Scientists also believe in otherworldly forces




Education has little effect on belief in the supernatural

Leonid Zavalskie

Most people tend to anti-scientific view of the world. However, the scientists in this little different from other people. The phenomenon of distortion and substitution evidence hidden beliefs attracting increasing attention of researchers.

In fact, a

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Transhumanism and Superman The New World Order

Paul Kurtz, who is head of the independent research center, said that in English there is no concept that is able to explain the meaning of secular humanism. Secular humanism — is not a religion, but a reflection of philosophical, scientific and ethical views. To do this, Paul even coined a special term — «eupraxsophy» (eupraksofiya) to distinguish humanistic views on the system of religious belief.

Max More, Ph.D., examines this concept even further: Eupraksofii concept includes humanism, transhumanism (including ekstrapianizm) and possibly future postgumanizm. Humanism — is eupraksofiya or, in other words, the philosophy of life. He rejects

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Oxford believers are attempting to prove the power of faith




In the laboratories of the University of Oxford (Oxford University) will be tortured believers to determine whether belief in God can relieve pain, reports the Times Online.

Neurologists, pharmacologists, anatomists, ethicists and theology will try to find a scientific basis of religious belief and determine whether it

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Print gods — Kailash

Kailash resets anyone who dares to climb on it, and those who touched the mountain there are sores do not heal for weeks. "No mortal dare not climb the mountain, which is home to the gods, the one who will see the faces of the gods must die" — so govoit in manuscripts.

This mountain is considered sacred for thousands of years in all ethnic groups living in neighboring countries. In India, a Hindu hath great happiness to see her once in a lifetime. In ancient books — the Vedas — says that all the sacred

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What is faith?

Pater DY explanation of "faith":

There is a notionVera(Ed.: should read in this chapter instead of solid character — another similar, but with a dash lower, "Yat", I just can not picture) is one, and there is a conceptfaith(Where "e" — a letter "is") is another meaning. These two concepts — not one and the same. "YAT" — is the link between earth and heaven. Therefore, this letter and sound like "s" — diftongovoe sound, "and" — it is a true heaven, and "e" — it is, earthly existence. When we say the old faith, Slavic belief, the Aryan

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