Gothic boss in oak

The Gothic style of the Middle Ages was one of the high points in the history of carved decoration, and this project takes us back around 800 years to the world of medieval woodcarvers whose lives were very different to our own.

This attractive boss, carved in oak (Quercus robur), is a direct copy from Pugin’s Gothic Ornament.

I haven’t been able to confirm where this boss came from, but I had a suggestion from the archaeologist at Winchester Cathedral that it could be from the medieval Palace of Westminster — the old Houses of Parliament that burnt down in

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About productivity in berry fields

Each farm managers must constantly take into account the cost of labor per unit of cultivated products and organize the work so that labor is used more efficiently.

However, many state and collective farms do not pay enough attention and avoiding the high cost of labor per unit of output, wasteful spending tens of thousands of man-days. So, in 1963, growing 200 tons of strawberries, * Lenin State Farm, Moscow region spent 12,635 man-days, and all the other specialized farms in the area have collected all 346 tons and the cost of production of 40,624 person-days.

Such facts mismanagement

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Fire away, Boris!


A simple recipe for a real man.

• First you need to choose a good supermarket beef meat breed of bull.

• It is better to take the steak on the bone from the lumbar part of Art-shaped bone, the so-called tiboun or Porterhouse. A good steak, I think — just bones, because in one piece you can feel at least 2-3 types of meat with different flavors.

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Lipetsk apples

90 thousand tons of fruits and berries will be harvested in all categories of the Lipetsk region this year. This is more than twice that of 2010.

Of the total harvest of apples and berries in specialized farms plan to collect 35.4 tons of fruits and berries, more than half of which are scheduled to be processed on the juice and puree. In general, the area of fruit-bearing orchards in the region now stands at 13.4 million hectares, leading horticultural sector — JSC "Agri im.15 years of October" and JSC "agronomist".


Experts agro im.15 years

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In the Republic of Karelia opened the plant for deep processing of berries

June 8 near Petrozavodsk opened a new factory of "Berries of Karelia" for deep processing of forest and garden berries.

Every year a large number of Karelia going lingonberry, cranberry, blueberry, cloudberry and other berries, but modern equipment for the processing of valuable raw materials has yet to be not only in the country but also in the whole of Russia.

The new plant of forest and garden berries will produce jams, preserves, jams, and various fillers are widely used in the dairy and confectionery industry, in the manufacture of ice cream and juices.  

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Business for wild plants

Company "Vologda berry" claims to be the largest player in the domestic market of frozen berries, mushrooms and vegetables: it launches new refining capacity and is ready to become farmers.

First train from Moscow to Vologda. Then 320 kilometers in the direction of Saint Petersburg — and we in the remote forests of Vologda. 8:30 on the clock. "What have you come so late? The forest was already Mamaj "- meets us older forager berries. She looks around us skeptical with the photographer and notices that for berry our clothes did not fit. "They’re out of the

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In Ukraine, a 31% increased yield of fruit and berries.

As of July 26, agrarians harvested fruits and berries is 31% more than last year — more than 25.6 thousand tons. Harvest helps to keep the highest offer on the market, which, in turn, inhibits the growth of prices.

 State that keep fruits and berries until the next harvest, helping to build the repository. So, this year Ukraine will be commissioned fruit storage capacity of 5 million tons, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Mykola Prysyazhnyuk. "Today, before the Ukrainians have a wide selection of domestic fruits and berries at an affordable price. Indeed, this

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In St. Petersburg opened the Strawberry Farm

Start strawberry colonization initiated in the former malting plant. Stepan Razin. Now these premises rents Rizzordi Art Foundation. The Foundation plans to organize an art space here with a gallery and media library, and on the reconstruction of the area passed to the friendly rent a strawberry farm. In a room of 50 m2 five wooden building installations like goat with strawberry bushes. Technology has totally bioeffective and sterile. It has no pathogens. This allows, in turn, do not use pesticides to control weeds. The manufacturer guarantees 30 berries from a bush weighing 30-35 grams each.

In the garden of

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Kolaks-M — Russian manufacturer of modular mineral processing plants

Enterprise "Kolaks-M" was organized in 1991 for the development and manufacture of new types of equipment for the processing of milk in rural areas.


In 1993, experts of the enterprise has been designed and manufactured the first instance of a modular plant for milk processing. In 2000, the company became the winner of the All-Russian competition "1000 Best of enterprises and organizations of Russia in XXI century". By 2008, developed more than 108 model variants shops. Ongoing active supply to neighboring countries. Developed network of agents in all regions of Russia and CIS countries. The company

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In Togliatti fly drunk blackbirds


11.12.12.Zatyanuvsheesya season — warm for December, the temperature and the lack of snow — a negative impact on plants and animals. Due to abnormal weather birds eat the berries and drunken behave inappropriately.

Chief agronomist of the agriculture department m Stavropol Alexander Tyurin, explaining what is happening, compared with a blanket of snow, "There is a difference when you are sleeping under a blanket and without it?" Winter According to Turin, while not significantly affected, the critical temperature without snow, where they can begin the mass casualties — minus 15-17 degrees. But the fruit bushes such as currants,

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