Tony, we couldn’t agree more. We love you in megawatt-tanned party mode, hobnobbing with the great and the good; and we love that you have made yourself the (very expensive) international go-to man when sheikhs and despots cant quite come to an agreement about how to spend their billions. But is it really possible to be that person and the world’s most high-profile peace envoy? By James Brabazon

Kuwait City, 26 January 2009. The desert air is cool and inviting. Sea mist clings to the steel-and-glass-lined avenues of this tiny Gulf state, fabulously rich in oil. Its streets are busy



A basic guide to getting the beat gear and the beat photo of awesome sport

Buying a camera has never been easier thanks to the overall quality of the hardware — and never been more difficult thanks to the overwhelming amount of choice. There are a few simple guidelines and truths we can pass on here so you get the right camera and use it in a way that gets you the best dirtbike shots. It can get pretty funky and techno but if you follow these simple tips you’ll be on the right track to get the best gear

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Rock on!

Well, I thought Bosch had it cracked with the GST 135 BCE jigsaw, beating its rivals for ease of use and accuracy into a cocked hat, and the company cornered the market with it that’s for sure.

But Bosch is always looking for even better ways to skin a cat and now it has come up with the GST 140 BCE OK, if you own the previous model there’s no reason to dispatch it to the jigsaw graveyard because it still remains a fabulous saw in its own right, but if you are on the lookout for a top-end model,

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Making better Arduino robots with the ArdBot II.

Everyone wants a robot to serve them drinks and pick up their socks. Yet, despite how mundane such tasks may sound, these chores require a sophisticated robot costing more than the average automobile. The sensors and programming required to discern old socks from sleeping cats requires extensive computing power, not to mention considerable skill on the part of the programmer.

Your first robot doesn’t have to be a mimic of C-3PO. It’s better to start small, and grow your robots as you gain experience. The ArdBot II is designed for simpler tasks, so it requires only a small body, inexpensive

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In September, begins the active harvest. It is important not only to collect the harvest, but also to properly prepare it for storage. It is necessary to collect and pull out growing in the open field cucumber, tomato. At the same time remove part of zucchini, squash, digging potatoes.

Digging potatoes necessarily choose a fine sunny day. Do not pour it directly into the bags. Let the potatoes lie down in the sun a few hours: the so-tubers will be better kept.

And another tip: choose seed potatoes from healthy bushes once abundant in the digging and poured it separately.

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Do I get the Canon 70D, or 7D?

Q: l’ve owned a Canon HOOD for a couple of years and feel my photography has progressed to a level where I need a camera that shoots faster and is more responsive. I was about to buy a Canon EOS 7D to use with my EF-S lenses when the Canon 70D was announced. Now I’m not sure whether the 7D or 70D is best for me?

A: The 70D shouldn’t be looked upon as a replacement to the 7D but as a strengthening of Canon’s line-up between its enthusiast DSLRs and professional models.

The areas where the 7D outshines the

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Cowboys on the boards

We continue to acquaint readers with the participants of the Internet project «Young talents of this great sport.» In this room are representatives of the Metropolitan School wakeboarding Victoria Sosulina and Roman Ovodov. «Big Sport» went to wake Park «In The Club» and captured the best moments of the training team members in Moscow.

Roman Ovodov — of himself as an example to follow

About wakeboard as a way of life

Wakeboard called just entertainment, carousel. For the majority of the board is like a ride on an inflatable banana Turkish or flight with a parachute over the picturesque

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Blog Better with Markdown

Create richly formatted content without typing a single line of HTML

The iPad’s a great text-editing platform, but when it comes to applying complex formatting, changing styles, and editing HTML code, things start to get a bit too complicated for the tablet. Even with an external keyboard attached, which gives easier access to the chevrons and digits used in HTML, you still spend more time than you should reaching forward to tap the screen to add a non-standard character.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Markdown lets you apply complex formatting using common characters like [, ], tt, -, and *.

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The advance of new technology brings opportunities for photographers to change their pictures in post-production. So, does in-camera discipline still matter? Well yes and no, says Tim Clinch. . .

The newest version of Lightroom (Lightroom 5) has just been released.

As you know, I write a monthly column about using it for this magazine.

It is spectacularly good software, and I can state, hand on heart, that it has changed the way I work and has improved my photography immensely.

In case you’re wondering, by the way, sadly, I’m not paid anything by them to say this. I’m just

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Berezovsky City Council: Elections are better than in the States!

Yuri Hubarevich expects to win in the Company: "According to another I would not go to these elections, that did not believe in success. I think almost everything will depend on how the campaign will be carried out, how much will the real abilities to meet with voters — first in the workforce, to disseminate information — in short, the ability that we have not had before. "Vice-chairman Berezovsky’s executive committee on ideology Eugene Tarasyuk assured: ability to fully all the candidates — are: "They all have a chance I monotonous. May task now — elections are transparent, democratic, so

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