Belarusian folk tales in the collection of 10 CD

"- Father, grandfather! Tell tale!— Oh, leave me alone small!— Well, my grandfather, well, tell the tale!— Ah, I’ll read to you, I do not remember!— Well, grandfather, grandfather … Tell!Well, then it will sit and grandfather pronounces that-then here is a "…So Oleg Khomenko Home Presentation "Belarusian folk fairy tales. "read fairy tales favorite folk group" Palace "Oleg Khomenko, radio broadcaster, writer Tamara Lysytska and artistic control group" Kalyhanka "only in Belarus Prof. narrator Belarusian folk tales Larissa Ryzhkov. If audioskazka get popularity, the series continue. A popular — guaranteed, says Tamara Lysytska, mother of two children:"Tales — scarce

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Belarusian Foreign Ministry responds to the decision of George W. Bush

Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov stated that this solution is not Belarusian authorities something new:"It is a continuation of the existing restrictive measures. The Belarusian side as previously believed that the continuation or intensification of sanctions — is not the best method of settlement of bilateral relations, and once again calls on the U.S. to equal and mutually respectful dialogue. "U.S. President George W. Bush announced the extension for another year santsyyav U.S. against 10 persons in the leadership of Belarus.10 sanctions against Belarusian officials were introduced in June 2006 and include "blocking property" of these persons under the jurisdiction

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Lukashenko returned the seized cars Lithuanian

"The Head of State has decided to return selected Belarusian customs cars-kempery "Fiat Ducato" and "Volvo XC-90", — quotes "Interfax" message Belarusian customs..The reason for withdrawal — outstanding customs formalities for the import avtakemperav in Belarus. The Lithuanian side more than a month to seek the return of expensive cars to their owners.

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Minsk hosted the International Conference Our shrines

It was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the founding of the church in Minsk Fahrni, the 225th anniversary of the creation of the Mogilev arhidyyatsezyi and the 210th anniversary of the diocese of Minsk. The forum was organized by the Catholic church in Belarus with the participation of the State Historical Archive and the Institute of Polish Culture in Minsk.

Foreword Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz Opening the forum, Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev Kondrusiewicznoted that at about three anniversaries in the history of the Catholic Church in Belarus are well aware of the Vatican:"When I was in the Vatican, it said

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Komsomol first were where destroyed temples

Consciousness, in which corrupt values … depraved mind seeks to describe the ideology of the Belarusian statehood.

The voice of the Church, which the president at one point referred to the main ideologue of Belarus must somehow put everything in its place.

In Kurapaty once had to build a chapel, and are now building "under the patronage of" head of state luxurious Memorial Church, where even the earth from all the fields of labor, which was attended by Belarusians svezut.

A close battle field — here it is, in Kurapaty. Land, watered with blood.

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All can be overcome evil only in his own soul

On days of Svetlana Aleksievich celebrates its own anniversary. She was born in the family of a serviceman. After demobilization he returned home his father, in Belarus. Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of BSU (1972). Here her books have become typical features of time — "War is not a woman’s face," "Last Witnesses", "Zinc boys", "Charmed death", "Chernobyl Prayer" …In Germany, France, the land of the rising sun, it is considered one of the more issued by foreign authors. Three years back the Aleksievich Svetlana took the lead litpremiyu USA. Total her books published in more than 20 countries,

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Belarusian elite lack the determination

Director of the school number 4 in Saligorsk Olga Senkova quit her job after, as before taking the final exam was expelled from school deputy chairman of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Ivan Shyla. SMS message from Timokha with Chaussy District: "Though what dictatorial regime is not interested in the education of their own people. And in this case it is very important is the role of the teacher, his conscience and social position. Teach kids can and beyond the classroom, and his example as didand director of pochetaemaya Saligorsk real teacher, conscientious and courageous man, worthy of respect. "Subsequent

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U.S. sanctions against Belarus would not be?

Salting of Belarus in the U.S. Misha Tails as before is in Minsk, said today at a briefing spokesman Belarusian Foreign Ministry, responding to questions of Liberty.Prince Popov stressed that Khvostov part Minsk "with the purpose of consultations across a range of Belarusian-American relations."As for other Belarusian diplomats in the United States and returned home, they said Popova, will be employed in the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.

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Belarusian regime fears grassroots activism

"The change of generations, or Belarusian differences in goals, values and strategy" — the theme of the conference organized in Warsaw Institute of Public space Public Policy Graduate School name Lazarskaga also Belarusian Institute for Strategic research and journal "Arche".Is the Belarusian youth barometram and motor change? What changes occur in the Belarusian society, who and what can accelerate them? Above these neuvvyazkami reflect several 10’s researchers and public figures from various countries of the world.Now participants ‘brainstorming’ considered the problem of fathers and kids in different dimensions: a generational change in the opposition, in the administrative system, in exile.Policies

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Either stay Belarusian engineering giants?

Belarusian industrial giants by almost 80% dependent on Russian consumers. But the global monetary crisis has complicated the export policy of plants that experienced a sharp decline in demand for its products in the East. In such a situation, the administration of the companies must do unpopular things, including reduced work week and reduce secondary staff not involved in the production process.Managers of large plants do not go to the contact with the press, because, as explained in the company’s press service, do not wish too much hype around neakreslenastsi economic prospects in the criteria of the financial crisis. But

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