Mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci




Leonardo da Vinci at the center of attention, "The Da Vinci Code" esoteric detective novel by Dan Brown, which became a worldwide bestseller. The real mystery or puzzle false? Magazine Le Point tried to figure it out.

If Leonardo da Vinci is back on the ground, he

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What have read our ancestors?

Society Mr. Vladimir, please tell us what books we read five years ago? Was there something like the then best-selling? And, do you think, will our descendants to read books in another five years?Leonid Gelfand

When I think about reading, always remember the saying of Elias Canetti: "You are most like to immortality — what modesty — to read."

The subjects of the Grand Dukes of Sigismund the Old, or Sigismund Vasa of the Nobel laureate, apparently, did not read, but among them, of course, there would be people willing to subscribe to He saidand.

For example — the

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