With his performing flair, pioneering guitar style and storytelling savvy, the great Chuck Berry was the epitome of early rock’n’roll. Michael Stephens charts the rise of a legend who was never far from genius or trouble.

The late John Lennon had a way with a soundbite. He famously declared the Beatles ‘more popular than Jesus’, and also said ‘before Elvis, there was nothing.’ He also noted, ‘if you tried to give rock’n’roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry.’ The Beatle’s epithet for Berry is arguably the most accurate of his three: the music of Charles Edward Anderson ‘Chuck’

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Chuck Berry recorded his classic Chess sides on ablonde-finish Gibson ES-350 with P90s. At the end of the ’50s, the guitar reappeared with a new set of PAFs, having been sent back to the factory for an upgrade. This was used through the early ’60s, but in 1966 Berry put aside his jazz guitar and moved to a cherry Gibson ES-345. By the ’70s, he was commonly seen with an ES-355. His move from the ES-350 to thinline semi-acoustics did much for their popularity.

Berry’s guitar style is a bedrock of rock’n’roll. His licks weren’t without precedent – he took


Superyagodny frozen yogurt.


200 ml nonfat Greek yogurt

1-2 hours. L. powder of acai berry

350 g of any fresh berries

1 banana, chopped

In one portion

83 kcal

6.5 g protein

11.8 g carbohydrates

_11,1 G sugar _

1 g fat

0.1 g saturated fat

The secret ingredient of this dessert — acai berry, a native of the Amazon jungle. Nutritionists acai attributed miraculous properties — they are anti-oxidants (help restore muscles after a workout), and digestive stimulant and remedy for joint pain. Greek yogurt you can easily otyschesh in any major grocery and powder of berries easier to order online.

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An old friend will not fail

Traditionally, the southern culture of grapes is now widely grown in northern regions, in Siberia, in the Urals.

One of the first to seriously address the «osevereniem» grapes near Orenburg, in the strongholds of viticulture, created in 1963 (now — the Experimental Station of Horticulture and Viticulture). Much credit for this belongs to the vineyard-breeder Fyodor Ilyich Shatilov, who this year would have turned 95 years old.


In all the years of the station tested more than a thousand varieties. Himself Shatilov displayed about 170 hybrid forms (GF). Experimental Station of the achievements I want to note the variety

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It has long been revered as a wild rose bush of love, and its berries are required to be members of each «love drink». Nowadays, wild rose is valued for its incomparable healing properties. For example vitamin C in the fruits of this shrub is 50 times more than the lemon. as fruits, leaves and petals of rose hips contain a lot of vitamins B, K, P and carotene.

In addition to vitamins rose hips are rich in organic acids, essential oils, trace elements and minerals. Rosehip seeds contain oil and vitamin E. The petals give humanity the precious

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Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. July 24

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with economist and deputy director of the fund «CASE Belarus’ Alexander Chubrik.• Survey in Minsk: "Worth taking a loan from the Russian Federation, taking gas?"• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "Sigismund". 2nd part:• Lithuania: the case for the extradition of fugitive Belarus postponed.• "Night of research": the collection and sale of mushrooms and berries in Belarus.• Survey in Gomel: "Are not you afraid to take mushrooms and berries in the markets and near the roads?"• Belarusian website in "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski.• «Night rap." Verses Andrew Adamovich.

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Abroad fear Belarusian blueberries

Greenish Bor village is located in the forest area of Minsk region. The present day Many inhabitants of the village spent in the woods — picking berries."At blueberries earn more than in enterprises""People — Employees from us. Who is not lazy, he earns money on berries in summer. Pensiyanerachka There appeared Sharyn Felitsyyana losifovna and puts me on the scale berries. Day to day walks, collects five-liter bucket. And for it to buy cheese."Hope that knows me Zaitseva, saleswoman grocery store owned rajpotrebsoyuza. Immediately Ms. Zaitseva works procurer berries. Blueberries she perceives to 4 thousand rubles per kilogram. Over the

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Business for wild plants

Company "Vologda berry" claims to be the largest player in the domestic market of frozen berries, mushrooms and vegetables: it launches new refining capacity and is ready to become farmers.

First train from Moscow to Vologda. Then 320 kilometers in the direction of Saint Petersburg — and we in the remote forests of Vologda. 8:30 on the clock. "What have you come so late? The forest was already Mamaj "- meets us older forager berries. She looks around us skeptical with the photographer and notices that for berry our clothes did not fit. "They’re out of the

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Ulyanovsk: Dead birds found city resident

January 2, 2013. January 2nd to the former head of the region Gosekonadzora Constantine Dolinina turned alarmed resident of Ulyanovsk. Woman reported that she had found on the street eight dead wild birds. Death whole bevy seemed suspicious to her, because it could have been a cause of serious disease.

Worry about the state of the ecology of a woman were able to connect with Maxim Korolkov ornithologist, told Dolinin. Ornithologist took the birds. Their study will be given to the vet to find out what led to their deaths. For the results of the study will take a few

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Find Health in Moscow

Muscovites, hurrying on business or strolling through the center in the middle of still unusually warm November witnessed the unusual spectacle. They were then on the Arbat, then next to the Tretyakov Gallery encountered … Health. Such an unusual way brand "Imunele" decided to draw attention to the need to strengthen the Muscovites your immunity before the winter season. Health dealt with the Muscovites, treat all incredibly delicious novelty "Imunele Wild berries." What is so inspired by this Health "out to the people"? Of course the drink itself "Imunele." That's what about it we were told the very health.

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