Guests from Moscow was detained whole day

Someone on A.Razhkovskaya this week 1948 writes in "Lima" about South American literature: "Entering the first such plan" special "decadent writer as William Faulkner with his" novels of despair "- also an indication of the ideological collapse of American literature. Faulkner In books densely mixed physiology naturalism with the hopeless magic. before us — a world of murderers and degenerates, executioners and their victims … Pathology — the norm in Faulkner. ""Belarus" in April 1968 published his prayer vysokapraasvyashchenstva Bishop Basil, read in the Senate on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the independence of Belarus: "We pray now,

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Blondie — mom son Lukashenko?

The report states: "Many sent note that the landfill is Alexander Lukashenko took a 5-year-old son Nicholas. "Offspring, noted TV journalists, and also in uniform, embroidered emblems on the shoulder straps of the Belarusian army, as her father-in-Chief. "Nearby was a pretty lady in the rank of lieutenant. Journalists always wondered mom is not the offspring of the president?" — So the question telecast ended. Look VIDEO

Incidentally, reports on exercises shown on Belarusian television yesterday and ONT shots with his son Nicholas disappeared. Tags:, Lukashenko

Charhinest: first — is to establish contacts

"President Lukashenko said in his own message of desire Belarusian side ennoble deal with the U.S. on all fronts. The U.S. decision to close the embassy does not serve to improve relations. I think it still calm down, U.S. leaders, not at the moment it can after the elections. And will take the usual construction relations between With 2 countries. U.S. and Belarus are among the founders of the United Nations, stood together on the same front line in the fight against fascism. And they have much in common that might be a good base for the establishment of normal

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V.Silitsky: Hugo Chavez envy Lukashenko

These questions are answered political analyst Vitaly Silitski.Tsigankov: "The next step of the Belarusian side — I can find it in the graduation of international relations How it unprecedented? What could be more — not break diplomatic relations?"

Will not rupture because it does not currently interested USA

Silitski: "Rip will not, because this is not currently interested in the United States. They demonstrate that I wish that the embassy in Minsk remained. All thought that now, after the expected decision of the Belarusian authorities, the United States closed its embassy in Minsk, but this is not Timeout. Regarding graduation

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Most writers need a full union

"Dzyannitsa" in the 1918 report of Belarus: "People Sekretaryyat Belarusian People’s Republic adopted a resolution on white apaveshchenniRussian language gasudarstvenym and of mandatory language of the Republic. National minorities in Belarus can korystatstsa own language in communicating ofitsyalnyh of government agencies. All acts, documents and correspondence of government agencies must be written gasudarstvenym Belarusian language . "Pages with "Lima" in 1958 Belarusian ballet soloist Alya Karzyankova urges: "How fascinating coeval — Belarusian women have to meet every day. This young builders, engineers, agronomists, doctors, teachers, foremen fields. And very sorry that these people No more middle of the heroines of

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Case A.Kozulin make out in the UN

"The complaint is accepted and registered under the number 1773 for 2008. Soon the text to other documents will be directed to the Government of Belarus, and within 6 months there have to answer. Then there will be consideration of a complaint with the UN Committee on Human Rights. Do not rule out that the Belarusian Parties did not respond to the UN, but it does not affect the outcome: the case to the UN Kozulin receive international tribune "- told Igor Rinkevich. Recall question the complaint against the verdict Alexander Kozulin imposed by the Metropolitan Tribunal Minsk According to

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Beetles — Goliaths 4 books from afar

Very interested in publishing a new title — "Goliaths". Because even before the presentation climbed to the dictionary. On the porch of the House of Writers met the founder of the publishing house, the famous writer and artist Dmitry Cherry.Reporter: "I calculated at least four meanings of the word" Goliath ": there and German self-propelled mine, and the turtle, and fighter, and even humanoid robot. But in your case, what is it? "Cherry: "Encyclopedia gives" Goliath "and" Goliath. "It has different meanings. But we have identified that this African beetles, 5 large African beetles. We have a lot of" greenish

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Otmuchalis need this five-year period

First deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk, Vyachorka

Vintsuk Vyachorka"Is announced the return to business as usual, no economic and political thaw will not draw a line under construction Mussolini’s corporate country with 4 pillars: youth. Female, union organization, and the last column or count — Snow White Russia. Wonder he is not so little attention gave her. " Political analyst AndreiFedorov : "This rhetoric — a repetition of what was before, nothing new. Only thing that I have not felt the conviction in his words. Again, nothing new we have not heard. In my opinion, this

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Dear friends! We appreciate your solidarity and promise in the future to support at least some web site blocked by a similar attack. Thank you to everyone who supported freedom. Champagne for us! According to the preparatory, still incomplete disk imaging Freedom supported 10s websites that reprint our messages:Charter’97 http://www.charter97.orgNasha Niva http://www.nn.byBelarusian Announcements newspaper "Solidarity" http://www.gazetaby.comChannel Belsat http://www.belsat.euEuropean Radio Belarus (Http:// BAJ http://www.baj.bywebsite A.Milinkevich http://by.milinkevich.orghttp://www.bulletinonline.orghttp://telegraf.by UCP http://www.ucpb.orgNewspaper "Narodnaya Volya"Http://nv-online.infoWebsite BPF http://www.pbnf.orgWebsite human rights center Vesna http://www.spring96.orgWeb site of the newspaper "The Chase""Spear" — the site of the Grodno Junior Front Junior Front http://www.mfront.netWebsite Belarusian Christian Democracy http://bchd.infoWebsite

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Operation Freedom

More April 25 technical service website "Charter 97" fixed half-hour DDoS-attack (Distributed Denial of Service) with the introduction of a petty amount of IPs. Managed to repel the attack, but as a responsibility of the Chief Editor Radina, the morning of the 26th of the website was blocked. Earned them only the 27th:"I like to attack shows that the Belarusian authorities continue to block free disk imaging on the Web. This happens during the protests, election campaigns. But This time, curiously, did not work out the blocking level resource "Beltelekom" and was DDoS-attack. This indicates that the Belarusian authorities use

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