Scientist warns of the danger of invisible comets




Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe (Chandra Wickramasinghe), head of the group of researchers from the University of Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology (CCAB), believes that a giant comet, invisible to astronomers, may be a mortal threat to the Earth.

Perhaps these "stealth-comets", consisting of organic material and reflect so little

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Other world get in touch

December 11, 2011 13:58

Increasingly, died trying to reach with our world through radio, tape recorders and computers, and even appear on TV screens

The main source of strange occurrences below the book is French scientist Camille Flammarion "Mystery of Death," in which he tried to summarize thousands of messages sent to him from all over the globe.

Flammarion, analyzing the cases of the appearance of phantoms from the world, says: "All these examples show us that the dead come back from the dead in order to settle some personal matters, to demand the return of its

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The Benny Hill Show watch online

A well-known English comic episode, "Shaw Benny Hill "is a series of funny sketches on a variety of topics. The main role is played by a big-name comedian Alfred Hawthorn Hill, who took the pen name in honor of his own beloved South American comedian Jack Benny, has become known whole world, just like Benny Hill. This is a mega show in the world for the first time saw the light in 1969, and since then, for two long decades firmly cemented its position in the UK television. Funny situations, beating inimitable Benny Hill have seen in over 150

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