Why politicians do not protect historical heritage?

About two hundred invaluable testimony Belarusian history irretrievably lost or rebuilt beyond recognition. Why politically active part of society does not consider protection starasvetchyny own priority? Why in the midst of political slogans no opposition calls to protect the historic heritage, which currently consume an epidemic in different regions of Belarus? Historian, one of the favorites of the Belarusian Social-Democracy Alexey Lord believes that a prerequisite to — usually a passive attitude of Belarusians to the dilemma:

"Policy on the settlement of historical monuments and was, in fact, remained at the moment. Little break came in" binge "kebichavskay democracy,

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Move and fear

The Emperor Alexander to go to Russia is almost 10 years. It states that all drivers dread transport police:"They inspect the operation, documents can check, looking, you’re loaded or not … But the main thing — operation. Currently in Germany, looking to the driver slept and rested. And in Russia — who slumbers rest? There drove and drove. " Alexander works in the Russian company and ride on wagons with Russian numbers:"We will not stop a lot. How goes Belarusian or Lithuanian or Polish — so immediately stopped," Well, come here. "They drive and fear, because they constantly stir up

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U.S. left the door open for Belarus

Sponsors of the House of Representatives resolution number 5970 Congressmen Christopher Smith, Elsie Geystings Ted Makkoter, James McGovern, Frank Palan, Mike McIntyre, and several other U.S. lawmakers.This event in an interview with "Voice of America" comments Orest Deychakiwsky, Senior Expert of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, which is also called "Helsinki Commission" USA.Correspondent: Sp.Deychakivski whether the act in question on democracy in Belarus as a kind of reaction to the recent aggravation of diplomatic relations between Minsk and Washington?Deychakiwsky: Made of days Act is a modified version of the first Act on democracy in Belarus. It should

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El Pais: FARC tried to purchase a weapon in Belarus

"President Chavez led a discussion with the Belarusian authorities on the ability of an instrument to send the rebels," — said on Saturday the Spanish newspaper "El País".The computer killed in March 1st of the rebel Raul Reyes favorites preserved electric letter Ivan Marquez, manager of the rebel movement, dated February 8 2008. The newspaper quoted partly coded letter:"Belarusian friend invited him to process the packet by a dark market, in order to avoid problems. 17th of this month in Caracas arrive highest representative of the other, to clarify the list. Angel asked us to be, in order to personally

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Salting Zeev Ben-Arie: Vasil Bykov — the world’s greatest writer

Karatkevich: "I congratulate you on municipal prazdnichkom. With your homeland someone is hurt during the second World War?"Arie: "In 1-x, I welcome listeners" Radio Liberty "- spiritual elite of the Belarusian people. Very sorry that I can not talk freely free Belarusian language. Greetings I’m glad you, thank you so much. With my family, no one was hurt, my ancestors were academic staff were evacuated to Central Asia. And the family worked there until the victory over Nazism. "Karatkevich: "You do not mind, that" Radio Liberty "asking questions Belarusian?"Arie: "With pleasure"Karatkevich: "60 years ago, was created by the Government of

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Hockey: Belarusians overboard sacred Eight

Passions rage in Ice Palace Pepsi Colisee, where are qualifiers for reaching the quarterfinals.For the Belarusian Teams can now be considered complete. After losing in shootouts Czechs subordinates Kurt Fraser with 2 credit points have any scenario will not enter into the holy eight, which will continue its performance further. Seemingly remained a formality — spend the final sustrechu12 May with the Danes. True, the game itself for itself very principled with viewpoint Olympic prospects. In the current ranking of the International Ice Hockey Federation Belarusians hold until the 9th place, which gives the right roles without qualifying tournament for

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Gomel opposition activists were separate column

First, there was the official ceremony of laying wreaths at the role of local control, a three-time fireworks and festive march guards, cadets engineering institute of MES and internal troops. Only whereupon representatives of the UCP, PKB, of the movement "For Freedom", the Workers’ Party, the Belarusian Christian Democracy steel column to lay the monument to soldiers-liberators wreaths and flowers are alive.Says the chairman of the regional branch of the UCP Vasily Polyakov:"Usually this place in Gomel linked congratulations.’s Going on days of celebration of Victory’s other principle dates. Because representatives of the democratic forces, and came here to honor

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Hockey: Belarusians nowhere to retreat

Perhaps the most severe difference games in Halifax and Quebec from other top tournaments such rank will then that there just in the course of changing values. Hardly anyone could have imagined that the world s favorite beginning of the XXI century — Slovakia — will fight for survival in the company with the Slovenes and the Swiss team in Quebec almost considered a top contender for one of the sets of medals, although their home encounter against qualifying round Czech team has shown — the team of Ralph Krueger also not steel.Until the middle of searchers Awards 72nd chempiyanatau

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Old Minsk ruins in the Swiss style

The nearest time by Komsomolskaya 15 times housed shop "Swiss watch", whose original design was remembered many Minskers. But the building is notable for the fact that under his roof housed shops recognizable Belarusian painters and art critics — Leon furrow, Victor Shmatova, Kreydika Igor, Sergei Davidovicha.

What is happening in Minsk, completely contrary to the law From another monument of architecture of XIX century in the center of Minsk soon left alone memoirs. Roof over the house no longer exists, a side wall builders just now finished ship on dump. Two front floor, which survived even the title

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Who prevents the House of Representatives to introduce Belarusian card?

Now in Europe celebrate Victory day. In 1945, May 8 was signed the capitulation of Germany in the second World War I. We got a call:Man: "Stalinist repression in the main carried out before the war. Winning the war Stalin assist America and Britain. Stalin was sitting between Roosevelt and Churchill as a hero, Generalissimo! After the war passed in ’63. And now remember how many people were killed by Stalin’s repressions, including in Kurapaty. Why so late clarification came brains? Hitler came to liberate people from the Russian Stalinist yoke of despotism. A West supported despotic tyrant. So biting

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