared a new issue of "People’s Will". That it will be on a brand new media law? And how will affect the new "Law on Mass disk imaging" your

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Cardinal brought the message of the Pope to the Belarusian people

Cardinal plans to meet with Alexander Lukashenko, the Orthodox Metropolitan Filaret, management and the Committee on Foreign religions and nationalities, Belarusian believers — Roman Catholics and Greek Catholics, Grodno and Pinsk visit.Believers and policies do not exclude that in the course of this visit can begin preparing for the visit to Belarus of Pope Benedict XVI.Cardinal met at the municipal levelCardinal said, getting off the plane, that he had brought a message from the Pope to the Belarusian people and wants to meet with representatives of the Church and the Orthodox Church in Belarus, with representatives of the authorities, "to

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Through pARTisan — Grodno on places of worship

They presented a new room anthology of modern Belarusian culture "pARTisan".Correspondent"Arthur Klinov again in Grodno, already the second time. You said that will develop Hrodna place … "Wedge"When we were in the last time, it was not even a presentation, and we promised that we would come in the fall with a huge celebration. As for the development of the Grodno region, it would like very much so" pARTisan »Grodno knew, read, send us the texts. We plan to publish in every guestroom cultural materials from all regions of Belarus. It would be very curious what happens in Grodno and

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Liabedzka warned in connection with the publication of El País

May 19 Anatoly Lebedko sent to the Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich Appeal to conduct an investigation into the possible supplies of Belarusian weapons to Colombian rebels. Now he was summoned to the Prosecutor General, and warned about the responsibility for "pre incorrect accusation.""At first, I was asked if I wanted to draw your letter as a statement or as information. If it was information, they should not be able to react to it, and if the application — then I warn in advance of responsibility for the wrong accusation by article 400 of the Criminal Code. I agree that my

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Belarusian Olympians go on record

"Never before has Belarusian Olympians did not achieve the highest such figure," — now pavekdamiv House of Representatives Minister of Sport and Tourism Alexander Grigorov.He spoke here at the adoption of the law on the accession of Belarus to the international convention against doping in sport.

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I. Rynkevich: developers media law should be included in the list of banned

Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Journalists, the editor in chief of state newspaper "Respublika" Anatoly Lemeshenok said he was not found in the Bill on the media "is nothing fundamentally new" and "special excitement this bill did not call." Their findings Alliance journalists do after the law in the first reading. "Corporate interests, we tried to protect, expressed their worldview. But we will create, as there is quite decide deputies." Regarding the suggestion prirovnyat web to the media disk imaging Lemeshenok emperor said:"There be Graduation clear: if in fact working on a specific audience, and even a certain reader

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Life and death legends: Soul

"Soul — a concept that expresses the eyes on the inner world of man. Idealist philosophy and in

Tatyana Volodinapsychology of the soul is an immaterial basis of human life, the bearer of the psychological processes. In ordinary people’s perceptions soul conceptualized as higher forces created a unique personal principle, independent of the body. Soul for contemporary — bearer bessvyadomaga facts and emotions and desires, intangible essence that thinks, feels and works freely. Soul — Religious mitalyagichnae-date picture of the beginning of man. " ***Vyacheslav Rakytskyy"The soul — is that not clear that we can only imagine, and then

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Virginia Shymanets: Writing about Belarus in French

The presence of the Belarusian culture in France "Freedom" is responsible representative of the Belarusian diaspora in Paris, chairman of the organization "Belarusian prospects" Shymanets Virginia.Virginia Shymanets comes from the same genus as the chairman of the BNR Ivonka Survila, Aunt Virginia. Her grandparents Evelyn and Vladimir Shimantsy together with the children Ivonka and Levon moved to France in 1948. Virginia itself on mother Frenchwoman, patronymic — Belarusian. By training in drama it. Since 1996, Ms. Shymanets community heads "Belarusian prospects", which in 2006 entered the Belarusian Committee of France.When Virginia Shymanets began to teach Belarusian case, no French books

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Third Byelorussian Front will not be

"No such people, that would have stated the desire to form a 3rd Belorussian Front. Availability Guide BPF informal fraction of people running on the orders of the headquarters Milinkevich makes the situation when the front hard work constructively. This disciplinary decision, which was approved by the Diet, should improve executive discipline and finish obvious manifestations of competitive struggle to another report-election congress. "According views Ivashkevicha, this decision will strengthen and credibility in front of the opposition coalition:"Prior to the current chairman of the Party BPF Liavon Borshevsky our coalition allies will listen with great attention. Talk time, random or

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How to protect yourself?

Well, that is the right to work or education? Have not signed a contract with you or can not afford to study — all Tipo legitimate and impartially, and any of your rights. Or the right to rallies and meetings or the right to information. Not always and learned where it is, your right is violated, and where not. Or — the right to life. Here generally unblemished abstraction. Not enough that the death penalty, the very words filling the "right to life" is no different from, say, the right not to be sawn logs. And note that it is

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