Alexander Lukashenko spoke with Javier Solana

BelTA reported that during the meeting they discussed a number of issues pertaining to domestic Situation in Belarus, also stressed the "importance of the latest page in Belarus relations and the European Union. "By BelTA Alexander Lukashenko and Javier Solana agreed to continue the dialogue initiated.Recall that on September 23, receiving credentials from ambassadors of some EU states, Lukashenko said that "On all fours and crawl to ask the common European home, we will not."

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Lukashenko: Will the press, as a girl

Society Commenting vybytstse with Belarusian participants of Eurovision finals, Alexander Lukashenko said that the singer was "condemned".

During a trip to the Vitebsk region Alexander Lukashenko , commented on the failure of Eurovision representatives of Belarus Anastasia Vinnikova that up to vote did not pass the final.

"Well done! Coincided everything and behavior, and the face, and the song — quoted Lukashenko has learned. — She sang the national anthem of Belarus. Who will miss the anthem of Belarus? Therefore put pressure there, and will press here."

Lukashenko also said, that Belarus "Will put pressure on the board, will put

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B. Kebich: Let it be on their conscience

Society According to the agency "Belta", Alexander Lukashenko, criticizing the opposition remembered among opposition politicians and former prime minister, his chief rival in the elections in 1994, Vyacheslav Kebich. We asked the former prime minister to comment on the statement in part, it is concerned.

"Belta" quoted Lukashenko as follows:

Lukashenko: Today they go myshkavanne, fighting over who will be the leader. This is not, a new wave so-called. Who povylazili Bogdanovich, Kebich, Kozulin … and others, like Lebedko, which I requested Romanchuk released from prison. And today he blather. It's scum. Thank you at least tell you that

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