Accounting will be Belarusian?

Editor of "Our word" Stanislav Sudnik says that the Belarusian Language Society came the reply from the Ministry of Belarus money. Letter is so important that it is completely printed in the most fresh issue of "Ourhis wordsa. "The essence of the answer in the following:"The Ministry is ready to print any money bugaltarskiya forms on whiteRussian language. Only book — and will be for you Belarusian forms. Now the computer equipment. No huge problems. Pererablotali layout, three seconds is all done.I personally have long been working with all the documents in the Belarusian language. The bank saw only a

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Sentences for calls for closer ties with the EU cause shock

Head of diplomatic missions of France, which is presently EU presidency, told the press service "Junior Front"Expressed deep regret over the sentences handed Dmitry Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich and Nikolai Statkevich for his role in the rally on May 1.Mireille Musso recalled that freedom of assembly and expression — the fundamental rights of every citizen of the country. "We call Belarusian authorities respect those rights under the responsibility assumed by Belarus, which is a member of the UN and the OSCE, "- she said. "Judgments are based on calls of peaceful demonstrators to move closer to the European Union, while Belarusian

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The country is thriving, and the opposition reach sanctions …

Belarusian village life, the current mood of rural inhabitants — the theme of many letters, especially — from those of our listeners who live in regions that are working or have worked in the local collective and every day faced with the usual rural neuvvyazkami.On one of these messages and start the current conversation. We wrote each davneshny "Liberty" Paul Satz Village of cankers Malorita district: "If the elections were held at the moment, I think, most of the rural elderly would have supported the government does not — to such an extent, many oppose it. As for merchants, it

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Jonathan Moore visited administration

"Meeting people to discuss U.S. policy and interests are the responsibility of the embassy," — commented on the negotiations in the embassy ustrymavshysya of followup comments. Who met the emperor directly Moore — also not yet been reported.At the U.S. Embassy in Minsk at the moment is only 4 of 32 diplomats who were first year. After the enforced reduction in embassy staff Jonathan Moore said that the position of the U.S. Government against Belarus not changed: Vashynton insists on release of all political prisoners in Belarus.On last week United States expanded sanctions against companies in the "Belneftekhim". May 19

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Ira Katkovskaya: Experience in education — feral

Vladimir Katkovsky — one of the founders of the Belarusian Wikipedia, created websites and In honor of son Ira and Leonid Katkovskaya organized a special bonus to celebrate the best web projects. According to I. Katkovskaya knows that the first would be disturbed at the moment of her son. This — the situation with school education.UlitenokIra, you seem to have Russian nationality?KatkovskayaYes, from the family of a serviceman.UlitenokWhence then the Belarusian language you understand? Trained somewhere in Minsk, Mogilev, Gomel — where?KatkovskayaRodney military not allowed to teach the state language. I enjoyed that opportunity — as was small,

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M.Osipenko: harm from U.S. sanctions Insignificance

"Since the sanctions were applied from 14 November last year in one way or another power against companies "Belneftekhim" was carried out some work on the conversion calculations on other currencies. And recent actions regarding the decision of the Ministry of money the U.S. our 3-enterprises, in our opinion, will not do any harm to the work of Lida "Lakokraska" Belarusian Oil Trading House and "Polotsk-Fiberglass". Products that these companies produce redirected to other markets. Assess damage because it is not probable, because in my eyes, it is completely de minimis. " Sovereign Osipenko did not comment the statement of

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Now in Minsk will present evraslovnik

Dvatstsatsivasmimovny evraslovnik — this edition is unique not only in Russian, but also in the world leksykagrafii. It was coined and the philologist and translator Lavon Barshcheuski. To This time the world’s most multilingual dictionary was syamnatstsatsimovny. So that such a publication nowhere else, and that Belarusians astonished Europe, libraries States that already received Belarusian evraslovnik. One list of languages in it his editor and publisher Vladimir Sivchikovym out of breath. Initially served in the dictionary Belarusian, then Latin — as traditional, which grew many modern European languages. And then?"And then — in alphabetical order — says Sivchikov. — British,

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Fighting for Yaytsekvadraty lasts

Almost two years to continue the proceedings in the case of borrowing MTS artistic and conceptual design Belarusian creators Ales Ryazanov and Victor Markivtsi "Yaytsekvadraty." Not so long ago, experts of the State Mental Conditioning Center announced the results of the work they have expertise. What ended the dispute with the creators of entrepreneurs? About this in the "Free Studio" Michas Scoble discusses co-author of "Yaytsekvadraty" Victor Markavtsom and art historian Tatiana Gorski.Michas Scoble"Gentlemen, the last hearing in the case took place in the center of the State Council Appeals mental toiletries May 3. Which was the final verdict?"Tatiana Garanskaya"Appeal

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Repressed in the middle of the Stalin era natives of Belarus — many thousands of Poles and only a few Russians. Why? Is it for the past history of Poland on our lands resettled more people than from Russia? No. It is clear that in the nineteenth century came to Belarus hundreds of thousands of Russian people that have filled all the newly created local power structure, economy, education and the church. Specifically, in the 19th century in Belarus was established that balance amount Belarusians, Poles and Russians, who in general remained a day or before. And if you really

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Rollback diplomats — valuable for our system people

Ministry spokesman Foreign Affairs Andrei Popov replied: "She left the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Because worry about their fate is not necessary. They — our system valuable for people. And they will certainly get a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . "Pressure Belarusian authorities on the South American embassy began two months back, when in response to U.S. economic sanctions against "Belneftekhim" concern Belarusian authorities claimed departure Ambassador Karen Stewart. Sanctions U.S. sought the release all Belarusian political prisoners. In the process of escalation Belarusian Foreign Ministry claimed that the U.S. reduce its own embassy

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