Assesses how much independence Belarusian bureaucrat?

What are the social consequences of privatization will, which currently starts in Belarus? How will the population growth of social inequality? Can new oligarchs become a pillar of power? On these topics in the program "Prague accent" Valentin Akudovich reason philosopher, creator of the blog in the online edition Alexander Brechak and economist Alexander Chubrik. Drakakhrust"Over the last decade the system built in Belarus, was although not the most repressive states in the midst of the former Soviet Union, then certainly the most Russian and entourage, and social and economic nature. It is here that the greatest managed to

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New Viking invasion

From May 21 to July 5 in Belarus pass Those Days of Swedish culture, during which there are meetings with Swedish painters, musicians and writers in Minsk, Baranovichi Luninets and other Belarusian cities. Present multivalued culture mandelic Scandinavian country before their compatriots helps translator Dmitri Plax — Last Minsker, who currently lives in Sweden constantly. Michas Scoble"Dmitry, Those Days of Swedish culture in Belarus held for the seventh time. Not so long ago, online forums open a discussion topic tentatively entitled" Culture Wars, "and the magazine" Guerrilla "even intended topic particular room. How would you skharaktaryzavali against the Belarusian and

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Magnificent Katkovsky

With the word memory — Director Alexander Lukashuk Belorussian service. Uladike Katkovskaya as anyone approached the word "first" or "most".He was the youngest employee Belarusian Freedom — the first and most webmasters who took the radio to work specifically in this role. To settle in the editorial work only journalists — he became the first purely online staff. Freedom got back in 2004, unique webmaster. He first took up the Google search engine byelorussization, first, in addition to the highest awards of the Belarusian Internet community captured noble state order from Wikipedia. Vladik was at the forefront of the web

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Belarusian friendship in Vilnius — 20 years

Belarusian culture club "Syabryna" appeared in Vilnius at the end of May 1988 on the initiative of Lithuanian lover belarushchyny known in Lithuania Valdas Banaytsisa Esperanto and local young Belarusians coupled with the factand senior Belarusians who lived while in Vilnius — pairs figure nashenivskoy Zoska Veras, Belarusian gymnasium graduates Vilnius, Vilnius representatives of an old Belarusian intelligentsia.First manager and organizer of "friendship" Valentin Steh recalls that "Syabryna" would be registered in the previous year, if not interfered with the Belarusian KGB, funky names brothers Leon and Jyrki Lutskevich, sons Anton Lutskevich. And Lutskevich, and many other senior Belarusians —

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Native word life-giving power — Belarusian-in clinics

Famous Belarusian writers, actors, painters, and ordinary people often Belarusian-fall, so to speak, in a closed place — for example, to the clinic. How are they themselves feel? And how are these people doctors, nurses, orderlies, roommate?So at this point in the clinics were national poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin and writer Vladimir Orlov. Sovereign Orlov just returned from London — and immediately to the cardiac center: first in the intensive care unit, and later on the operating table. Currently on the mend:

Vladimir Orlov"I wish to express my gratitude medic Ira Velskay. Thanks to her, I very quickly was

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Objectives of Lithuanian businessmen in Belarus

A few weeks no explanation Belarusian authorities regarding confiscation of expensive cars, and a few months — on the conclusion of the control of the Association of Lithuanian customs intermediaries al’vidas Jablonskis contained in the bullpen since January "for the pre-trial investigation."Two minibuses from Lithuania of the first of May at the Minsk exhibition "Minsk motorcycle show," were removed after the exhibition in Lithuanian businessman Algimantas Lukashavichusa controlling association kemperav Lithuania.Nor the documents and legislative acts on which the confiscation occurred, the Belarusian side hitherto not represented. Vice-Minister of Economy of Lithuania Vytautas Nauduzas said this at the end of

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Literary Evening Sweden — Belarus

On the literary evening came a few 10’s of people. Among them Managing diplomatic mission of the Swedish Embassy in Belarus Stefan Eriksson, writer Olga Ipatova, philosopher Valentin Akudovich, Swedish writer Power Mindn salt Drip, Ida Berel, Polish translator and French into Swedish Andesh Budegord and others. Party led Victor Shalkevich. The event took place in a nontraditional form, when poets and writers read excerpts of his own works, and to conduct quizzes and humorous songs together. First on the scene singing Stefan Eriksson.Later invited to the scene of the poet Vladimir Neklyaeva. He, together with Ambassador sang in Swedish.

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Why Alehno failed to end?

During a teleconference with Belgrade organized the first public television station, the singer said that he was not shameful for his performance.The other day visit to Belgrade face Ruslan was given a lot of attention, and the chances of success were assessed as very highest. The same mood was soaked most of expressions and during a teleconference with Belgrade as part talk show "Your Move." General outlook boiled down to the fact that the representative of Belarus failed to appreciate the tribute way and in the end have been artists who conceded Ruslana in the classroom.Singers — many, but not

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Defendants began to sing Belarusian revolutionary anthem …

"Russian Belarus" in 1928 verdict on prints Belarusian Hulk in Poland: "From the number of accused former deputies Gromada Taraszkiewicz Cancer Michael’s, Voloshin and Broom was sentenced to 12 years in prison each. Sekratar Gromada Bursevich and legal counsel Akinchits sentenced to 8 years hard labor every … 19 defendants, including Lutskevich, Ostrovsky and Bucket, acquitted. After the announcement of the judgment, someone in the audience threw flowers accused. Defendants began to sing Belarusian revolutionary anthem "Since the dawn we slept.""Fatherland" in 1948 reported: "The festive meeting of the Jewish National Rada praklyamavanae new Jewish government of Israel … By

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Lithuanian Prime Minister Belarusian Freedom

Sovereign Kirkilas during their own visits Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe spent half an hour in the Belarusian service and answered questions from the "Freedom":Shupe: What do you like to have a Lithuanian Belarus?Kirkilas: Belarus — our neighbor, I myself do not just have to be there. This historically we are very peace-loving government, Lithuania never had any dispute with Belarus. And Lithuania is now very worried about Belarus and its future, with the overall situation, and we help we can. We not only have a common majestic history, we have many common cultural figures of Belarus itself, there

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