In the Northern Hemisphere, the season of noctilucent clouds

Estonia, May 25, 2013 © Silvar Mehik |

May 26, 2013. Normally, noctilucent clouds appear gaze romantic night from June 10 to July 5. However, nature is infinitely varied in its forms and do not always comply with calendar dates.

Noctilucent clouds — this is a very thin high clouds that form in the mesosphere at altitudes of 70 to 90 km and are observed in the summer in the middle latitudes between 43 ° and 60 °. During the day they can not be seen, but at night when the sun goes below the horizon at

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Volga-Don canal provided work to the limits of capacity


Need to transport through the Volga-Don canal only oil cargo in 2013 was 11 million tons, while its capacity currently stands at 10.5 million tonnes. But there is still grain exports. This was during a meeting of the Board of Rosmorrechflot in Moscow, the head of the FBU "Volga-Don State Basin Department of Waterways and Navigation" Oleg Shakhmardanov.

He noted that it is necessary to work on a uniform distribution of the fleet for locking from the beginning to the end of navigation (in April loading is only a third of the boot in August after

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Beggar rich China

We admire China so it’s time to sort out. Immediately agree that the problems in Russia, no less. That’s just the Russian economy is not yet at # 2 in the world and certainly no one admires Russia as China. First official Chinese data. Over the 30 years of reform of the poor quarter billion left 21.48 million people in 2006. But for some reason formally 1,480 thousand villages in the poverty rate was 33% of the total population. These numbers just do not add up. Even if we recognize that all the poor live

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The Greeks did not have enough money for food


The standard of living in Greece has fallen sharply, many people were on the doorstep and even below the poverty line. According to the forecasts of economists, this negative trend will continue in the coming year. In the city of Patras in the last two years, almost doubled the number of people who did not even have enough money for food. In this situation, there was also a 31-year-old Constantine, a mother of five children:

"I’m in a very difficult situation, I can not survive on their own. My children ask for

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Chita.Ru and Commando experienced a new Guran

C 2010 at the 88th central repair plant going first in the modern history of the Trans-Baikal Territory cars under the sonorous and patriotic name "Gurans." Accessories are available for China’s largest automobile company «Dongfeng», however, before you begin to assemble trucks, they have adapted to Transbaikalian road and climatic conditions. Improving happens all the time, and more and more "gourmets" go on the road Trans-Baikal.

This convinced the founder of the club SUVs Simon Shifrin, cameraman "Arena" and the team "Chita.Ru" during a specially organized a test drive of the new model, "Guran" — the manipulator. By the way,

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Dead Sea "dies"

Dead Sea "dies" It's interesting

Scientists are very concerned about the level of water in the low-mounted sea world, widely known for its medicinal properties. What the Dead, shallow sea, has become obvious and inexorable trend. Researchers from Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University found that over the past 200,000 years at sea always had periods of rise and fall of water, but current figures are of particular concern for the earth's attraction.

Salt deposits off the coast of the Dead Sea

Geologists took samples of salt at a depth of 460 m below the seabed. Age of the

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In South Estonia dry ponds


The water level in the lake Tamula fell below the minimum mark on the tide gauge. Photo: Vaiko Tigane/

21.11.11.Vnutrennie reservoirs are dewatered in Estonia, but especially in the south — this Emajõgi river, lake Võrtsjärv and Tamula, not to mention the home ponds. Fish inhabiting them was in danger.

Last year at this time Estonia ponds were covered with ice, and land — snow. This autumn special. More on this past weekend in the gardens of roses buds swelled in Southern Estonia was seen blooming strawberries and fresh buds on the bush.

However, before the advent of

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In the north of Fiji was 2 earthquakes


27.03.11. Two earthquakes of magnitude 6.4 and 5.9 on the Richter scale occurred on Sunday morning at Udu Point — the most northern point of the island chain of Fiji, no reports of casualties or property damage. Reported by the Fiji Meteorological Office.

According to this control, at 10:49 there were 6.4 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 160 km below sea level, followed by a further impetus to a magnitude 5.9 at a depth of 13.4 km below sea level.

According to reports, the tremors were felt in the north-eastern parts of Labasa and Savusavu.

In Africa, the snow fell. Video


07.08.12.V South Africa, namely Johannesburg, the snow fell. It is very rare for the area. Many residents saw it the first time. Blizzard started early in the morning when the temperature dropped below zero. It is also reported snowfall in several other areas. Forecasters warn of impending unusual cold.

Source: Euronews

Tuesday, August 7, in the South African Johannesburg snowed. Last precipitation seen here in 2006, the year. Forecasters say it to snow for several days.

Posted on 08/07/2012 by user TheWorldNewsDay

07.08.12.Zhiteli Johannesburg faced unusual for its latitude natural phenomenon. Air temperature dropped below zero.

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Severe frost fettered Korea


27.12.10.Volna frost moved from eastern Russia and China on the Korean peninsula. For two days the temperature dropped by more than 10 gradusov.V Seoul, capital of South Korea, the thermometer at noon with 10 degrees below zero, and at night — 15 degrees below zero. And it is almost 10 degrees lower than usual for this time of year.

It was even colder in the mountains, where night temperatures dropped to 19 degrees below zero. Frosts and prevail on the southern coast of the country, including the islands in the Yellow Sea.

In addition, snowfall completely paralyzed traffic on

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