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Bernadette Soubirous. Imperishable power watch online

Bernadette Soubirous: Popular throughout the Catholic world Holy. Her many times in my childhood was the Most Holy Mother of God, and on-site events scored source of holy water that is home to numerous healing of patients in the main support-motor apparatus. Place the glorification of the holy — Lourdes in France — the most popular on-site in the middle of Catholic pilgrimage in the world. Once a year there is about 5,000,000 visitors.

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The doors to the past and the future



You can get lost in the forest, the desert, the mountains, the sea, at last. But is it possible to get lost in time? Devil's place May 3, 1757 Alberto Gordonii gardener digging tulip bulbs, and suddenly … suddenly disappeared. Only 22 years later, he returned, and looked every bit their elderly. Gordonii wife decided that was the illegitimate son of a scoundrel Alberta, to take possession of the property. Although Gordonii tried to talk about his misadventures, his wife

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