In Canada, filmed on video Sasquatch


In Canada, a married couple on a walk in the woods shot on camera movement strange-looking creatures, like the elusive Bigfoot. Alleged mysterious yeti, whose existence has not been proven, the couple saw, standing on a mountain in the woods near the town of Mission, British Columbia.

A video posted on YouTube on July 24, apelike creature covered with dense hair growth shows a high of about 20 seconds, and then hiding in the bush. Authenticate the video, of course not.

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Father and son met Sasquatch



Recently in the Society for the Study of anomalous phenomena of the Kirov region called one of the medical staff of the hospital Kotel'nich Kirov region. He said that while walking with his child saw Bigfoot. Meeting with Bigfoot occurred in the village of Zaton. Man and son saw a strange animal-polucheloveka, the description is very similar to the yeti. A huge brown creature.

This beast abruptly crossed the road and disappeared behind a pile of debris. A father to

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So is there really a snowman?




Could Bigfoot be a brother of Santa Claus?

To the Editor of "News of Science" sent a report on the work of the expedition, which in the Kirov region engaged in the search of Bigfoot. Found convincing from the point of view of enthusiasts living proof of

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Soup of Sasquatch


There are several cases in which the civil and the Great Patriotic War, the military have been killed or captured by the strange hairy "people."

In July of 1925 in the mountains of Tajikistan Red Army detachment under the command of Mikhail Stepanovich Topilski pursued gang Basmachi. Trying to break away from the Red Army, the gang went deeper into the remote mountain region. On the 18th day of the chase, when the squad Topilski stopped for the night, time noticed on the other side of the wide glacier cracked

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Bigfoot Hunter




Anatoly Fokin videolovushki puts on forest monster.

Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot, also known as wood spirit, lyutuet Viatka on forests for centuries, bringing terror even to the experienced rangers, bugbears. But there is in

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In the Urals found Bigfoot




Newspaper "Life" continues to live under the motto "no rooms without sensationalism." At this time, the announcement made the front page "In the Urals found Bigfoot — examination confirmed the authenticity of the photographs taken by biologist". In short story is this: when a researcher Nikolay Avdeev

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Bigfoot chasing schoolgirls. In Bashkortostan, showed up three-meter hominoid




"Bigfoot" chasing schoolgirls. In Bashkortostan, showed up three-meter hominoid

The first "Bigfoot" noted adolescents. At night in the vicinity of the village Verhnemancharovo Ilishevskogo district of the republic they saw a clearing unusually high human figure.

Coming closer, they swooned — giant was covered with thick hair!

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Gave himself a relative of Bigfoot howls

May 29, 2012 7:14

Work in Australia for the film crew recorded a heart-rending cries of unknown creatures.

Illustration from

Crew channel Animal Planet, in Australia, has recorded the cries of unknown creatures. Members of the expedition convinced that they have managed to obtain proof of the existence of Bigfoot, writes The Daily Mail. Team members are seeking hominid recorded someone roar in the forest on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. The researchers said they heard a noise, which could issue "Jovi" — the legendary ape-like creature that supposedly lives in Australia and is

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Correspondent KP seen Bigfoot




It seems that in the vicinity of the Bashkir village Upper Mancharovo really lives the three-meter shaggy monster.

People who had seen the mysterious creature, which we are told in "KP" on July 31, 2004, is growing. Karimov's wife, who walked the berries, stumbled upon the lair of "Bigfoot".

— First we saw "him",

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In the U.S., found the foot of Bigfoot


The find was tested in the laboratory

The source of the sensation that caught the world's media, was a small American newspaper Patriot Ledger newspaper. It comes in Dakota County, Minnesota.

The newspaper reported on the macabre discovery — a semi-decomposed foot, which stumbled teenagers living in the town of Lakeville.

The place — in the forest, located in the Pantheon Road, arrived Sergeant Steven Linus (Sgt. Steven Leanues). He delivered the find to the police station. A local police chief Frank Alviheyra (Chief Frank Alvilhiera) sent a foot on

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