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This year the Russian team, «Formula 1» MARUSSIA Fl TEAM THE FIRST RUSSIAN SPONSOR: its official partner became the largest BOOKMAKER COMPANY «LEAGUE BET». What made «LEAGUE BET» to invest in this prestigious, but technically complex and non-traditional RUSSIA SPORT.

His first car I bought in 14 years — stunned almost unreal fact of life in the Soviet schoolboy honorary president of the «League Betting» Oleg Zhuravsky. — It was a «Zhiguli», «three rubles,» VAZ 2103 «.

Money for the purchase he collected himself, but still had to ask for help from the parents. So motorsports — a long-standing

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Who's the bottom heated with gas?

The Company What actually constitutes acceptance of "Gazprom" to increase the transit rate? Does this mean the victory of Alexander Lukashenko and exposing the "hypocrisy" of previous arguments of Moscow?

We will understand from the beginning.

Where did the transit debt?

Debt to "Gazprom" has not been

"Gazprom" is not paying for transit from November of last year in connection with attempts focuses on the Belarusian side. First, "Beltransgaz" invoice sent to Moscow, which was listed lower gas price for Belarus. If the company had paid off transit according to these documents, it would have recognized thereby declared

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Virtual Slots

When a person, enthusiastic slot machines, ask what is the basis of his passion, he can say that everything is moving excitement. Gambling people are willing to spend for the so-referred to as one-armed bandits for hours on end. One lucky in terms of winning more, the other — much less, but the army of gamers with the passage of time only increases.

Who gained enormous popularity of the systems that allow you to play slots online. On one of the examples we can look here: The traditional five-drum slot machines can be dedicated to a variety of

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