Interior has exposed a criminal group of bankers

More than 100 billion rubles abroad illegally brought a group of bankers, the exposure of the police. This amount attackers managed to get in just one year. One of them is taken into custody. The Interior Ministry did not rule out that the criminal case will be delayed a few more heads of commercial banks.

Interior Ministry stopped activity of a criminal group, whose members are suspected of illegal withdrawal abroad more than 100 billion rubles, said on Thursday, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the deputy head of the Main Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK)

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Is there a Berdymuhamedava money for Lukashenko?

Society One of the possible topics discussed during the visit of President of Belarus to Turkmenistan — credit. Turkmenistan — one of the world's largest gas exporters. But whether he has the spare cash right now? With this question, we turned to the analyst Turkmen service of our radio Nazar Hudayberdyeva.

As he is now in Ashgabat with money — serious problems.

In Turkmenistan, the first is very complicated relationship with "Gazprom", which dramatically reduced the purchase of Turkmen gas. If, before 2008 Russia to buy 45 billion cubic meters of Turkmen gas a year, now only 10-11

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Leave, pinch door

Acts of our administration, which initially supported the UN Security Council embargo on arms sales to Iran, and then "missed" in the apt words of the President, a resolution authorizing the NATO military operation against the regime of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya, is usually interpreted as a manifestation of the liberal pro-Western foreign policy President Dmitry Medvedev. This interpretation is as commonplace as it is true: both initiatives really came from Kremlin and government bureaucrats sometimes do not even have time for a quick gait updated foreign policy thinking.

Suffice it to recall the dismissal of the former manager of

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Macroeconomic Statistics

Inflation in Russia in October was 0.5%, after 0.6% in September, according to Rosstat. Annual inflation fell in October for the first time since April, to 6.5% from 6.6% in September.

According to the Bank of Russia, the international reserves of Russia by November 1 to $ 526.766 billion from $ 529.893 billion by October 1. Thus, the volume of reserves in October fell to $ 3.127 billion (- 0.6%).

The real effective exchange rate in October 2012 increased by 0.8% on a monthly basis against a basket of currencies of its main partner countries Russia.

According to the

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The end times

January 18, 2012 15:34

One of the threats to space are asteroids, ancient debris left over from the creation of the solar system.

Wipe us off the face of the universe may, for example, the asteroid Apophis. He is named after the ancient Egyptian god of darkness and destruction. Opened in 2004 an asteroid the size corresponds stoetazhnomu skyscraper and weighs 20 million tons.

Zipping at speeds of hundreds of times the speed of a bullet, it is not a lower energy than all the nuclear weapons on the planet. Astronomers know about where it is going. According to

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Lukoil expanding portfolio of international projects

After a bad 2011, the company set about expanding the portfolio of international projects. Lukoil Overseas, the operator of Lukoil's foreign projects — purchased from the Malaysian Petronas 6,6% in the joint venture to develop oil fields in the Uzbek part of the Aral Sea.

As specified by the experts in the Lukoil oil production last year fell by 5.5% — to 90.7 million tons. CAGR in international projects in 2006-2011 was 0.9%, according to the Russian became negative: -0.9%. On international projects, the company produced about 6 million tons of oil (4% y / y), Russian

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Luganschina sent to the consolidated budget of Ukraine more than 9 billion UAH

This was stated by Chairman of the State Tax Service in the Luhansk region, Alexander Antipov at a press conference for journalists of regional media.

He noted that in 2012, business entities registered in the State Tax Service of the Lugansk Region sent 7 billion 69 million hryvnia. This is 27 percent., Or half a billion more than the 2011th.

In addition, he said, large enterprises, which are served in the Specialized tax office, listed the 2 billion 136 million

Thus, from the Lugansk region in the consolidated budget of Ukraine received 9

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Foundry KAMAZ modernized

More than 150,000 tons of castings is required to make in 2012, foundry, part of Metallurgical Complex "KAMAZ". On this and other company's plans for the next year said its director Leonid Luzgin, speaking to the staff of the plant. He noted that the year should be implemented on the production of almost 12 billion rubles. And for intra-trafficking need to make casting more than 9 billion and diversification products — nearly 3 billion rubles. It is planned that the foundry will increase productivity by 16% compared to last year due to organizational and technical measures. "Another immediate problem

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Leningrad NPP increase in payments to the budget system in 2012 was 31%

Leningrad NPP (Branch of JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom", Leningrad region) actually paid in 2012 taxes and similar payments to the budget of the country in the amount of 3.353 billion rubles, or 126.1% compared to the same figure for 2011 (2.568 billion rubles). In the budgets of all levels of Leningrad NPP transferred 2.583 billion rubles, or 131.1% compared to 2011 (1, 971 billion), including the local budget MO "Sosnovoborsky city district" — 164 million (116 4% compared to 2011).

Also, the Leningrad nuclear power plant in 2012 was 10.7% increased amount of payments to the Pension Fund

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Turkic economy Nursultan Nazarbayev

Speaking at the Kazakh-Turkish business forum in Istanbul, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev publicly explained to the audience that the best horsemen in the middle of the Turks — is the Kazakhs are the Cossacks. He also revealed that the Kazakhs nearly lost their national identity, being first royal colony of the Russian Federation, and later — the Russian Federation Russian.

"We live in the homeland of the Turkic people — said the president of Kazakhstan. — Once in 1861, was killed last Kazakh Khan, we were a colony of Russian kingdom, then the Russian Union. For 150 years, Kazakhs

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