US defence bill approved

THE US HOUSE ARMED Services Committee (HASC) approved the $263.3 billion fiscal year 1995 defence authorisation bill on May 5. Included was $3.7 billion for an additional nuclear- powered aircraft carrier for the US Navy. Another USN allocation was transfer of $60 million previously earmarked for the cancelled Grumman EA-6B Prowler advanced capabilities upgrade programme to studies into a lower-cost alternative such as the Improved Capabilities II (ICAP II) Plus upgrade. The HASC also suggested converting the F- 14D into a dual-role F/A-14D with capabilities similar to the F-15E and wants to abandon the F-14A/B upgrade which would have cost

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Bill Peek touched his sweaty temple and tried to focus on a long message from his father something about a successful inspection and Mexico in the morning but he was being pushed by many hands, ever forward, until he reached the back wall where a long box, made of the kind of wood you saw washed up on the beach, sat on a simple table, with candles all around it. The singing grew ever louder. Still, as he passed through their number, it seemed that no man or woman among them sang above a whisper. Then, cutting across it all

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New Order: Барни что надо.

Не каждая группа может похвастаться, что они использовали Билли Коргана в качестве гитариста на гастролях. Этим летом в Stadium Live выступят и манчестерские певцы упаднической эйфории, и лысый громила из Чикаго, ведущий вперед новый состав Smashing Pumpkins (их шоу назначено на август). Упоминание Коргана не случайно: именно в составе New Order Билли искал новый грув для своих экспериментов как гитариста. Учитывая, что Билли считает себя великим музыкантом, влияние электронщиков New Order на гитарную музыку трудно переоценить. К полностью инди-рокерскому звуку Барни Самнер и его друзья пришли на альбоме «Get Ready», где на вторых ролях у микрофонов блаженно стенали помянутый Корган

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Great places. Woodland Legend.

A Washington resort traces its logging roots to the 19th century.

After driving the narrow, winding Chumstick Road that leads to Mountain Springs Lodge outside Leavenworth, Washington, I could easily believe the story that owner Bill Newell told of his great-grandfather coming to Beaver Valley back in 1893. William Wesley Burgess got into the sawmill business on Orcas Island. He was seriously injured in an accident, and doctors told him his leg needed to be amputated. According to the story, Burgess had a gun under his pillow and told the hospital staff that he’d shoot anyone who tried to take

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Cool is such a tricky thing to define that we’re not even going to try. Instead, we’re going to show you. Here you’ll find some gadgets, apps, cars, digital services and technologies which encapsulate what it means to be cool in 2013. So the next time someone asks you for a definition, you can just show them this.

#1. Buzz Aldrin’s speakers (possibly). PHILIPS Fidelio PS1 There’s something about Space Age design us geeks find irresistible. So for the Philips PS1s. grabbing a spot on the Cool List was like shooting interstellar fish. Its tweeters are suspended on chrome stalks

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Green day on the calendar.

Who is the most wild of the members of Green Day?

Billy Joe (vocalist / guitarist) Mike looks a bit more psychopathic than the others. But the character was not more terrible than the other band members.

Bassist Mike: Well, I’m actually the softest — it depends of the anatomical part, which is usually about talk. I brought my fifth grade teacher in a coma, she was 97 pet.

Tre Cool (drums): Well, Mike killed most people, but I know Billy kung fu and Chinese boxing damn good.

What’s the most vulgar thing you ever get up?

Billy: One

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Fitting in does not come naturally to Arnett. During college, at Georgia Tech, he was often the only white person at the Royal Peacock, an Atlanta jazz dub. He feels more at home in Europe than in America. He was bom William Arenowitch, but after college he changed his name to Arnett, as did his brother, Robert, who makes photography books about India.

Arnett’s inside voice is an outside voice. He interrupts, a lot. He often begins a sentence with «No, no,» even if heʼs about to say something positive. His jokes can sound like insults. He tends to miss,

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Go to the new rules of spelling and punctuation wish in 2010

It is understood that the bill in the first reading will make a year for the fall session of the House. And more (second reading, consideration of the Council of the Republic and the signing of the head of the country), he will be adopted until September 2008.More two years MPs offer to "address all organizational issues in the application of the new rules," — said committee chairman Vladimir Zdanowicz.Linguist Zmiter Sauko on this occasion Radio Liberty said:"My position from the beginning was specific: no configuration in the official spelling is not subject to the criteria, when whiteRussian language de

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Offered: another decree to remove the elderly pension

Zinoviev: "I think. after dictatorship was elected mayor of Minsk check vygadnasts contracts with home "biznesmeryyay" Moscow. "Man: "My wife works in Soligorsk on the 4th mine. They came a new labor code. Excluded articles there on the heavy work experience harmful off, night shifts. How long will it be? What to do for this? How to prevent it? This groom has all workers. And you start to protest, will sit. What more do? "Retired, Grodno region. "Favorit Belarusian trade Leonid Kozik in the program" Big Politics "Belarusian television said as he defended the interests of workers in Belarus, that

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You can spy on Americans: Internet companies supported the bill total surveillance in the United States

One of the lobby groups, which includes representatives of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, officially supported the bill CISPA. The new document expands the powers of law enforcement agencies and allows them to control information on the Internet, as well as to monitor all movements of U.S. citizens.

April 14, 2013, 13:55

Chairman of the board of directors of Google, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer and Vice President Brad Smith, Microsoft signed a letter in which he supported the government policy to online safety and thanked the government for the work, according to U.S.

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