EU Commissioner disappointed steps Belarusian authorities

Mrs. Waldner expressed concern about continuing politically targeted arrests and prosecution of strong civilian society in Belarus. She notices that Belarusians BNR anniversary celebration followed by cruel oppression of peaceful demonstrators and blatant attempts to attack the media-independent from the government, which was appreciated in Europe."This action was deeply disappointed, because in the near future, almost to This time, we beheld some positive signals associated with release of 5 of 6 prisoners universally recognized international political society, withdrawal of charges against the address of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, also tough intention of Belarus to invite a group of long-term observers

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Belarus advanced to the second round of the World Hockey Championship

May 3 Belarus lost Sweden — 5:6 5th — Switzerland — 1:2. First place in the group "A" won the Swiss, who defeated the Swedes May 7 — 4:2 (2:1, 0:0, 2:1). Final position: Switzerland — 9 points (difference washers 10-4), Sweden — 6 (17-9), Belarus — 3 (9-9), France — 0 (2-16). In the second step the Belarusian team will perform in the "E", which included the three best teams of groups "A" and "D". Since Belarusians lost in the first round of the Swedes and the Swiss, they will struggle without glasses. Starting Position: Switzerland — 6 points

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V.Landsbergis: Our homeland — a country that does not make treaties

Correspondent: Sovereign Vytautas what issues you discussed today in Brussels?Landsbergis: We discussed the resolution on the likely consequences of building a gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea, as the situation in Georgia. In the end we had a day or Vice Prime Minister of Georgia, who called to warn the possibility of military action against the backdrop of today’s escalation of the conflict on the part of Russia.CorrespondentHow influential position of Lithuania, satellite or she?

LandsbergisLithuania has an impact, as it holds its line of impressive and turn on as it listened. From time to time listen.CorrespondentWhen I said that

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In the House of Writers Maria Martysevich Dmitry Vishnev Anna Kislitsyna

LITPRATSESDMITRY cherry "publishing" Goliath "ABOVE FOR POLITICAL GAMES"April 29 in Minsk bolshennom Hall writers took a broad presentation of the new non-state publishing house "Goliaths". Its creators — two young poets, several former members of the informal literary groups and Misha Bashura Dmitry cherries. With one of them, who became director of a new publishing house, our correspondent met a Valentine Aksak.Valentine Aksak: "Presentation" Goliath "astounded everyone and everyone, because let’s just talk about the surprise. Personalities begin with. First 1990s you were in the literary and artistic movement" Boom-Bam-Lit ", were later employee Writers’ House, then — non-state employee

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Belarus became a lawyer in Europe

On second place came the Social Democrats — 26 seats. 16 mandates — the Party of the folk revival. Party of former country manager Rolandas Paksas will have 15 seats in the Sejm. Labor Party multimillionaire Russian origin Victor Vspaskih produced 10 seats. 11 has going liberals, another 8-liberal centrists. Consulates of other parties in the Diet will be the smallest.Lithuania will change policy towards Belarus? In the Lithuanian Seimas, which composes their capabilities, there were two groups for relations with Belarus. One headed Belarusian Vaclav Stankevich, second — Race Yuknavichene. Ms. Yuknavichene, re-elected member of parliament — a member

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Hockey: French loaf for Belarusians

More several days reversed when the Belarusians almost removed his cap Swedes — the first in the world ranking IIHF, it seemed that the problems in the Belarusian national team in the qualifying round exit at will. Especially after strengthening their redoubts NHLovtsy. But losing shveytsartsam — 1:2 — set before Kurt Fraser and his team uneasy task force "Paris Commune". In general, it will be easier to make after, Swedes recently have left no stone unturned in the French national team, beating her 9-0 nadlamivshy and psychologically.The day before the start of the game the French journalists conducted reconnaissance

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Disappointing that the U.S. ultimatum obediently obeyed Minsk …

In his letters in these first days of May, students of Liberty vorachivayutsya to more distinctive events near future — a new aggravation of the Belarusian-American diplomatic, conflict, and political statements by President Lukashenko in nedavneshnem message, announced in the House of Representatives. Let me remind you: May 3 under pressure Minsk Belarusian authorities were obliged to leave another 11 American diplomats. So Makar, the U.S. Embassy in Belarus instead of 35 former diplomats were only four. About the likely prospect of complete closure of the South American embassy — a letter from our listeners Ales Kalchytskaga from Minsk. He

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Valentin Taras

Taras writer Valentin was born in 1930 in Minsk in the artist’s family. During the war of thirteen little boy went to the partisans. After the war, graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of BSU. From 1955 to 1962 he worked in the newspaper "The Star", from 1964 to 1967 — prose editor of the magazine "Neman" from August 1968 — on "free bread."

 Member of the Union of Belarusian Writers and the Belarusian PEN Center. Created books of poetry ("Two notebooks"," Position "," colors ", etc.)., Prose ("Parting fires, "" A Tribute to time "), memories (" The

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It turns out that our products are unwilling

October 30 marks the 20th anniversary of the first mass action to the memory of days Protz "Dzyady." Today’s march to "Dzyady" BNF suggests starting with places of historical action — Eastern cemetery in Minsk, and the Conservative Christian Party BPF — from the usual gathering place — near the site of the Minsk watch factory. Comments listeners:Lyudmila, Minsk: "Approaching Dzyady. This year they organize two parties. Heard in calls to radio sounded proposals noted Dzyady together. Unfortunately, the leaders of the CCP BPF on joint activities do not give any word Vyachorka nor Barshcheuski nor anyone else from the

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The EU has so impoverished that he wants to cash in on visas?

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. Telephone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-375 293-91-22-24.Many current calls devoted to exacerbate Belarus-US relations. Man: "Here’s some Yankees said that their country will not compromise with Belarus. Ono and not surprisingly. They decide all questions from a position of strength. Their delusions of grandeur, they can only country bombard yes sanctions administered. Wonder one of your listener compared America tiger. A tiger has never been a Democrat. He predator. "Sovereign Borisov: "I was hooked

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