Transstroi performs a complete modernization of its production facilities

Transstroi — — Russia's largest construction company, specializing in the implementation of large-scale integrated transport infrastructure projects for transport infrastructure projects throughout Russia and abroad.

The program of technical re-equipment of production units holding Transstroi started in 2010.

For 2011 Transstroi invested in upgrading its own production of about 3 billion rubles. In the next 3 years in the corporation plans to send about 5 billion rubles. the purchase of new equipment and construction equipment for bridge construction, concrete works on planar structures, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks and other machinery for construction activities.

The new technique is

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Tomsk State University in 2012, earned 1.163 billion rubles for the R &D


Tomsk State University (TSU) in 2012 earned 1.163 billion rubles on research and development (R &D), which is 13% higher than a year earlier, according to RIA Novosti Vice-Rector of the university Gregory Dunaevskii.

Despite the fact that we have a classic university, and are a significant part of the university humanities faculties, in which, as a rule, is not a very big opportunity to make money, we rolled over for the second year in a one billion rubles of income. In 2011, the university earned on the science 1.023 billion rubles, and in 2012

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TNK-BP in 2012 to invest 3 billion rubles in infrastructure and production projects

TNK-BP plans in 2012 to invest in the infrastructure of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and production projects in the region for at least 3 billion rubles, the company said.

At present, the forces of TNK-BP in the Krasnoyarsk Krai also has Suzun and Tagulskoe fields. Total investment is about $ 6 billion, TNK-BP plans to begin deliveries of oil from industrial Suzun in 2016 and is committed to consistently increase the amount of hydrocarbons in the region in the medium term.

"The agreement will allow TNK-BP to continue the implementation of key investment programs, in particular the project" OIL "in

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A day or figure: 3000000000 652 million dollars

Ministry of Statistics calculates the trade balance suspended for a month because the final results 2007 still unidentified.In the trade in products from Russia for 11 months last year imbalance in favor of Russia closer to 7 billion dollars (- 752 6000000000 millions of dollars).Balance was negative for the first 11 months 2007 and in trade with Ukraine — 110 millions of dollars. This imbalance is partly offset by a surplus in trade with non-CIS countries (3 billion 99 millions of dollars). But with a major trading partner outside the CIS — Germany trade surplus products also negative (-1000000000 290

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DARPA created the Russian

FPI as a reaction to the military-technological gap September 28, the State Duma adopted in the 3rd reading of the law «On the Foundation of promising research» (DRF), and not so long ago, it was approved by the Federation Council. There is no hesitation that have recently begin formation of the structure, which is called the Russian DARPA. At number 28, the weekly «MIC» evaluated prospects DRF. The idea of ​​the creation of the Russian Federation in the same structure as the Office of the promising research U.S. DoD (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — DARPA), is credited with,

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Technology parks have started to earn

By early 2011, with the participation of the Ministry of Communications was built and launched seven parks in Tatarstan, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Mordovia. Total revenue of their residents in 2010 was about 14 billion rubles., For comparison, a year earlier the rate was about 7 billion rubles.


Most companies that won seats in the industrial parks, are engaged in the strategic development of information technology (19% of all residents), 18% of residents of developing innovative technologies in the mining sector, and 15% are engaged in energy efficiency.

According to the representatives of

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Belarus received 1.5 billion Russian loan

The fate of the 1st loan — 2 billion dollars — and in indefinite mandatory kamentuetstsa structures of dictators.In February, the government turned to Russia with a request to grant a loan of 1.5 billion dollars to pay for supplies Russian energy resources. With years in the midst of the respective agreement in December, during a visit to Minsk, Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the same time identified and terms of the loan: 15 years with a grace period of 5 years, interest rate of 0.75% per annum. December 20 in Moscow with the criteria agreed lending Deputy Prime Minister

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Greenhouse Complex in Churilovo (Chelyabinsk) got a second wind

Investors bought the office building of the greenhouse farm in the village of Churilovo and a place where used to be a greenhouse. The regional government has allocated 1.3 billion rubles to the enterprise in the form of state guarantees.

The total area of greenhouses will be 24 hectares. Who did the half. All completely demolished to the foundations, clogged with new piles, placed new greenhouse.

From a few of the old greenhouses products are already appearing on the market of the Chelyabinsk region in the new greenhouses landed plants.

In a new set of investors have already sent

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Our homeland will provide Belarus municipal loan of 1.5 billion dollars

"To ensure a smooth transition of bilateral cooperation to universal market principles, taking into account both sides of mandatory implementation of previously signed agreements and contracts, Our homeland decided grant Belarus a state credit of $ 1.5 billion dollars, — Putin said.

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Customs duties in April set a monthly record for 2 years

Russian Federal Customs Service reports that in April 2013 the amount of the federal budget, administered by the customs authorities of 599.08 billion rubles.

Thus, for four months of 2013, total revenues of the federal budget, administered by the customs authorities, was 2,030.56 billion.

Certainly played a role, and late spring, but with the failure at the beginning of the year to 430 billion rubles in January 2013, very dignified.

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