Berezovsky: come people from Moscow and meeting destroy me

Freedom: You essentially hiding from an assassin’s somewhere outside the UK?BerezovskyYes, I recommend Scotland Yard to leave the country and wait until this situation is resolved. What actually happened: a week later they called me and said, I can vorachivatsya the country.Freedom: From media reports unrealistic to realize that, actually speaking, happened. The man who was plotting to kill you, was arrested or sent from England?Berezovsky: I have no more disk imaging in this regard. I was only told that the situation is resolved, the person incapacitated. And it allowed me to reverse back into the country.Freedom: Did you read

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Was the murder of Litvinenko political?

Russian authorities have already stated that, under its laws, extradition of Lugovoi to Britain is impossible, since the constitution does not allow Russian Federation issuing its people to another state. The representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office also said Marina Grydneva that a Russian citizen who has committed a sin on other areas of the country, may be prosecuted in Russia, but only on condition that the Russian legislation provides for liability for the same sin.Andrei Lugovoi denies guiltHimself Andrei Lugovoi — Russian businessman last intelligence officer — categorically denies any involvement in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. Commenting on

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Berezovsky Lugovoi suspects of involvement in the death of Litvinenko

Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Litvinenko referred a friend who at one point rescued his life. Last KGB Alexander Litvinenko, which had taken refuge in England, fell ill on November 1 last year. November 23, he died in an English hospital from radiation poisoning caused by polonium two hundred and tenth in his own suicide note, he blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin that he personally ordered his killing. Kremlin immediately denied this statement. Before the death of Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky visited him in the clinic. And there unhealthy Berezovsky said: "Boris, I think to my poisoning Andrei Lugovoi involved."Last KGB agent

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Berezovsky ever attended in the bullpen Zeltser?

The fact that Boris Berezovsky Tipo flew to Minsk and visited in the bullpen KGB Emanuel Zeltser, Belarusian tribunal convicted three years in prison for industrial espionage, said "Freedom" convict brother Mark Zeltser, who lives in New York. According to Mark Zeltser, it was the second visit in August Russian oligarch fugitive in Minsk. First time, Boris Berezovsky, according to Mark Zeltser, arrived in Minsk on August 3 and made a day or two eyewitness at the trial of Emanuel Zeltser. Second visit took place on August 15, says Mark Zeltser and report details:"10 days to reverse him in jail

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Kay: Berezovsky threatened to kill us

Joseph Kay"Let’s go back a step back, to realize the emperor Seltzer got there and that he was prepared to how he got there. Just letters were written that Zeltser arrive in Belarus, and that it will arrive by plane Berezovsky. Before he flew there, lawyers Berezovsky sent a letter to Belarus with a warning that immediately upon arrival Seltzer should be arrested, since he will be in for yourself fake paper. It was an English jurist, who wrote from the UK to Belarus — the Prosecutor General or whatever his name is … I beheld copies of these letters.

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Boris Berezovsky: Seltzer — rogue international class

In an interview with "Freedom" Mark Zeltser said that the case of his brother Emanuel Zeltser made to order Boris Berezovsky. Allegedly, the oligarch of money judgments profitably isolate as a lawyer Emanuel Zeltser Badri Patarkatsishvili. This Boris Berezovsky said he would not comment on any "business Zeltser," still less expressions of his brother Mark Zeltser: "I think that the court is forced to announce his word, that the tribunal and utter. If the tribunal will deliver, then I will be able to comment." Regarding the statements that the Belarusian investigators flew advice to Boris Berezovsky, Emanuel Zeltser and that

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Mark Zeltser: The Case of my brother ordered Berezovsky

Recently the Radio Liberty interview recorded with his brother Emanuel Zeltser Mark Zeltser, who lives in New York. That’s what Mark Zeltser judge of the criminal case against his brother: "I think it mattersetsya commissioned by Berezovsky. Do not be surprised if there were any witnesses during that sent Berezovsky. " Reporter: "And why is it profitable Berezovsky your views?""Berezovsky is necessary to isolate my brother, because he — lawyer Patarkatsishvili. This is all because of its funds. Not like something forged or any drug medications. Enormous funds! Patarkatsishvili left a will, according to which all should be divided between

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Emanuel Zeltser secretive process

South American Lawyer Emanuel Zeltser sorry did not recognize myself. Case is being Dmitri Klimovich. Has been declared closed.Zeltser flew on March 12 in Minsk to solve difficulties legacy of the late Georgian billionaire Badri Patarkatsishvili. He was arrested by the KGB immediately upon arrival. Earlier in the areas of Belarus Seltzer did not happen.Emanuel Zeltser said that after his arrest against him to use physical force. For a long time it did not allow American consuls. Seltzer not once complained about bad health and lack of proper medical care in the KGB prison. The United States urged the

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Zeltser leave behind bars

The hearing began at 9:30 am and lasted about an hour. As said Belarusian journalists lawyer Zeltser Dmitry Harachka, High Tribunal upheld his client. Now convicted has the right to request the President Supreme Court, Harachka but considers this step unpromising. As for clemency, then, according to the lawyer, Seltzer Pleaded not guilty, so a petition for clemency is not going to apply. Recall from the U.S. lawyer Emanuel Zeltser, together with the secretary Vladlena Funk was arrested 2nd March at the Minsk airport. According to reports, they flew to Minsk in heritage died suddenly in London gruzynskaga oligarch Badri

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Timothy Bell has not yet signed a contract with Lukashenko

He hopes that the agreement will be signed within the next 2-weeks.66-year-old English lord previously agreed to work on improving the international style manager Belarus.BelTA and other Belarusian official media reported that during a conversation with the Belarusian President Lukashenko English master PR braked on a topic not very badher international reputation Belarus."We need a lot of work to fix this — said Lord Bell. — Belarus — it is a measured and friendly country. You play the role of a kind of gate in the geopolitical and geostrategic terms."As reported BelaPAN contract Timothy Bell Tipo promised to pay Boris

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