The incident with the Youth Union in court ran all borders

SousAlexander, what day the court was the grave?Streltsov: Perhaps the first. It was a very bad memory, when the referee began to read the names and surname with an expression that seemed to have caught the biggest criminals, all recognizable, they say — that they eventually face the tribunal …In the third day of the court was one ugly moment — there was a skirmish between these of whether BRYU how they call themselves, future lawyers — these future lawyers did not hassle if, then so very ugly incident, clung to the girls and men Hall, including the defendants were

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Professor of Oncology Ants uses only the Belarusian language

"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" in "Sergeant educated slave incandescent iron" knows about hazing in the Belarusian army. Culprit izymatelstvah to 3 years imprisonment. The article "In the courtyard car knocked down 4-year-old kid" — the disastrous consequences of speeding. The driver knocked the boy at a speed of 40 km per hour. Everyone say not to speed, crash could avoided. Newspaper "Narodnaya Volya"Prints an interview with the only Belarusian-oncology doctor patamarfolyagam Murav’ev. According to the views of Dr. Muraveva, after 13 years will be released on healing cancer qualitatively new level. Cancer Research Dr. ordained life. Currently it — 70.

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PACE expects Belarus to respect freedom of speech

Citing gross acts against journalists on Freedom day, also massive attack on the KGB-independent media disk imaging March 27, Mr. McIntosh urges Belarusian authorities return journalists seized from their equipment. to investigate abuses and claim from law enforcement authorities to respect the fundamental right to freedom of expression of each Belarusians, especially journalists.In a democratic country, the statement said, there is no place for such statements as municipal propaganda, lack of media freedom and freedom of oppression submission. "Respect for freedom of expression must be necessary prerequisite for at least some change relations between Belarusian government and PACE. Apart from

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Ballad song: prosperity or crisis?

"With the parent disk" — under such title was released a new song album Bard Ales Kamotskii. It consists of a Russian time of favorite songs, and performed perastvoranyh Belarusian. "The Raven", "old maple", "Lonely accordion" and Belarusian sound can cause cognitive and nostalgic feelings davneshnih times. Why handy old Russian songs in modern Belarus — this recognizable artist told in "Free studio.""We lived in an atmosphere where Russian songs sway, they have deep in the subconscious, and from there you can not throw"Michas Scoble"Alexander, first congratulations on the new album. I understand that the creator should always be sudden

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Kudinov: I do not believe in capital amnesty in Belarusian

Belarus amid the global financial crisis should be very use leverage municipal regulation of the economy — noted Alexander Lukashenko. For a few days earlier the chairman of the National Bank Piotr Prokopovich said that in accordance with the decision of the municipal individuals, including non-residents will be able to organize deposits in Belarusian banks not only in unlimited amounts, and without the income statement in full compliance with furtive contributions .Past Director of the Belarusian Stock Exchange, the former head of the commercial bank "European" Valery Radial currently engaged in business in Poland, where several years ago he was

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Chernobyl Today in the European Parliament

Parliamentary hearings initiated a group of deputies of the European People’s Party. Individually to their organization led paryamentar Lyme Andrikienė.She helped a Euro Humanities Institute in Lithuania, promotes the initiative of Dr. Bandazhewski in the development of the Centre and to be independent of environmental eskpertyzy dasledinav.The hearings were the role of parliament in the relations with Belarus and its manager Jacek Protasevich, representatives of the European Commission.During the hearing were Dr. Yuri Bandazheuskiand Academician Ivan Nikitchenko and other representatives of the Belarusian delegation.Following the hearings was pleased declaration. It gives a political assessment of the Chernobyl disaster, as sin

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Street name appeared on T.Klyashtornaga birthplace of the poet

By the 105th anniversary of the poet and translator of the repressed in one of 15 recently built family houses there is now a plaque in honor of the famous countryman.According to biographical information, Todor Klyashtorny born in the village Porechye Lepel district. At the moment it is quite tiny settlement, and because local authorities considered more appropriate to honor the memory of the writer, named in his honor in the street near agro Stone.In general, a few stone years ago was created a small museum memarylny Todor Klyashtorny local House of Culture. Middle of the exhibits are gifts relatives

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Belarus was released from the steel cell in Moscow

They try to detain an activist with the Belarusian Diaspora, and we are trying to protect

Just just as the Minsk riot police drove people from the building of the Central district court of Minsk, where the process of 14 in Moscow at the Embassy of Belarus in the street Maroseika solidarity activists staged just made the initiative "Solidarity with Belarus". It included activists of youth organizations, "Defence", "Change", and other democratic organizations, representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in Moscow. According to the activist "Defense" Oleg Kozlowski, took part in the action a few 10’s activists. It was a

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More free Schengen visas for Belarusians

In order to start the function of reducing the price of Schengen visas for the people of Belarus, the official Minsk must first sign a special partnership agreement with Brussels.On this "Radio Liberty" said co-chair of the Political Council now SLM Anatoly Lebedko after a meeting with First Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs Czech Republic Tomasz Poyyarom (Tomáš Pojar). Czech diplomat, which is Belarus on a working visit, met today in the morning with favorites SLM. Liabedzka explains: "No agreement with Brussels. And because such formal bureaucratic we can say, Event solution lately not be taken. During recent discussions in including

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As in Belarus react to the PACE resolution

The resolution calls on Belarus to immediately establish a moratorium on the death penalty to abolish Article 193-1 of the Criminal Code of Belarus, which provides for responsibility for activity on behalf of unregistered organization

Advocate for the death penalty, but only in the most exceptional circumstances

Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Galina Mazurkiewicz claims: the application of the death penalty difficult. Even in his own family, we are discussing when discussing this dilemma, said in an interview with "Freedom" Ms. Mazurkiewicz:"I support the death penalty, but only in the most exceptional cases, where, for example, people took

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