Profound: the fate of the Belarusian-language training to find vote

Vice-chairman Vitebsk Regional branch of the BPF said Yaroslav Bernikovich Radio Liberty, to attend the conference in school № 3 favorites many delegates who will vote against the creation of classes with Russian language of instruction. "The other day, more than 30 people put their signatures under the appeal to the head of the Security Council Viktor Sheiman — says Yaroslav Bernikovich — we believe that Byelorussian is one of the attributes of statehood of Belarus. Similar action to close public schools do not in any of our adjoining states. "Earlier Radio Liberty has reported that the initiative to make

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Bernikovich Andreychenko offered to withdraw from elections

The opposition candidate, who is running for 22 minutes Glubokoe constituency, published on the web an open letter addressed to Vladimir Andreychenko — Enemy on his own pro-regime parliamentary elections. Jaroslav Bernikovich chairman of the executive committee offers voluntarily renounce upcoming role in campaign, because the one on Bernikovich views, hold it with the introduction of "administrative resources", thus violating the principle of equality between candidates, is declared by the Electoral Code of Belarus."Open Letter to Andreychenko was written after, as to the district commission were filed three complaints. They dealt with such violations of election laws as the introduction

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Deepest: activist fined for illegal picket at 310 thousand

Lyudmila Vashenko referee decided to fine the sovereign Bernikovich 310 thousand rubles, or 10 baselines.Referee activist accused on the basis of testimony police officers, who beheld as July 15 in the city market a few men in T-shirts with the inscription "Movement" For Freedom! "Distribute audio CDs" Songs of Freedom "and the booklet" What the EU could bring to Belarus? . " Jaroslav Bernikovich on the porch of the courtJaroslav Bernikovich was detained for spreading, the court did not recognize his own guilt. In general, he noted that it was the first action in the deepest, which culminated in the

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Feel Don Quixote

Competitors will be representatives of the opposition, on the one hand, and representatives of the authorities or heads of municipal structures — on the other. So, the Democratic candidate Orsha Vladimir Yurzhitsa has to fight against the Belarusian head of the railroad Vladimir vents. BPF activist Anna Levchenkova from Orsha start a duel with the current Member of Parliament Vladimir Adashkevich. Leonid Autukhou, BPF members from the district center town, opponents will be head of the regional Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Vasily Bajkov, representatives "Evrakaalitsyi" Tatiana Sadouskaya — Chairman of the Executive Committee Chashniksky Anthimos Mihalevitch, Polotsk

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With Ya.Bernikovicham KGB talked preventive

KGB conducted preventive conversation with Deputy Managing Board Vitebsk BPF Yaroslav Bernikovich and his wife Inna.Ya.Bernikovich previously said on the phone that is in the KGB.Bernikovich plans to run in House of Representatives, reports the press service of the movement "For Freedom."This week activities of the group Democratic activists gathered almost four thousand signatures.By the same district is Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive CommitteeVladimir Andreychenko.

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Our plans — collect 6500 signatures

Jaroslav Bernikovich going to run for candidates by Glubokoe constituency number 22. This district includes areas of 3 districts — Gluboksky, Usha and Dokshitsky. On the potential candidate that participates in the parliamentary election campaign is already the second time, local voters are very willing to vote for his nomination: for a day or four members active group collected 1,320 signatures.Bernikovich recalls that he himself collected signatures during the past election campaigns — for example, on the nomination of presidential candidates Seeds Domash and Milinkevich. But activist Glubokskiy not remember that his countrymen were so active. In his view, to

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In Ushachi arrested for collecting signatures

According to activists, the police called one of the inhabitants of the district center, deciding what’s happening a violation of the law. Militiamen violations in the actions active group not have found, but before releasing rewrote their names.Jaroslav Bernikovich, who wants to run for Glubokoe constituency number 22, states that it is the first in a similar incident today campaign. He said that in the deepest signatures for his nomination collected without problems: members active group even made a special shield, where the information about a possible candidate, and put it in the urban market.Collect signatures in a similar way

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The Prosecutor's Office issued a warning to Yaroslav Bernikovich

The Company's Chairman of the regional branch of the BPF, an activist of the "For Freedom!" Jaroslav Bernikovich affected the efficiency of prosecutors. As well as the working methods of the Prosecutor's Office, which warned of violating the law on mass events without revealing the fact of the offense.

In an official document, which Mr. Bernikovich received 6 hours after talks with the Acting Attorney I.S.Valyntsom, says that the activist can bring to justice under Article 23.34, if he will continue to hold unauthorized mass action.

It was an unauthorized action, according to the head of the ideological department of

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Glubokskiy ideologue complained to the prosecutor's office for opposition leader

Bernikovich society called the acting prosecutor Volinets, saying that he must take the explanation at the request of the head of the ideological department of Gluboksky executive committee. Statement by Mr. Bernikovich shown but not given to read.

Volinets explained that the officer believes the activist organizer unauthorized celebrations, and for this administrative responsibility.

Jaroslav Bernikovich explained that the bard festival, which was held in the second year and in the near Gluboksky This year, dedicated to the memory of Larissa Heniyush was lifted after the intervention of the head of the ideological department.

The event was scheduled

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700,000 fine — for a sanctioned picket

Society Glubokskiy district court fined activist Yaroslav Bernikovich for violating the law on mass events during picketing permitted by the authorities. The picket was held March 19 at the sign of solidarity with political prisoners — members of the protest against the results of the presidential election. Jaroslav Bernikovich was fined as the organizer of the picket on the second part of Article 23.34 of the Code of Administrative Offences. District Court Judge Gluboksky Stanislav Trapuk activist fined 20 basic units, representing 700,000 Belarusian rubles. In the court considered a police report made by Yaroslav Bernikovich April 27 — more than a

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