Types of asteroid

Most asteroids are known to reside in the asteroid belt but, on occasion, they might be drawn into the inner Solar System, for example when Jupiter knocks them out of their orbits. We can study these near-Earth asteroids as they make their way past us, and we’ve also sent numerous spacecraft to various asteroids to study them in greater detail. Here, we’ve taken a look at the three main types of asteroid we know of to date.


Carbonaceous (C-type) asteroids comprise over 75% of all known asteroids. They are dark with a similar composition to that of the Sun,

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Of course, like the biggest mountain, the size of asteroids and the limitation of current observational technology mean that the biggest asteroids we know of are restricted to those in our own Solar System. There’s also a technicality in their definition: with a diameter of 950 kilometres (590 miles) and containing around one third of the total mass of the asteroid belt, Ceres used to be the biggest asteroid but was upgraded to ‘dwarf planet’ in 2006, handing fellow asteroid belt object Pallas the accolade of biggest known asteroid by default.

However, with an average diameter of 544

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Belt Titan

WatchTime gets under the hood of the belt-driven Monaco V4, the first serially produced version of TAG Heuer’s 2004 concept watch.


+ Spectacular appearance

+ Innovative technology

+ Mechanisms are visible from the front.


— Sharp-edged case

— High rate deviation

— Difficult to read time with to-the-second accuracy.

Specs TAG Heuer’s Monaco V4

Manufacturer: TAG Heuer, Rue L-J. Chevrolet 6A, CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Reference number: WAW2170.FC6261

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds

Movement: Automatic, 28,800 vph, 48 jewels, Kif shock absorption, Glucydur balance, fine adjustment via index tail and eccentric screw, dimensions = 35 mm x 31.5 mm,

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Some people are still unhappy about Pluto’s demotion to a dwarf planet, but it’s in good company — there are some fascinating celestial bodies in this category.

What makes a planet a planet? We’ve been debating this almost since planets were discovered. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union came up with the first-ever scientific definition of a planet. With that came a new classification for these heavenly bodies that weren’t quite planets, but were more than just asteroids. While this resulted in the demotion of Pluto — previously our ninth planet — it also meant that there was a whole

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Pregnancy and driving

If every time, sitting behind the wheel, you seem to take an examination, very tired and irritated, it is better not to risk it. And if driving for you — rest, why give it up? In addition, if a woman feels confident enough driving a car, it can greatly simplify your life over the next nine months. Of course, during this period for the mother, there are many restrictions. Car no exception. To feel comfortable, you need only follow a few basic rules.

The location of the driver's seat

The traditional posture with a flat back and bent

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Private companies tend to enter into defense procurement

In strengthening the defense capability of the country's increasingly prominent role is played by businessmen completely new format of thinking. Important to them not only a commercial success, but also the realization of the idea: Russian — means the best.

On the basis of the first in Moscow private arms factory was small, but very colorful exhibition, which showed that now produce non-state enterprises in the interests of all law enforcement agencies, what they can do in the future.

The very history of this plant is interesting and revealing. This is a purely private venture by means of

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Or completely lost Belarusian relics?

List maybe will be placed on the subsequent week on the pages of the newspaper "Russian Belarus." In the meantime, the scientist refuses to provide certain information. How likely that exported at different times of the Belarusian land treasures still to be repatriated?Adam Maldis not hurt the legal aspects of the restitution of state property. States that it is the prerogative of municipal officials, who must negotiate at the highest level. For a long time makes Maldis typical census treasures that under different circumstances have been lost. Touch wood, scientist temporarily stopped contacts with journalists:"The theme of this I speak

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Started mass production of the new engine modifications UMP-4216

In accordance with the modernization program continued improvement of the product line of power units for cars "Gazelle BUSINESS."

Ulyanovsk Motor Plant "GAZ Group" has started mass production of the new engine modifications UMP-4216, equipped with Poly-V drive mounted units.

Now, instead of two V-belts ancillaries motor vehicles GAZ operates a timing belt with automatic tensioner. This provides a large variation in the distribution and application of power and energy-mounted units.

Application of Poly-V belt is allowed to install a more powerful generator (115A instead of 90A) and the air conditioning compressor is required

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Asteroid Lutetia was a relative of the Earth

Asteroid Lutetia was a relative of the Earth Facts

In the study of asteroid Lutetia was that it is formed from the same materials that the Earth, Venus and Mars. This is the conclusion reached by scientists complete analysis of data from the interplanetary probe Rosetta, telescopes of the European Southern Observatory and NASA. Spectral analysis showed that Lu can be compared only with one type of meteorites found on Earth — enstatite chondrites.

Mystery is the question of how Lu was able to leave the inner solar system and reach the main-belt asteroids. Scientists estimate that less than 2%

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With the help of the instrument PAMELA, installed on the Russian satellite Resource-DK1, the scientists discovered that the Earth antiproton belt

 Photo source:roscosmos.ru

The set of elementary particles produced in collisions of cosmic rays with the upper layers of the atmosphere. Among them are antiprotons. Scientists have speculated that the negatively charged antiprotons moving along the magnetic field lines of the earth, to form a kind of antiproton belt. However, to register these particles until recently it was not possible.

In the new study, experts analyzed data collected in low orbit for 850 days, the instrument PAMELA (a Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics — "The payload for the study of matter and astrophysics antisostavlyayuschey light nuclei").

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