Billion promised to slow the disease but does not cure

Society The financial market of Belarus silent, digesting the news of the oral agreement on the allocation of the first tranche of the loan from the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund in support of the Belarusian ruble. Since these funds for 90% of Russian origin, on the eve of such intentions confirmed first Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, and later Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin. The final decision will be announced in early June. But can a $ 1 billion to stop the disease, which many experts believe is incurable?

As far as vratavalny promised credit in losses that are measured

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For the modernization of the Moscow Metro will be allocated 450 billion rubles

According to the plans, in Moscow should see 35 new metro stations in the next five years to modernize the subway will be allocated up to 450 billion rubles., Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting with media representatives of the Central Federal District.

"A very big plans for the Moscow subway there. Not 84 stations — this, of course, no plans, but if I remember correctly, somewhere around 35 stations are really in the nearest future there," — he said. The construction of new plants need a lot of money, and in the next five years will be spent

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Instituted proceedings under the Ministry of Health procurement scam c

Ministry of Attorney General's office has convicted of violating competition when ordering medications.

Attorney General's Office to convict the Ministry of Health and Social Development of fraud in the procurement of drugs.

As it became known to Life News, from 2008 to 2009, when the heads of several auctions of commercial organizations that supply of drugs included in the list of essential drugs, illegal conduct coordinated actions restricting competition.

— In fact, there was a section of the pharmaceutical market and public procurement, — said the head of Life News interaction with the media, the General Prosecutor's Office Marina

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During the show, the 2013 contracts for $ 16 billion

Zhukovsky / Moscow region /, August 30. / ITAR-TASS /

Aircraft manufacturers in the business activities of the MAKS-2013 air show in Zhukovsky near Moscow signed contracts for the supply of new aircraft worth more than $ 15.7 billion. This does not include a number of leasing contracts for the supply of airline previously ordered aircraft and helicopters.

In the previous MAKS, held in 2011, according to estimates of the organizers, was signed agreements and contracts worth about $ 10 billion. UAC / UAC / signed contracts for 124 civilian aircraft at $ 7.5 billion.

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During the show will sell aircraft to $ 3 billion


It is expected that during the MAKS-2011 in Zhukovsky, opens on August 16, the Russian aircraft industry will sign three major contracts to supply aircraft to the Russian Armed Forces. On the first contract announced yesterday CEO of the RAC "MiG" Sergei Korotkov — in his words, the Defense Ministry transferred the contract documents for the purchase of 24 MiG-29K/KUB ship for the Russian Navy. On the second contract for the supply of 60 Air Force trainer aircraft Yak-130 had previously stated Alexey Fedorov, President of the Corporation "Irkut" (where deployed their production). According to a source in

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At MAKS-2013 signed contracts for $ 21.2 billion

The total value of contracts signed during the five days of the international air show MAKS-2013, amounted to $ 21.2 billion, the general director of "air show" Alexander Elizarov.

"This year (was concluded contracts), $ 21.2 billion," — he said, recalling that at the last MAKS amount of contracts amounted to about 16 billion dollars, reportsITAR-TASS.

As reported, the largest military agreement this yearKLA began a three-year contractmaintenance of aircraft, located in the operational management of the Ministry of Defense. A cost of $ 3 billion. A vast majority of new orders

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The Kuril Islands continues big building

In the Kuril (Iturup) commissioned two 8-apartment houses built by a contracting company ZAO "Gidrostroy." Apartments in new buildings have a family standing in line for the provision of housing by social contract of employment, including 3 family fire victims, orphans, disabled, mother of many children, and family, who lived before in emergency house.

At 2012 allocated 4.6 billion rubles, including 3.9 billion rubles from the federal budget, of which 2.7 billion — in addition to the initial values. At the expense of the money will be put into service airport "Mendeleevo" constructed fuel storage on

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U.S. losing

India is becoming a foreign buyer naikrupneyshim South American guns India sharply increased its purchase of U.S. military equipment. Last year, New Delhi purchased military equipment from the U.S. to 1.9 billion dollars, which is eight times more than in 2009. Hitherto, most of the Indian arms procurement contracts accounted for Russia. But in recent years Moscow loses konkurentnst. In 2013, India bought U.S. military production by as much as 1.9 billion dollars, making New Delhi naikrupneyshim foreign buyer South American guns, the report noted creators IHS, reports FT. For comparison: in 2009 India imported U.S. military equipment only

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In the Crab Nebula pulsar found deadly

October 14, 2011 15:18

In the Crab Nebula in Taurus astrophysicists discovered an exploding star, which force us to reconsider the theory of gamma radiation from the star.

Gamma rays — a light with the highest energy generated by subatomic particles moving at near-light speed. Powerful sources of gamma-ray pulsars are rotating neutron stars formed after the supernova explosion.

Astronomers have found the center of the Crab Nebula pulsar, which emits gamma rays with incredible energy — more than 100 billion electron volts. This is an incredible figure, because existing theories gamma pulsars suggest abrupt cessation of emission of high-energy

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MAKS-2013 hits record

At MAKS ended programm business and opened the first day of impressions to the public Business programm MAKS 2013 ended within it signed contracts worth about $ 16 billion of their $ 12 billion occurred in the purchase and service of Russian aircraft. Even without the expected agreement on the export of military aircraft business volume exceeded the result of the last air show. Most of the contracts for the delivery of technology as previously concluded between Russian companies and technological solutions must be obtained abroad. September 30 in Zhukovsky began screenings for the public, and members of the business

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