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This family house in The Netherlands has been transformed with colour and pattern

This colourful house in the south of The Netherlands is home to Belle, Erik and their daughters Holly, eight; Lotus, six; Juniper, two; and Hazel, eight months. ‘Colour is my way of life,’ says Belle. Not only do you see this in the decor, but also in the family’s clothes. There is not a single colour that Belle doesn’t like. Whenever she sees something pretty, she doesn’t think about whether it will fit with the rest of her interior as she always makes it fit somewhere. She

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Realit produces profiles for Japanese nuclear accelerators Belle Tsukuba

The factory aluminum profiles Realit mastered the production of unique profiles for nuclear accelerators. Currently launched production of three types of vacuum-tight aluminum special form that is used in the manufacture of vacuum chambers for particle accelerators.

An enterprise profiles were developed in conjunction with one of the leading institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences for their use in the detector Belle Laboratory for High Energy Accelerator (KEK), Tsukuba, Japan. "KEK" — is one of the largest and fastest growing laboratories in the world in the field of high energy physics.

Uniqueness production of such

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