Achievements APK Lipetsk region.

In 2012, the regional agricultural gross output produced by 52.5 billion rubles. — More than twice the result 2000. Farmers have exceeded the best indicators of the Soviet years. The determining factor was the rapid development of state support — the target programs in the region received about 3.5 billion rubles. During the years of active development of agriculture of the Lipetsk region spent about 80 billion rubles. investments, and for the next two years due to accelerated development to master the 40 billion rubles. 

The volume of agricultural production in the region is increasing annually

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Additional state support of agriculture in 2013 in the amount of 42 billion rubles


In connection with the adoption of the Federal Law of 07.06.2013 № 133-FZ "On Amending the Federal Law" On the Federal Budget for 2013 and the planning period of 2014 and 2015, "Russian Agriculture Ministry provided additional budgetary allocations for the state support of agriculture in total42 billion rubles, including:

1. Subsidies for 1 liter of milk sold merchandise— 3.2 billion rubles.

2. Subsidies navozmeschenie the interest rate on short-term loans (loans) for the development of crop production, processing and marketing of crop production —12 billion rubles.

3. Subsidies for

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Swam up to a trillion

Until 2020, Russia will be ordering more than 1,350 commercial vessels in the amount of 1.2 trillion rubles., Ministry of Industry and counted. Almost all contracts are about to perform the United Shipbuilding Company (USC), and the main customers will be the State Oil and Gas

Ministry of Industry, together with the USC has developed a plan of orders of civil courts and marine equipment up to 2020 (a copy of the document is in "Vedomosti"). Last week, he was sent to the government, confirmed White House staff member. According to the plan, by 2020 at the

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Gazprom will provide gas to Belarus at $ 250

Society Russian "Gazprom" predicts the average selling price of gas, "Beltransgaz" in 2012 — 2014 years to $ 250 per thousand cubic meters, according to the materials to the shareholders of "Gazprom".

At the annual meeting of "Gazprom" shareholders are invited to approve a contract with the "Beltransgaz" on sale in the next three years to 69 billion kubamerav gas for a total maximum amount of 17.25 billion.

Also at the meeting are invited to approve a contract for transit in 2012-2014 to 142 billion kubamerav gas at $ 1.8 billion, according to Interfax.

In 2011in effect ends four-year contract

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By 2020, the Russian steel industry will invest about $ 100 billion

About $ 100 billion of foreign direct investment (FDI) will be invested in the mining and metallurgical industry of Russia in 2020. This forecast was made by analysts of "Ernst &Young" at the round table discussion on the trends in the industry.

It is noted that after the crisis, the Russian steel companies have become cautious approach to the acquisition of assets abroad and focused on organic growth — increasing efficiency and productivity, reduce cost, quality issues and the development of new products with high added value.

Prior to 2015, will be built in Russia 41 rescue ship worth 17 billion rubles

Until 2015 in Russia will be built 41 multipurpose salvage vessel, including ice-ocean-sailing worth 17 billion rubles. Such data in the course of the Marine Board of the Government of Russia led the head of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of Russia Alexander Davydenko, the correspondent of IAA "IAA".

According to the head of Rosmorrechflot, the construction of ships is conducted in the framework of the Federal Program "Development of transport system of Russia 2010-2015", the new fleet will operate FSI "Gosmorspassluzhba Russia." With this new type of rescue vessels were designed in 2009,

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Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East, armed with all the faster

At that time, as the country's Euro Union, Russian Federation, Brazil, and even the United States, reduce military spending, reduce the size of the armed forces, military trims utilities that write off equipment. In particular — this applies to such bastions of military power in the past, such as Germany, England.

In the 2-regions of the planet, on the contrary is a frisky increase attack and defense capabilities of its armed forces — is the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

What an enviable vsepostoyanstvom confirm reports of military news from the states in these regions.

Saudi Arabia

Plans to launch

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Kerimov promised a billion?

Society A billion dollars to support the Belarusian economy, which yesterday said the head of the presidential administration Vladimir Makey, will be received from a Russian businessman Suleiman Kerimov value of the future supply of potash. This was reported by Itar-Tass, citing an unnamed source.

According to the agency, a tentative agreement was reached on June 8.

"Negotiations are going on sale" BRIC "stake" Belaruskali "and, together with this agreement, and there is a tentative agreement value of future deliveries of potassium at a fixed price to take from the" BRIC "1 milyard dollars" — quoted by Itar-Tass.

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BP is not going to give up work in the Gulf of Mexico

British oil company BP learned expensive lessons from the spring of 2010 occurred the accident in the Gulf of Mexico and is not going to refuse to work in the region, Reuters reported, citing the head of the company, Robert Dudley.

The explosion at the Deepwater Horizon killed 11 people and turned the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history. In the Gulf of Mexico water spilled nearly 5 million barrels of oil.

Then to Dudley, the elimination of the accident fell to "the last few miles," the company has invested $ 1 billion in projects to restore the ecosystem of

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Orphans of the Kursk area receive a new home

In the city of Kursk region Shchigry there was a whole street youth — a year ago in the first 8 homes already settled 32 newcomer. October 25 keys to new apartments on Cherry Street got another 20 people. All of them — the waiting out of the 'orphans'. The apartments are connected to distribution networks, power, water and sanitation. At home there are small plots of land.

From 2007 to 2010 orphans Kursk region was granted 165 apartments, in 2011 — 545. The same amount will celebrate housewarming party this year, and in 20 municipalities. For these purposes was

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