Neighbors landscaped grave soldier

Local activists landscaped patriot grave, a former prisoner of the Kolyma camps, executed by the then USSR laws "anti-Soviet expressions and other offenses before the Russian authorities."Gorodok activist Leonid Gorovoj revealed that native Sharkovshchina Region Leonid Cossack in his Time was winner of athletic competition, and only in good health and physical conditioning have allowed him to endure the difficulties of imprisonment and hard labor in Kolyma year. After rehabilitation, he returned to his homeland, but not settled in his native Sharkovschina Luzhkov, and in the City.Love of sovereign Belarus Kazak carried through all his life. Met with his former

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Henryk Litwin: Poland — Belarus: pragmatic dialogue

Kalinowski‘Sire salting as you generally can describe the state of relations between Belarus and Poland in the political, economic and humanitarian fields? "Litvin"This is a situation which can be called as a pragmatic dialogue. Remain certain tasks that restrict the ability of very active contacts at all levels. This problem associated with communication as the EU and Belarus, as well as with bilateral relations. We still have not managed to solve all these problem, but once in both directions, as I believe, it is understood that as neighbors we have a certain duty to the societies of the future. And

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ROL: The Way of slavery

"Russia is interested in capturing" the Panama corridor "through the terrain of Belarus. We need highway, pipeline. Else — grass does not grow. This impartial, our enthusiasm, Russian imperial enthusiasm."Sergei Dorenko, "Free announcements plus", in April 2008. "Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "Here is the statement on the pages of the newspaper made the Belarusian recognizable Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko, whose presence in the political games was also seen. So, the geographical position of Belarus — the center of Europe — not only can be good, and bad for civilization?"Oleg Trusov: "Yes, as all roads lead to imperial slavery captive nations, beginning from

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Grodno on regional television no longer sounds the Belarusian language

TV and Radio Company "Grodno" currently manages Nicholas Melyachenko. He started as a reporter, doing sports events in the Belarusian language. I asked him what caused the transfer news release on the Russian language? Remains whether Byelorussian TV in general?Melyachenko"The Belarusian language will be leaving program that will talk about the Belarusians abroad. It will come out with a new season, every week."CorrespondentBut the latest example program is planned to start in September. Now any applets in the Belarusian language is not. What caused the transfer news release on the Russian language? Melyachenko"Well, this is such a widespread trend in

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Now tested for the Belarusian language

In This year DH prepared for new forms in Belarusian and Russian languages, any having his series and number. "It Cancel Counterfeit Protection" — director of the Institute BelTA quotes Nicholas control knowledge Feskova.In 2008 Testing will take place from 14 general subjects, said the executive secretary of the State Commission in overseeing the preparation and conduct of entrance examinations Valery Avsyannikav.During the exam, you can not use any means of storage, transmission and reception of disk imaging, records and by other students. Calculator can be used only for testing in physics and chemistry. For violating the rules of the

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Crosses were breaking open descendants punitive

The other day, a day or memory Protz "Dzyady" and the yearly procession to Kurapaty unknown attackers once again defiled crosses installed in Kurapaty Forest. On this occasion, an SMS message sovereign Ales: "Those who are now breaking open crosses victims of Stalinist repression — the descendants of punishers, who destroyed innocent people. You understand and treat accordingly." Continuing the theme of the subsequent call:Sir, Brest "We have no right to any person on his grave to write that he is cursed. Crest — a sign of Christianity. Sin those who did vandalism in Kurapaty. Himself God condemn vandalism crosses

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Belarusian-Russian affairs Reloaded

Gas in 2009 — for 200 bucks?Is not the most significant statements of the Russian ambassador was a message that from next year Belarus will have to pay about $ 200 for a thousand cubic meters of Russian gas, and in 2011 — more than 400 bucks. With all this government comes in the forecast budget for the following year from the price of 140 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. Where did the $ 200 figure, as it is due?Apparently, based on long salting agreement signed by "Gazprom" and the Government of Belarus in the last day of 2006.

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S.Nevar: constructions in Russia — a concentration camp for Belarusians

Young private builder Sergei Nevar of Krychaw gave a vow to myself never to go to work in Russia. He explains:

Ctavit there to us as working animals

"Obliged to do so. Indeed there treated us like working cattle. Operating day lasted from 8 am to 10 or 11 pm. Weekend was not. Oppress us more Chechens. Owners live in Moscow, and specific observers — Caucasians" .On the construction in Russia has only interlocutor negative Memoir:"I believe that it can be compared to a concentration camp for the Belarusians. When we tried to ask some questions about wages or working

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In Smolensk has 2 thousand Belarusians

"He himself from Minsk, he only Russian company. Somehow zyavitstsa here" — says Sergey. — Originally promised to 2500 dollars per month. First few months of pay usually normal, but later start fooling around, "- said the builder."On average, we earn 800 dollars per month. To Smolensk it is very great facilities. There and get their jobs so much. But how do they work? In the morning on the spot, after dinner — intoxicated ", — says Sergey.He adds: "There’s all Belarusians work illegally. Exclusively in one Smolensk them under two thousand. When you work illegally, you no rights. At

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Problem authorities — return of migrant workers home

According to the current state of development programs from Belarus until 2010, with the beginning of the millennium of the country once a year according to official agreements and contracts leaving almost 1.5% of the working population. So makarom, number of legal migrant workers exceeded 80 thousand every year. "Illegal immigrants" state program developers calculated as a residual: they believe that about 50 thousand Belarusians go abroad without notifying the authorities. Most of the practitioners agree on the fact that these many times more. This information suggest the tax authorities. Tax beating anxiety: about a million Belarusians splachvayuts taxes. And

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