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Or add Belarusians zeal Troopers from the NHL?

A day or two backwards in their own first team match Belarus last minute time lost with a score of 5:6 Swedes. As the game progresses Belarusians won twice. Is there a chance for a successful performance of pupils South American coach Curt Fraser? To this question in the material Igor Korneya meet sports spices.A.Varyvonchyk "No points — nothing to read"Sports observers predict not the most difficult path Belarus team in the group, where, apart from the Belarusians still play Team Sweden, Switzerland and France. The optimism is based on the first meeting with the Swedes, when students head coach

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Will the monument in the capital Minsk Gleb?

Society Chairman whiteRussian language Oleg Trusov states that the first should be noted figures of the Middle Ages: "For example, in Minsk — Minsk certainly Gleb. This monument is needed without question. This prince, who founded his dynasty, which began to build the first stone church. Especially since his ancestor Vseslav Sorcerer already in Polotsk monument stands. Naturally, you need to Lev Sapieha have a monument. Authorities have promised Slonim This year put such a monument. So check out their promises. And we will impose that the monument would be.Well, the figures of the XX century too many outstanding people.

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Casey: false accusations of espionage

Casey said the Emperor, "The Belarusian government own fears its own people. They are afraid of us and all those who are willing to speak in support of democracy. " According to the State Department, the Belarusian authorities "again and again confirm this by their actions, let it be reducing our staff or these absurd accusations."Tom Casey said that "the Belarusian authorities to find any excuse to try to divert attention from what is the real problem." Recall that in the first analytical programmke Belarusian TV channel on May 4 chief of the center disk imaging and public relations KGB

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Which of the majestic monument is to put the Belarusians?

Man: "We have no Grodno 1st monument Belarusians from Duke Vytautas and ending with Constantine Kalinovsky. So all they need to put, they are worthy."

Vasil Bykov necessary, since he wrote a truly noteworthy books about war

Man: "Bogdanovich, Colas, Kupala — it’s majestic writers." Reporter: "What do you think?" His wife: "Vasil Bykov necessary, as he wrote a truly noteworthy books about the war, and most importantly — true. And you know, you need to film Suvorov monuments and streets named after him changed. Already we opened the eyes of a little out who he was for our

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In Vitebsk, the premiere of the movie Hell Raychonok

Most of them know how Mrs. Raychonok local Democratic activist who founded an art gallery in Hiermanavičy Sharkovshchina area and has almost 18 years in a row organizes open-air role and zabugornyh Belarusian painters.As an actress, many saw Hell Raychonok the first time, meanwhile heroine herself tape revealed that once wanted to act in films, and this his dream fulfilled filmmaker Vladimir Kolos.Introducing the film, Vladimir Kolos stressed that such figures as Ada Raychonok, there is definitely unique. And because the tape expressed enthusiasm for the company over 10 European countries. Neighbors of the Vitebsk region also discussed hot seen,

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D.Merkel: we are not going to compromise on sanctions

About the expulsion of 10 American diplomats in Minsk until Washington expressed only orally. But U.S. Undersecretary of State David Merkel, responsible for the affairs of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, believes that Washington might have something to add to those sanctions that have already been introduced in Belarus due to the massive human rights violations.Radio LibertyUnited States complied with the Belarusian authorities, and 10 American diplomats left Belarus. Washington Can I make some further steps in response to this exile?Merkel: I think the State Department spokesman Tom Casey has brought clarity on this matter. He said that this action was

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Web Belarus to put the legislative framework

This was during the opening of the special exhibition in Minsk, "Mass Media in Belarus" and the minister had read disk imaging Vladimir Rusakievich, municipal leaders and news agencies.As Minister Vladimir Rusakievich disk imaging, the ministry is working on the improvement of the law "On the press and other media." Prior to this agency is going to streamline the Belarusian sector of the web. Latest version of the law has to legally regulate the activity of online media. Be determined whether the independent media online version publications.As noted Rusakievich, it’s time to figure out how much public Internet resources in

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Hockey: The Russians won by Katusha

Although the sun peeked through the window Russian team, which overtayme musical accompaniment famous "Katyusha" was able to overcome the Czech team — 5:4. In general, the extra time in the meeting on the arm of the Belarusian national team and its countless fans. Subordinates Kurt Fraser, who days later play with shveytsartsami, in the event of the next step of the tournament have a good opportunity to keep up with the group winners "D", for which the match will be designated "gross" Draw and get enough points to break even further — 1 8 finish.Yesterday at the headquarters of

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T.Keysi about vydvarenne diplomats: unreasonable and unjustified action

"It is unreasonable and unjustified action. This is done Only as a result of U.S. support for activists fighting for democracy and human rights in Belarus. It is a pity, because, in truth, the main result of this will be forthcoming and the isolation of Belarus Belarus removal from the goals that she voiced — contacts and full role in the international community. "Tom Casey said the United States will fulfill the requirement Belarusian authorities that within 72 hours 10 American diplomats declared non grata persons have to leave the area of Belarus. According to State Department spokesman, U.S. consider

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I do not belong to a denomination or religion, and the Church

Interested in issues of religious freedom, freedom of conscience, inter-Christian dialogue, believing Belorussian Orthodox Church The capital of patriarchy, that has own view of the world, history, politics. Accordingly quote from Natalka: … The church was completely voiceless in the Russian era, and read lips new martyrs of the faith of Christ and devotion to the Holy Church, read their blood and suffering, but on the other side of the mouth of the official hierarchy touted Russian regime and Russian Alliance. Absolute surprise was that the Message of the Synod of the BOC to the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism

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